Your passion! Your community!


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Slides from the Microsoft Student Partners Adria Summit 2013, October, Trakošćan

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  • Get to know your selfDiscover your passionKnow your aspirations and underestand the big picture
  • What to do, when you discover your passion or you already have it?Share your passionUnderestand itBring it to the next level
  • Ask yourself what if, there are no constraints no limitations! And start thinking about it every dayUse your knowledge and aspirations to create something awesomeShare your awesomes with othersGet feedback, develop metricsGain experiencesWhen you have that you are on a good way to become a master in area that you are passionate aboutInvite people to start hanging out and have a good discussions and ideas without a limits
  • Don‘t force anything, just be professional and provide quality speakers and sessions. AND it must be a networking event too!Don‘t blow the opportunity! Waisting people time!If you get pepole to your event, you have probably doing a good job, which is great! But! Once you get pepole to your event, you need to be professional! You need to underestand that if you unprofessional, unprepared, you are waisting peoples time and your community wont trust you and you will really guickly loos them!How to be professional: Check slides before sessions and do a demo presentation with junior speakers and correct them by providing them guidelines to improve slides, be professional and prepared, demand high quality from speakers! With that you are doing a favour to yourself, speakers and the community. It‘s better to cancel the session is better than having a lame session. Make it social at the beginning of the session and at the end with mingl events.... It‘s a conversation, you are not the salles man and, you are providing only the best independent, I repete I N D E P E N D E N T information about the best solutions to your community, even if the solution is not from Microsoft! You don‘t need to know everything! People are smart and they will figure out that you are bulshiting them. It‘s better to say I don‘t know instead providing false information!! Admid it if you don‘t know, just say I don‘t know, I can check it for you if you want details!
  • In community progress happens in months, years not over night
  • Hiqly inteligent people withouth a vision are like birds without wings
  • The best way to predict future is to make it on your own, you are the driver for your future
  • Your passion! Your community!

    1. 1. Your passion! Your community! Tomaž Ščavničar IE MVP, MSP lead SLO MSP Summit, October 2013, Trakošdan
    2. 2. The challange?
    3. 3. What to do with it?
    4. 4. Your aspirations, knowledge and realities
    5. 5. It must be organic! Yes!
    6. 6. It‘s a marathon not a sprint! And it takes time for people to get aware of your community!
    7. 7. Have a vision, develop it and share it
    8. 8. Predicting the future!
    9. 9. Do things that make you happy and share the joy with others
    10. 10. Summary • Know your passion • Develop your passion • Share it • Develop a plan • Use metrics • Use proper tools to manage events – Eventbrite • Go to conferences, local events, connect with people • Be up to date with latest everything • You are the connector – awesome master connector
    11. 11. I have no special tallents I‘m just passionatly curious Albert Einstein
    12. 12. ?
    13. 13. One more thing!