Jesus is coming…look busy – what jim rohn and my mlm up line taught me about productivity

Uploaded on Being busy doesn't mean being productive. How to be sure you are on the right track for MLM success. Being busy doesn't mean being productive. How to be sure you are on the right track for MLM success.

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  • 1. Jesus Is Coming…Look Busy What Jim Rohn And My MLM Up-Line Taught Me About Productivity
  • 2. During my sales career I was often in printing press rooms. In one of these shops that I visited regularly a press operator had a little picture of Jesus taped up at his work station with the words “ Jesus Is Coming ” across the top.
  • 3. I never looked too closely at it until one day we were examining a printed piece at his station and I saw the finer print at the bottom of the picture: Look Busy .
  • 4.  
  • 5. I never walked by that press again without smiling...and it reminded me of some excellent coaching from my up-line…
  • 6. We were on a group call and he was offering up some tough love. I don’t know who he was directing his comments at, or whether there were more than one of us or if it was just advice he routinely gave out from time to time, but it’s one of those lessons that stuck.
  • 7. The message was to look within ourselves at our motives and motivation.
  • 8. Being part of his team meant being part of a large and well-organized system to grow our business and there were plenty of mechanisms in place to create accountability.
  • 9. There were several calls a week where we reported on our prospecting
  • 10. His coaching was: Are you reaching your numbers in a way that makes you look good on your daily report or are you doing what needs to be done to reach your income goals?
  • 11. The message was this: If you are doing numbers for the sake of numbers-to get on the call and look like you are walking the walk, you are only fooling yourself.
  • 12. I have to admit that is kinda how my brain was working in those days. I was looking for a formula. You know, do this many calls a day and make this many presentations and you’ll end up making ‘this much money’ in ‘this much time’ .
  • 13. Never mind that it went counter to everything I’d learned as a top producing sales professional. I was all about driving numbers for numbers’ sake.
  • 14. Numbers are important. The great Jim Rohn taught the importance of tracking and knowing your ratios. Using your ratios, you can find the formula to your network marketing success if you look at it from the right perspective.
  • 15. The error I was making was mistaking being busy for being productive.
  • 16. I said my goal was to end up with four business-building distributors each month but really all I was looking at was the number of calls I was doing each day.
  • 17. I had created an incomplete MLM success formula.
  • 18. My friend Diane Hochman has drilled this down to a simple formula she calls The 4 C’s :
  • 19. Collect Capture Communicate Close
  • 20. She points out that when you are not having success in your business, you can always trace it back to one or more of these ‘4 C’s’.
  • 21. In my case, I was ignoring the relationship between my ratio of the first three and the result I was looking for at the end of the month.
  • 22. In other words, I either wasn’t doing enough collecting, capturing and communicating or I wasn’t proficient enough in my presentation, that I was closing enough prospects.
  • 23. I was trying to ‘look busy’.
  • 24. To enjoy network marketing success you have to produce.
  • 25. It’s that simple.
  • 26. It doesn’t matter if you have a monogamous relationship with your primary company or if you subscribe to multiple streams of income, if you are not producing real results you are going to fail or burn-out.
  • 27. Success requires a clear goal and an exact road map.
  • 28. I learned from Jim Rohn and my up-line was that you have to recognize when you are fighting the right fight and not tilting at windmills.
  • 29. MLM is a simple business, and you can do it face to face with your family, circle of influence and warm market.
  • 30. But when you are ready to tap into the internet and grow your business beyond boarders and time zones and make money from your leads even when they say “No” to your business…
  • 31. You need a system with a proven record.
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