Diagnosing & Fixing Seo Penalties


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How to diagnose if you have a Google or Bing SEO penalty and how to fix it.

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Diagnosing & Fixing Seo Penalties

  1. 1. S SEO Penalties Schmitz Marketing
  2. 2. Schmitz Marketing schmitzmarketing.com Thomas Schmitz Founder & CEO @TomSchmitz Organic Inbound Marketing SEO, Social Media, Content Strategies & More
  3. 3. S What are SEO Penalties?
  4. 4. Webspam Penalizes infractions against webmaster guidelines or search engines’ terms of service. Webspam is determined by intent and extent. Search engines deal with most things they do not like automatically and without assessing penalties. Penalties are for egregious offenders.
  5. 5. Penalties Usually it is not a penalty!
  6. 6. Types of Penalties S Manual Actions S Algorithmic S Google Panda S Google Penguin S Others S Burned Domains
  7. 7. S Manual Actions
  8. 8. Manual Actions A Google or Bing quality assurance team member manually reviews the site. Finds egregious infractions of the webmaster guidelines or terms of service. Applies a manual penalty. Sends a message via webmaster tools.
  9. 9. Manual Actions Causes S Unnatural links to your site S Unnatural links from your site S Hacked site S Thin content with little or no added value S Pure spam S User-generated spam S Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects S Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing S Spammy freehosts S Spammy structured markup https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2604824
  10. 10. Manual Actions There are various types of punishments S Some or all pages removed from the index S Some or all rankings reduces # spots (i.e. down 5, 10, 50, etc. places)
  11. 11. Manual Actions Remove all offending content and/or links. Request a review via webmaster tools. List any inbound links you are unable to get removed in Google’s and Bing’s disavow tools located in webmaster tools.
  12. 12. Manual Actions Manual penalties have expiration dates. The worse the infraction, the longer the penalty. Infractions that go unfixed will be penalized again.
  13. 13. S Algorithmic Penalties
  14. 14. Algorithmic Penalties Search engine program identifies infractions. Automatically applies punishment. May or may not send a message via webmaster tools.
  15. 15. Panda Google Panda Penalty S Penalizes low quality content S It is built into the ranking algorithm and updates are continuous S Drops site-wide traffic 80%
  16. 16. Panda Recovering From a Google Panda Penalty S Remove or rewrite all low quality content S Rewritten content must bring additional value to the web S When fixed and the site is re-crawled, the penalty will go away
  17. 17. Panda Recovering From a Google Panda Penalty S Do not expect all rankings and traffic to return after recovering from Panda S If you remove or block content it cannot rank S Rewritten content will not necessarily rank as well as the pre-penalty content
  18. 18. Penguin Google Penguin Penalty S Penalizes aggressive unnatural link patterns S It is separate from the ranking algorithm. Updates are manual S Drops site-wide traffic 80% S You may or may not receive a webmaster tools message
  19. 19. Penguin Recovering From Google Penguin Penalty S Identify low quality and unnatural inbound links S Request websites to remove the bad links S Disavow remaining bad links in webmaster tools S File a re-inclusion request
  20. 20. Penguin Recovering From Google Penguin Penalty S Recovery will not happen till the next update S Updates are months apart. The last one was October 5, 2013 S Do not expect rankings to fully recover because the authority from removed and disavowed links will be gone
  21. 21. Other Algorithmic Penalties Other Algorithmic Penalties S May be difficult to diagnose S No webmaster tools notification S There is no automatic expiration S You cannot file a re-inclusion request
  22. 22. Other Algorithmic Penalties S Made for AdSense S Aggressive Ads S Aggressive Footer Links S Doorway Pages S Duplicate Content S Keyword Stuffing S Overused Anchor Text S Scraped Content S Slow Page Loads S Spammy Keywords Causes And More…
  23. 23. Other Algorithmic Penalties Google and Bing do not share many causes of penalties. They consider this part of their secret sauce… …and they do not want to help real web- spammers.
  24. 24. Burned Domains When a website goes too far, search engines may ban it from their search results for all time. When a site search on a domain (site:domain.com) show zero results and there is no message in webmaster tools, the site may be burned. The only thing to do with a burned domain is discard it and start with a fresh domain.
  25. 25. Schmitz Marketing schmitzmarketing.com Thomas Schmitz Founder & CEO @TomSchmitz Organic Inbound Marketing SEO, Social Media, Content Strategies & More
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