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Experiments in Interaction Using Social Media... Explore, engage, and feel the power of the social media landscape with far-reaching implications for teachers and society in this one-hour seminar. ......

Experiments in Interaction Using Social Media... Explore, engage, and feel the power of the social media landscape with far-reaching implications for teachers and society in this one-hour seminar. Participate in experiments utilizing current social media that might just trigger an idea or two for your own student engagement. To get started, send a friend request to 'Tom TheProf' in Facebook. Add a message mentioning the conference for bonus marks! We will take your skills of interaction to a whole new level via use of popular social media tools.

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  • 1. Reach Out!
    Experiments in Interaction Using Social Media
    Tom Supra, M.B.A., A.I.T. (Applied Information Technology)
    Professor, George Brown College
    April 29, 2011 (Tom TheProf)
  • 2. Find Someone Who…?
    Let’s socialize the old-fashioned way!
    5-10 minutes max
  • 3. Things Facebook Told Me
    I removed names for privacy reasons… studied at Durham College.
    has a student who won ‘gold’ at the Manitoba (Software Application) Skills Competition.
    has a 25 year-old daughter and recently got an iPad.
    plays ‘Bunco’. (what is Bunco??)
    broadcast that she uses Facebook for students needing help when they are not in class.
    plays women’s ball hockey and has a dog.
    had someone mash a picture up with Paris Hilton.
    is going to St. Petersburg at the end of May.
    plays the social game: Pop Pies 2.
    knows English, French AND Spanish!
    saw a Monster Truck show recently.
    Is this just too creepy?
  • 4. Agenda
    Find Someone Who?
    Social Media Overview
    Mobile Devices
    Other Engagement Tools
  • 5. Social Media
    Wikipedia Definition: Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue.
    User-generated content
  • 6. Top 5 U.S. Social Networks by Unique Visitors -ComScore June 2010
  • 7. Another Measure
  • 8. Where are People Networking?
  • 9. Who is Social Networking?
  • 10. What SM Tools Are You Using?
  • 11.
  • 12. What Is Your Audience Using?
    Ask them/Survey them
    Digital Divide?
    Establish ‘brand’ or ‘identity’ and be consistent
    Set guidelines for appropriate use (and be clear what is inappropriate)
    School policy?
    We are always representing our place of work if we broadcast it!
    Create a ‘need’ for student participation!
    Give them bonuses?
    Demonstrate that you care about them ‘personally’
    Is it important that people learn to communicate in 140 characters or less?
  • 13. Isn’t this too social for our practical use?
    Privacy settings
    We must remind/continually check
    ‘Like’ button reach
    Work-life balance
    Minimum control
    Non-integrators (Separators)
    Maximum control
  • 14. From Alfredo TamSr. Director Sales, Facebook Canada
  • 15. Teenland 2011
    “I feel like I’ve gotten really narcissistic lately. The people around me are narcissistic. I have to tell myself to get off Facebook when I’m at the point of stalking people, like pretty hipster girls who always have the perfect outfits. It’s a really awful feeling, like eating an entire tub of ice cream. You can’t stop doing it. You feel sick, but, you can’t stop.”
    -Kennedy, 17
    Carraway, Kate, Teenland 2011, Eye Weekly, January 20-26, 2011, pp. 15-18
  • 16.
  • 17. Create A Facebook Group
    Click for video
  • 18. Faster than Facebook!
    Reach can be very far (1000’s of people) due to ‘re-tweets’.
    Updates available if you have Google Reader (i.e. an RSS feed aggregator)
  • 19. Create & Use Hashtags
    Click for video
  • 20. Google Yourself
    1 hour per week
    Fill it out 100%
    Discussions are robust, but, need to be professional an appropriate!!
  • 21. LinkedIn Groups
    Click for video
  • 22. LinkedIn Discussions
  • 23. Outlook Social Connector
    Click for Video
  • 24. Windows Movie MakeriMovie for iPad 2
  • 25. Mobile Devices
  • 26.
  • 27. Wimba Pronto feature in MyITLab
    If you are set up with an Office 2010 course, then just click on the communication tab and you get to register.
  • 28. Other Tools
    Live Stream
  • 29. LiveStream
  • 30. Concluding Tips
    Connect with people, don’t just be a data feed
    Have a personality
    Hash tags are useful! (#topic)
    Tag and re-tweet (promote rather than self-promote)
    Reputation Management
    Comment and reply
    Be honest & consistent
    Monitor, Participate, Spark, & Becomethe conversation
  • 31. Resources
    Alexander, Bryan, Social Networking in Higher Education, Educause, posted December 2008,
    Carraway, Kate, Teenland 2011, Eye Weekly, January 20-26, 2011, pp. 15-18
    McMahon, Mark; Romana, Pospisil, Laptops for a digital lifestyle: Millennial students and wireless mobile technologies, Edith Cowan University, 2005, pp. 421-431
    Young, Jeffrey, Actually Going to Class, for a Specific Course? How 20th-Century, The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 27, 2011,
    Hembrooke, Helene; Gay, Geri, The Laptop and the Lecture: The Effects of Multitasking in Learning Environments, Journal of Computing in Higher Education, Vol 15(1), Fall 2003
    Rivlin, Gary, The Big Question, Wired, May 2011
    Lublin, Daniel, Tweeting with tact, Metro News, Wednesday, April 27, 2011
    Ahmed, Sulemaan, Are You In?, Canadian Marketing Association, February 28, 2011,