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Brew2U was a project for an Entrepreneurship course at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Brew2U is a service that offers craft beer tastings organized at your choice of venue. Whether for a …

Brew2U was a project for an Entrepreneurship course at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Brew2U is a service that offers craft beer tastings organized at your choice of venue. Whether for a birthday or office party or just a get together at your home, Brew2U delivers a wide variety of craft and local beer as well as knowledge about each brew so you can tailor your experience to your unique tastes.

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  • 1. BREW2U Anthony, Eddy, Tomasz, Ashley, Reuben
  • 2. Presentation Overview • • • • • • • • Business Model Competitive Analysis SWOT Analysis Market Analysis Market Demographics & Segmentation Marketing Mix & Promotions Mix Finances Feasibility
  • 3. Business Model • Mobile beer tasting service • We deliver more than beer, we deliver an experience Services • Private Beer Tastings • Corporate Beer Tastings • We offer education and entertainment • We can partner with breweries trying to expand their market share Customers • NOT the ‘Beer Nerd’ community • Beer drinkers who want to learn more about craft beer
  • 4. Competitors Ale-Conner: Marty Nachel
  • 5. Competitive Strategy • A Differentiation Strategy: – Brew2U is a mobile beer tasting experience. – More beer for less • A Niche Market: – Brew2U will focus on craft beer
  • 6. SWOT Analysis Strengths • Experience in brewing and beer tasting. • Easy access to information of craft beer and brewing • Create a great party environment Weaknesses • Lack of brand awareness. • Brand reputation • Lack of experience in the craft beer business
  • 7. SWOT Analysis Cont. Opportunities • Low start-up capital needed • Potentially large market for women • Educating about craft beer • Chicago is one of the best cities for craft beer • Improving economy will lead to quality products being favored over quantity • Chicago is home to several breweries and allows partnership opportunities • Growing craft beer market each year. Threats • Economy • Legal Issues • Proximity of bars
  • 8. Market Demographics • Potential Customers: – Greater Chicago Area, our business model allows us to bring the experience to the consumer within a reasonable (30 miles) drivable distance. • Corporate Events • Educational Experience • Party Planner – “Corporates” want a new, fun and exciting experience to motivate their colleagues and de-stress from their working environment. Brew2U would bring the experience to their workplace or desired location within the Chicago area. – “Interests” are more concerned with knowledge and preparation of the beer itself. Brew2U would provide the beer tasting experience with our highly trained professional brewers to speak about ingredients, processing and give a basic insight into the world or craft beer. – “Party goers” are less concerned with education, but more concerned with providing a fun setting for a group of friends. Something to “mix it up” in their daily Friday routines. Brew2U would bring a new exciting experience to these consumers by keeping the environment light, enjoyable and a variety of new tastes.
  • 9. Marketing Mix • Promotion: – “Find your beer.” is our tagline for our marketing promotions and campaign. • Promotion Mix: – Advertising: • Guerilla Advertising • Word of Mouth • Social Media – Public Relations: • Partnerships with local micro breweries – Personal Sales: • Sole Proprietor seeks out business via cold calling corporate offices to explain value proposition.
  • 10. Total Market • • • • • • • 60% of the U.S. population drinks beer National average of people 21+ is 73% 6.8 million people in Chicago: Cook, Will & DuPage 4.9 million Chicagoans 21& up (73%) 2.9 million beer drinkers in Chicago land area (59%) 20% of beer market is craft beer 0.6 million craft beer drinkers Source: *
  • 11. Potential Demand & Consumer Behavior • • • • • 59% would try craft beer 51% would drink more if they had more knowledge More than 1.75 million potential customers Education is key Brew2U will provide this service Source: *
  • 12. Financials Revenue
  • 13. Financials Cont. Personnel
  • 14. Financials Cont. Expenses & Earnings
  • 15. Lessons • • • • Sole Proprietorship Unexpected Target Market Industry Knowledge Correction of expenses – Gas – Cooler – Website
  • 16. Questions