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Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. Questionnaire Results By Amanda Davidson - 0554 Centre Number - 33751 This allows you to see the results towards the questions that I asked on my questionnaire, each one will be discussed showing which is the highest, the lowest and what I’m going to do with this information when in the process of making the music video with my team mates.
  2. 2. This shows that the gender of the people that I asked the questions towards, this showing I asked an equal amount of females as I did to males to make it a fair questionnaire and an easier way to find out what a range of people think. The age range of people I asked differs from being under the age of 16 to being over the age of 25. This is good for many reasons, the first is so that I get a wide range of people at all different ages completing the questionnaire so this allows me to see how people’s taste differ depending on their age. The second reason is this allows me to be able to see how the age of someone contributes with the decisions they make and see what different or similar answers I get from the different age groups.
  3. 3. This is technically the first question on the question as the other two are just information personal to the person completing the questionnaire. These questions from question 1 to question 12 are all to do with the music - About Music. This question shows the result of what genre the ten people asked prefer. As you can see Indie was the popular category chosen, which reflects the reason on choosing Indie as me and my team mates chosen genre for the music video. Taking into account what the public want is an important task to have as you well need someone to be interested in the sort of music video you are producing therefore asking the public what they prefer to listen to will help our group members know that the video will be watched by people who definitely enjoy Indie music and hopefully entertain them, making them want to watch it again. This being the second question, we can see that the majority of people tend to listen to their music via a music channel. However, 20% do listen to the music via a website which would be helpful to our team if we were to post the final product on youtube etc. This is handy to know for future reference knowing that youtube is probably the best way to get people to view our music video.
  4. 4. The third question can only be completed for those we have answered Music Channel or Website for the previous question. This question as been done to find out what are the popular music channels and websites that people go on to listen to the music that they prefer. This shows the most popular music channel is TMF, which includes a lot of different types of genre’s from Dance and Pop to also a few Indie songs. From this part it is easy to see that TMF is the one that most people watch which will help knowing that different genre’s are shown on this music channel. For the website the most popular one is Youtube as you are able to get most music videos if not all of them as well as different genres making it easier to view the music video that you choose. Fourth question is about how often you listen to music, as we can see from the chart half of the people that were asked listen to music daily as well as the other five listening to it weekly and monthly. This is a big gap from the daily to the monthly but knowing that five people do listen to it daily is promising that hopefully our song choice will be listened to on a regular bases.
  5. 5. The fifth question of my questionnaire is this, it finds out roughly how much music is listened to during a full day. From the previous question; question four I found out half of the people I asked listened to it daily now I can find out how many hours it is. As you can see from the chart above it is clear to see that it is really between 2 - 3 hours that is the most that people usually listen to music, however, some people have put that they listen to music over 5 hours which is promising as hopefully they will listen to the song that me and my team mates have chosen. This is good to know as I can now realise how much music is to these 10 people and how often it is that they listen to the music. The sixth question is the start of mainly focusing on music video’s. This question checks if they watch music videos or not finding out an average of who will at least view the music video once. The most chosen option is “Sometimes” something that people do watch them but just not all the time, however some people we asked do watch them all the time which is good to know.
  6. 6. This being the seventh question has two parts to it, you had to choose two options from the list as well as explaining why they chose the ones they did. The two options that were the highest chosen are; Location and Lyrics the reasons that were written for choosing these are as follows: - Location helps to create the setting and helps to understand the story of the music video. - Location is important to show where you are and that it has meaning towards the lyrics as well as if you get it wrong it could complicate the lyrics as the location won’t reflect it. - Lyrics tell the story for the music video to be presented. - The lyrics make the music video and location come together, with the lyrics explaining the location and the location complimenting the lyrics it sets the scene and the mood of the emotion being presented through the lyrics.
  7. 7. Another two part question is number eight, having to choose yes or no and also explaining your reasons why. Six out of ten people say that they don’t like a music video to have special effects included in it. Here are some reasons why they said no: - They can distract you from the lyrics and the meaning of the song. - Sometimes they don’t look good if there not done effectively making the video look rubbish. Here are reasons why they said yes: <ul><li>They look good if done in an effect way. - Usually help to portray the music video making it more interesting and presentable to the public. These need to be taken into account for our music video, incase we decide to use special affects. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Question nine is about the person’s personal favourite music video, this asks if they have one or not. Eight out of ten people said that they do have a favourite music video. The next question this being question ten is, Who performs in the video, and what’s the video called? The answers that given are as follows: Person 1 - Broken-Hearted Girl by Beyonce Person 2 - Photograph by Nickelback Person 3 - The Show by Girls Aloud Person 4 - Bad Boys by Alexandra Burke Person 5 - You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson Person 6 - Fight For This Love by Cheryl Cole Person 7 - Said It All by Take That Person 8 – Never Say Never by The Fray Knowing this I was able to see the different genres that the people we asked liked even though I know this from one of the earlier questions it allows me to see what music videos’ they are interested in watching.
  9. 9. The following question, question eleven - What do you like about the video? The answers that were given for this are as follows: Person 1 - The location she uses helps understand the lyrics and the narrative of the story making it interesting to watch. The dress wear she is wearing helps illustrate the meaning of the video and the lighting from the ocean and beach makes it glow as she sings the lyrics. Her dance moves are usually sexual but these are not really seen in this music video. Person 4 - The lighting is used well in this music video, as well as the dance moves being quite sexual when she is dancing with the “bad boys”, with the dress wear she wears you are able to see her beauty as well as her moves and the way she is presented is making us love her move as she is trying to be different filling in the gap in the music industry. Person 6 - This music video as many different dress wear that Cheryl is seen in making her a vocal point in the video, also the lyrics are personal to her from the hard time she has had with her husband Ashley Cole, and says she will “fight for this love” meaning she’s not going to give up without a fight. Person 7 - Take That have made a different kind of video, illustrating there album name “The Circus”, the dress wear in this video helps to set the scene in the circus as they are all dressed in clown outfits as well as the props they use being clown related. The lyrics seem personal to the band as well as emotional and meaningful to the listeners. The location helps to understand the lyrics as well as the lighting being used helps to illustrate what is happening and being done. I have only added four examples as they wouldn’t all fit on, as well as this I believe these are the best ones and help to show what me and my team mates need to be looking forward to, this will help us in the making of our music video.
  10. 10. The final question number twelve is asking does the video you have chosen reflect something that’s happened in your life. Only one person said that the song that they chose reflected something in their life. However, they wrote that they didn’t want to share this information with everyone so decided to just add that the song Broken-Hearted Girl illustrates there past. Creating this questionnaire as given me the information that was necessary, this information can now be used to the making and production of our music video. I’ve been able to find out the popular genres and the favourite music videos’ that are already in the music industry whether there old or now videos it doesn’t matter, knowing these are the favourite videos I can now have a look at them for when it comes to making our own music video.