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Gourmet gorilla marketing document final
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Gourmet gorilla marketing document final



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  • 1. Team  Project           Professor  Koehler     Tomasz  Gliszewski   Sara  Gunther   Kristie  Hack   Jeff  La  Valle   Katie  Stawarz   Mark  Torres         [Type  text]   [Type  text]   [Type  text]  
  • 2. 2     TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Objectives a. Client’s Needs______________________________________________ 3 II. Client Information a. History____________________________________________________ 3 b. Current Operations_________________________________________ 4 III. Gourmet Gorilla a. SWOT Analysis____________________________________________ 4 b. Competitive Analysis i. Organic Life_________________________________________ 5 ii. Health-E Choice Kids_________________________________ 6 iii. Revolution Foods_____________________________________ 6 IV. Gorilla Kitchen a. SWOT Analysis____________________________________________ 7 b. Competitive Analysis i. Jewell Events Catering________________________________ 7 ii. City Provisions_______________________________________ 8 V. Marketing To New Clients a. List of Target Schools_______________________________________ 9 b. Discounts and Promotional Strategies i. Sell At A Lower Price If Customer Signs A Contract For A Certain Period Of Time_______________________________ 10 ii. Donate Portions Of Profits To The Schools_______________ 10 iii. “Kid-Friendly” Section on Website, Including Games_____ 11 iv. Offer Group Discounts For Summer Camps_____________ 11 c. Referral Program i. Examples___________________________________________ 11 d. Informational Brochures For New Clients_____________________ 12 e. Greater Presence on Facebook Site___________________________ 13 f. Increase Advertising To Children In Schools___________________ 13 VI. Marketing To Current Customers a. Customer Satisfaction Survey________________________________ 14 b. Coupons Or Scratch-Off Cards For Loyal Customers___________ 15 c. Launch E-mail Campaign i. Examples___________________________________________ 12 VII. Improving Catering Business a. b. c. d. VIII. Creating An Appealing Catering Menu________________________ 15 Identify And Engage Prospective Clients______________________ 18 Cater different types of events _______________________________ 19 Different Types of Catering Menus For Different Occasions______ 19 Branding Material_______________________________________________ 20 Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 3. 3     I. Objectives Client’s Needs Gourmet Gorilla would like to create a strategy that focuses on attracting new schools. It would like to attract new schools by promoting the tangibles; local, organic, and sustainable food; and the intangibles of creating a relationship and providing a great service. The company would like to focus on customer retention by finding out what makes their current customers tick and tailoring to their customers’ needs. Gourmet Gorilla also wants to increase the number of hot lunch programs throughout the customers already in a “Green Bag Lunch” program. Hot lunch programs are more profitable but require the school to enroll in it. Finally, Gourmet Gorilla wants a plan on how to market its catering business. It needs a catering menu and a strategy to attract corporate clients. We expect to provide the client with the following deliverables: • • • • • • • • • SWOT Analysis of Gourmet Gorilla and Gorilla Kitchen Competitive Analysis of Organic lunch programs Competitive Analysis of Organic catering businesses Marketing strategy to approach new customers How to improve marketing to current customers Identify new target markets for Gourmet Gorilla Recommendations to market Gorilla Kitchen Identify strategies to expand the business Identify businesses that would be interested in Gorilla Kitchen Catering II. Client Information History Gourmet Gorilla was founded in 2009 by Jason and Danielle Weedon. Gourmet Gorilla provides organic school lunches and serves about 80 schools throughout Chicago and North East Illinois. The company is selling hot lunches mainly to private preschools and private grade schools and is also in the process of expanding its catering business. The catering business is called Gorilla Kitchen and will target corporate clients to provide organic food at corporate events. Jason Weedon stated that Gourmet Gorilla has a social mission and responsibility to serve healthy, organic food and is not simply pursuing a “create high profit and sell-out to the highest bidder” mentality. Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 4. 4     Current Operations Gourmet Gorilla operates out of a kitchen in the Goose Island neighborhood at 942 W. Huron. The kitchen serves about 1,200 meals per day but has the capacity to serve about 5,000. Gourmet Gorilla serves both hot lunches in large trays to schools with contracts and serves “Green Bag Lunches” to individual students at schools without contracts. Private schools with children 1-12 years of age are the main customers, but Gourmet Gorilla is working on contracting with charter schools by getting into the bidding process that is necessary to enter into a contract with a charter school. Gourmet Gorilla’s current marketing includes attending new school expos and referrals coming from current customers. III. Gourmet Gorilla SWOT Analysis Strengths • There are many private schools in the Chicago area as well as surrounding suburbs • The company has a noble cause and offers healthy food to children despite the higher costs of ingredients • Gourmet Gorilla offers cooking workshops and nutrition education to schools • There is a lot of positive press on Gourmet Gorilla and it maintains a good reputation Weaknesses • Business lacks a plan on how to effectively market to new and current customers • The catering side of the business lacks a catering menu • Not everyone has the knowledge of the benefits of organic food Opportunities • Obesity problems and malnutrition in today’s youth encourage parents to focus more on healthier food choices • Knowledge of the negative effects of pesticides and genetically modified organisms in food can be used to support organic food • Private schools have more disposable income and are more likely to consider a switch to a healthier lunch program • Catering to corporations can lead to more cash flow and could help to reduce prices on the school lunch end of the business • Within current customers, contract and non-contact schools combined, there are approximately 20,000 students that could potentially receive a Gourmet Gorilla lunch Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 5. 5     Threats • Competitors offer a lower price • To some people higher prices of organic food can outweigh the benefits • Larger food providers are also creating organic food product lines Competitive Analysis of Organic Lunch Providers a. Organic Life Strengths • The leading provider of healthy lunches and breakfasts in the state of Illinois • Offer healthy organic foods to children and adults, as opposed to just kids • 4-star chefs and nutrition experts • Offer catering to a wide range of organizations and events such as dinner parties, birthday parties, special events, daycares, elementary schools, high schools, and universities throughout the Chicagoland area • Offer home delivery to anyone in the Chicagoland area Weaknesses • They do not offer a dinner menu, which could help expand their business • They only distribute in Illinois • Prices are higher than most breakfast and lunch places due to higher priced ingredients along with having to buy in bulk as opposed to selling individual lunches Opportunities • Offer a healthy breakfast and lunch to children and adults all over the Chicagoland area to eliminate obesity problems • Expanding their business outside of Illinois can lead to higher revenues along with creating more brand awareness for their company • Create more promotions to get their name out to the public about what they are providing; also utilize representatives to discuss the effects organic foods can have to these organizations Threats • Competitors mimicking their brand and stealing their clients • Could be a fad where people do not see the benefits that organic foods can offer • Parents would rather save money and offer their children organic lunches from home at a cheaper price • Larger organizations taking over all of the market in the Chicago land area Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 6. 6     b. Health-E Choice Kids Strengths • One of the employees is a child nutritionist • Donates a portion of profits to the schools they do business with • Catering to summer camps • Offer a “kids” section on their website, including games Weaknesses • Not all of the foods offered are organic • One week of advanced ordering is required • Not as many choices • Expensive to make these products Opportunities • Potential to gain more schools because there are no other organic competitors • More summer camps • Expanding outside of Virginia • Could offer catering Threats • Organic food grocery stores • Lunches that are already being sold in the school cafeterias • New competitors in the future • High prices c. Revolution Foods Strengths • Expanding the company to many different states and areas • Offers in-school lunch programs as well as food you can buy in stores • Offer catering, lunch, breakfast, and snacks • Have partnerships with several companies including Whole Foods Weaknesses • Expensive to make these products • Not much variety with the foods • Only offer a few foods in stores Opportunities • Expanding further into other states and cities • Offering food to summer camps • Expanding their line of in-store foods Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 7. 7     Threats • Because they operate across the country, they have many competitors • High prices • Lunches that are already being sold in the school cafeterias IV. Gorilla Kitchen SWOT Analysis Strengths • Location in the heart of the city of Chicago gives great reach to surrounding areas and great catering markets • Provider of organic meals for catering • Seasonal menus Weaknesses • They do not yet offer a fully functioning website for potential customers to look at • Cannot order online • Their items tend to be a bit pricy due to the higher quality ingredients • Limited menu due to newness of catering sector Opportunities • Gorilla Kitchen will appeal to sustainable and environmentally conscious businesses because of their organic and local farming approach • They are a new company giving potential customers intrigue in their company Threats • There are many bigger catering companies with more to offer • Other catering companies have more promotions in place and lower prices Competitive Analysis: Organic Catering Businesses a. Jewell Events Catering Strengths • Well developed website that is easy to navigate • Almost 50 years in the industry • Located near downtown Chicago • Four different sectors of catering to fit to every different type of customer Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 8. 8     Weaknesses • No mention of price on the website via event catering, must be inquired for more information • Being a large company it has a mass produced feel • The website looks like it is marketed to large scale catering so the delivery catering looks out of place Opportunities • Green Initiative promoting local sustainable farming gives the company a niche • Separated into four cohesive divisions giving the company the ability to satisfy and mold to each customer • Partnered with venues as recommendations for prospective customers Threats • Emerging market of sustainable companies causing more competition • Sustainability is not usually a deciding factor in catering companies b. City Provisions Strengths • Partners with popular Chicago venues • Inviting website • Located near downtown Chicago • Several menu options Weaknesses • High cost for deliveries • Only weekdays, 9-5 hours • High focus on weddings • 48 hour time restriction for orders Opportunities • Weekend hours • Shorter time restriction for orders Threats • High growth of organic catering • Higher food cost • High delivery costs Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 9. 9     V. Marketing to New Clients I. List of target schools • • Targeted affluent neighborhoods in north-side of Chicago taking average household income into consideration Used greatschools.org to research private schools Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 10. 10     II. Discounts And Promotional Strategies a. Sell At a Lower Price If Customer Signs a Contract for a Certain Period of Time Advantages • Creates long-term repeat business • Guaranteed customer loyalty • Easier to predict long-term cash flow Disadvantages • Loss of short-term profit margins • Fixed into long-term contract/relationship with the customer • If your costs increase you cannot increase price b. Donate Portions of Profits to the Schools Advantages • School more likely to contract with incentive base • Creates more of a socially responsible image which can bring in even more customers • Can be tax deductible • School can be more willing to allow advertising at the school Disadvantage • Decrease in profit Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 11. 11     c. Offer “Kid-Friendly” Section on the Website, Including Games Advantages • Website appeals to children • More interaction with the target market • Could be educational Disadvantage • Might not get utilized if children are too young d. Offer Group Discounts for Summer Camps Advantages • Utilizing summer season to increase profits • Develop new market • Brand exposure can lead to more new clients • Selling more food by offering discount can lead to more profit with the right pricing strategy Disadvantages • Discount can lead to less profit if pricing strategy is wrong • More room for error with delivery scheduling III. Referral Program Examples: • If a school refers another school to contract, they get a free faculty lunch provided by Gorilla Kitchen. • If a customer refers another person, they get 5% off. If they refer 3 people they get 20% off, etc. Advantages • Referrals will bring in new customers • Utilizing word-of-mouth is an effective way to market • Customers will be motivated to tell their social network about Gourmet Gorilla Disadvantage • Must have the right pricing strategy and offer the right incentives to not lose profit Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 12. 12     IV. Informational Brochures For New Clients Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 13. 13     Advantages • Can offer a large amount of information effectively and at a low cost • Customer can have more information right after meeting you at an event • A direct-mail campaign could be easily implemented using the brochures • Exposes the brand and services to people who may have never heard of an organic lunch provider Disadvantage • Higher Costs V. Greater Presence On Facebook Site Advantages • Can be linked with other sustainable companies • Advertise tastings and offer promotions to your social network • Easily updated with videos, articles, and images with current issues in the industry • Have access to contact information and potential leads Disadvantages • Difficult to monitor posts • Can be ineffective if not used correctly • Must develop a large network to get noticed VI. Increased Advertising To Children In Schools Advantages • Create awareness of brand within the schools • Can motivate a school to contract a hot lunch program if enough parents ask for it • If children want the product, parents will buy it Disadvantages • Children might not pay attention to the advertising if it is not child-friendly • There may be conflict with the current lunch provider if they have exclusive rights Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 14. 14     VI. Marketing to Current Customers I. Customer Satisfaction Survey Satisfaction Survey 1. How satisfied are you with the taste of the food? Very Satisfied 2. 2 3 4 Very Unsatisfied How satisfied are you with the selection of the food? Very Satisfied 2 3 4 Very Unsatisfied 3. How satisfied are you with the price of the food in relation to the quality? Very Satisfied 4. 4 Very Unsatisfied 2 3 4 Very Unsatisfied How satisfied are you with the quality of the ingredients? Very Satisfied 6. 3 How satisfied are you with the portion sizes? Very Satisfied 5. 2 2 3 4 Very Unsatisfied How satisfied are you with the Gourmet Gorilla service? Very Satisfied 2 3 4 Very Unsatisfied 7. Rate the following in order of importance (1-6, 1 being most important): a. Taste _______ b. Selection _______ c. Price _______ d. Portion size _______ e. How organic the ingredients are _______ f. Quality of service _______ 8. Would you prefer if Gourmet Gorilla offered a less organic meal at a cheaper price? Completely agree 2 9. 3 4 Completely Disagree Is there a particular food you would like to see Gourmet Gorilla offer on the menu? If yes, what? 10. What school does your child attend? Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 15. 15     Advantages • Find out what customers like/dislike about the product • Better understanding of the customers’ needs • Obtain new ideas on how to improve customer satisfaction • Get customer reviews that can be used on the website/marketing materials Disadvantage • Might not get maximum participation II. Coupons or Scratch-off Cards for Loyal Customers Advantages • Create more customer satisfaction and improve relationship with current clients • Can receive more referrals through happy customers Disadvantage • May be costly III. Launch E-mail Campaign Examples: • Monthly specials • Monthly discounts • Newsletters • New meal announcements Advantages • Inexpensive • Can reach a large audience that is already interested in the product • Keep customers updated and involved • Can ask for and receive feedback Disadvantages • Not all e-mails will be opened • Can be time consuming VII. Improving Catering Business I. Creating Appealing Catering Menu • • • Adding pictures Coordinate food photos with entrée items listed See attachment (sample catering menu) Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 16. 16     Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 17. 17     Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 18. 18     II. Identify and Engage Prospective Clients • • • See attachment (prospective clients spreadsheet) Set up catering demonstrations for prospective corporate clients Hand out catering menu to businesses in bordering area Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 19. 19     III. Catering to different types of Events • • • Fundraising events in Chicago (AIDS walk, Walk and Roll, Breast Cancer Foundation, etc) Summer concerts and festivals in Chicago (use online resources for calendar and planned events) Conferences at local Universities Back to Earth Organic Catering (San Francisco) • Caters to weddings, Bar-mitzvahs, fundraising events, corporate events, festivals, concerts, private events, and conferences • Cater about 50 fundraisers each year with organizations such as the Breast Cancer Fund, Pachamama Alliance, Rainforest Action Network, etc. • Have catered events of all sizes for companies like Toyota for their new Prius launch, Whole Foods Market, Clif Bar, Pixar, VMWare, and many other cuttingedge businesses • Focus on companies turning toward green business practices • Organize photo booths and other fun entertainment if requested at Bar-mitzvahs • Festivals and concerts include Slow Food Rocks, Sea of Dreams, Green Festival, We the Planet, San Francisco World Film Festival, Berkeley Earth Day, and the World Sustainability Symposium • Was featured in popular magazines IV. Different types of catering menus for different occasions • • • • • • On-the-go menu Online pdf menu Direct-mail menu Wedding menu Custom event menus Private-party menu Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 20. 20     VIII. Branding Material Fresh, Local & Organic
  • 21. 21     Fresh, Local & Organic