Quality Roof Installation in Costa Rica


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Mexican roof tiles screwed into metal battens on counter battens on top of 4mm SBS membrane underlayment applied to 14mm cementitious laminate sheathing

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Quality Roof Installation in Costa Rica

  1. 1. Thomas Rosenberger www.CostaRicaHomeBuilder.com Quality Roof Installation in Costa Ricastructure, sheathing, underlayment, flashing, waterproofing, battens, tiles & gutters www.CostaRicaHomeBuilder.com 1
  2. 2. The roof of a dwelling protects all building materials installed below as well as personal possessionsIt’s wise to invest as much as is necessary to install a quality and maintenance free roof system Finished roofing products, such as decorative tiles do not prevent water infiltration. The proper installation of thesheathing, underlayment and flashing materials are vital for the durability of a roof In order to complete a quality roof installation, compatible components must be specified, purchased and installed according to the manufacturers proprietary specifications This presentation illustrates how I installed a quality roofsystem on an 800m2 custom home in Santa Ana, Costa Rica
  3. 3. A sturdy structure is required to support the weight of quality roofing components I use 4x4 and 4x6x2.38mm gauge square steel tubes to assemble the trusses
  4. 4. A sturdy steel structure needs to be welded together to provide strengthI use 2x6x2.38 gauge rectangular tubes for the long spans & 2x6x1.50mm perlin for short spans
  5. 5. We clean and then spray paint all steel tubes with two coats of anti-corrosive paintI use red zinc oxide for the primer coat & white fast dry for the finish coat in order to see anyareas where the coverage is thin
  6. 6. Fascias are welded to the ends of the rafters and trusses to support sturdy gutters I use 2x4 and 2x6x1.50mm gauge perlin to make the metal fascias
  7. 7. Wide metal flashing insures that no water infiltration will occur in the valley’sI install 24 gauge galvanized metal in the valley’s where a lot of water and debris from treesneeds to pass freely
  8. 8. Cementious laminates are ideal for sheathingI use 4x8x14mm thick Plycem laminates and attach them into the rafters with 2 ½” screws
  9. 9. the sheathing is installed with a 1” overhang to allow surface water to drain into guttersgutters will be attached to fascias under the overhangs, preventing water from entering behindgutters
  10. 10. Cementious laminates provide a smooth sheathing surface to apply membrane underlayment cementious laminates do not warp when exposed to moisture like plywood does
  11. 11. Metal flashing seals the gaps between the sheathing laminatesI fabricate wide flashing from 24 gauge galvanized metal and install on all ridges
  12. 12. Water diverter in front of chimney prevents accumulating water from causing damage 12
  13. 13. Chimney diverter requires flashing installation to prevent water infiltration only experienced tradesmen understand this type of custom flashing installation
  14. 14. Flashing is installed on top of the deck and into the vertical walls that meet the roofa groove is cut with a cement cutting blade into the vertical walls in order to recess the metalflashing
  15. 15. The same type of flashing is installed into the vertical walls of the chimney 15
  16. 16. Stucco plaster and roof tiles will cover the flashingthe metal flashing provides a barrier to prevent water infiltration where walls meet the roof
  17. 17. polyurethane waterproofing sealer is applied on the sheathing to prep the surface for underlayment
  18. 18. SBS waterproofing membrane is applied to the sealed sheathingthis 4mm thick underlayment membrane is applied with propane torches to seamlessly coverthe roof surface
  19. 19. The membrane underlayment completely seals the roof surface to prevent water infiltration 19
  20. 20. vertical metal counter battens allow water to flow under the battens & roof tiles and into gutters1x2x1.50mm gauge counter battens are screwed through the underlayment & sheathing into theroof rafters with 2 ½” screws
  21. 21. Additional waterproofing membrane is installed on top of the counter battensSBS membrane strips are applied on the metal tubes to prevent water from entering under thescrew holes
  22. 22. Horizontal metal battens are attached to the counter battenswe install another layer of 1”x 2”x1.50mm tubes horizontally on top of the vertical tubes with 2”screws
  23. 23. The horizontal metal battens on top of the vertical counter battens will support the roof tilesadditional tubes are attached to the ridges and roof plane so the roof tiles can be screwed intothis 2nd layer of metal tubes
  24. 24. SBS membrane is attached to the fascias below the sheathing overhangWhen gutters are screwed into fascias, the membrane acts as a vapor barrier, preventing moisture and debris from entering above or behind the gutters and into the soffits
  25. 25. Clay tiles are delivered and placed on roof for installationThe Riviera roof and ridge tiles arrived from the El Aguila factory in Mexico and are now ready tobe screwed into the metal battens
  26. 26. Recessed gutters in valleysI had 26 gauge gutters fabricated in the color to match the roof tiles. These additional gutters inthe valleys under the roof tiles are screwed into the metal battens, above the waterproofingmembrane underlayment to provide a metal surface for rainwater as well as debris from thetrees to pass between & under the tiles and into the gutters below
  27. 27. Clay tiles installed over valley guttersThe clay tiles are cut to fit into the valleys , where surface water as well as debris from the trees can drain between & under the tiles and into the metal valley gutters below 27
  28. 28. Tiles installed on ridges with cementThe installation of the ridge tiles with cement seals the gaps on the ridges with a traditional appearance
  29. 29. Galvanized metal gutters are installed on all fasciasLarge 15” deep x 10” high baked on enamel 26 gauge metal gutters are installed on 2mm thicksteel brackets with upper metal supports screwed into the 1x2 metal battens 29
  30. 30. 15” x 10” gutters and 5” downspouts completeCustom fabricated in Costa Rica from 26 gauge galvanized metal laminates
  31. 31. Thomas Rosenberger www.CostaRicaHomeBuilder.com Quality Roof Installation in Costa Ricastructure, sheathing, underlayment, flashing, waterproofing, battens, tiles & gutters www.CostaRicaHomeBuilder.com 31