Quit smoking


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Quit smoking

  1. 1. Green Smoke is a revolutionary new product that provides an alternative to traditional cigarettesmoking. Green Smoke provides an authentic smoking experience that leaves you amazed andrelaxed.The Green Smoke electronic cigarette leaves no cigarette butt and no ash.How does it do that? Well... its electric. Thats right... an e-cigarette! We have e-mail, e-shopping,e-news, e-phones, e-cameras... isnt it time we moved on to e-cigarettes? Now you can throw thatlighter away and start smoking right out of the box. With Green Smoke, there is no need for alighter... just pull it out and start puffing! Enjoy experience for a fraction of the cost. Not only will yousave money with GreenSmoke, but you will also save time not having to search for an ash tray.What is Green Smoke? Its an electric cigarette which contains the vapor you want. GreenSmokeoffers a pleasureful smoking experience with varying levels of nicotine at a fraction of the cost. Notonly does it cost a whole lot less than traditional cigarettes, but it also does not leave any offensiveodor behind on your breath, hands, or clothes. It does not produce ash and can be smoked in many"No Smoking Areas." Oh, and it comes in eight flavors including Tobacco, Tobacco M, Menthol,Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Apple.Green Smoke™ enables you to enjoy thesmoking sensation without the lingeringcigarette breathe. It does not emit theoffensive odors commonly found in cigarettesmoke. Green Smoke™ contains mainly water,flavorings, nicotine and propylene glycol. TheGreen Smoke electric cigarette gives you yournicotine, together with the sensation ofsmoking a traditional cigarette – but it’s not acigarette. Green Smoke™ is independentlytested. For more information, see ourcertifications. Green Smoke™ aspires to create a greener planet. We therefore offer an electric cigarette which has no ash and no risk of fire. Each Green Smoke cartridge is comparable to up to 20 cigarettes, with no cigarette butts to dispose of. Green Smoke produces a smoke-like vapor (mostly steam) without the offensive smoky odor. Smoke at your will, without complaints from onlookers.
  2. 2. Traditional cigarettes cost an average of $5 per pack, and in some states, they are as high as $10 -$12. One Green Smoke™ electric cigarette cartridge costs just $3 and is comparable to a pack of traditional cigarettes. Now you can maintain your freedom to smoke almost anywhere while saving your greenbacks too. Green Smoke™ truly is a social cigarette. With no offensive odors, your friends dont have to ask you to step out to smoke. When you Green Smoke, you can smoke in many no smoking zones like many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bus stations and airports. The Green Smoke™ e-cigarette will not leave your home or car smelling like an ashtray. So give Green Smoke a try - your friends will thank you.There are two types of people who switch to Green Smoke:1. Those who switch from traditional cigarettes2. Those who switch from other electronic cigarette brands.Both groups have good reasons to do so!Switching from traditional cigarettesTraditional smokers switch over to Green Smoke for the following reasons:• No more smokers breath.• Smoke in many No Smoking zones.• Substantial Monetary Savings over Traditional Cigarettes.• A simple and convenient alternative - simpler than 3-piece e-cigarettes.• No cigarette butts or ashtrays.• No foul odor on clothes.• No social stigmas.Green Smoke leads the electronic cigarette industry with a convenient two part design. Other brandsof electronic cigarettes consist of 3 to 4 parts. More parts means more work. Take a moment to seethe real difference between cheaper 3 part electronic cigarettes and Green Smokes revolutionary 2part design.Other brands consist of 3 parts.* A filter cartridge with a tiny plastic piece inside it that holds a cotton-like sponge with the liquidnicotine solution in it. Some products go even further and require the user to place drops of the liquid
  3. 3. nicotine solution into the filter or have them insert new nicotine cartridges into the filter itself.* An atomizer unit which the filter cartridge slides onto. This part of the product screws into thebattery and gets used over and over again. This leads to unhealthy bacteria build up and eventuallyclogs, thereby reducing the amount of smoke volume. These atomizers must be replaced and costmoney. This adds a hidden cost to the 3-piece product that is not mentioned upon purchase.* A battery. Many of these smaller capacity batteries do not last as long on each charge.With Green Smoke you get a unique, easy 2-piece design that eliminates the headaches that arecreated with the 3-piece products and the problems associated with them.* No worries about a dirty, clogged atomizer. Each cartridge comes with a fresh and clean atomizerbuilt in!* No worries about drops of liquid nicotine solution or placing small cartridges inside the filter.* No worries about smoke volume being affected by a reusable atomizer. No worries aboutcleanliness.* Easy on-the-go maintenance. Just take your cartridges and battery with you. Just screw on a newcartridge and you are good-to-go.* With a built-in atomizer, you are ensuring that you will have a fresh experience every time.Green Smoke has a 30 day money back guarantee, give Green Smoke a try and we are confidentthat you too will see the Green Smoke difference!As you can tell from our name, we think GREEN. The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette is friendly tothe environment - there is no smoke and no offensive smell. Instead of smoke, Green Smoke emits anon offensive virtually odorless vapor that looks like the real thing, but without the perennial fire andash.The Green Smoke electronic cigarette is accepted in many places where traditional cigarette smokingis not accepted.Therefore, it is not surprising that restaurants, bars and malls are often Green Smokers favoriteplaces to Green Smoke. Sure enough, they turn some heads. Many of these Green Smokers end upbecoming affiliates to share their experiences with the world. Green Smoke gives each affiliate aunique coupon code. When someone buys a Green Smoke e-cigarette using an affiliates couponcode, the buyer receives a discount and the affiliate earns 10% - 20% commission on the purchase.It’s a win win situation. The Green Smoke affiliate makes an honest living while helping others find analternative way to smoke.Green Smoke is a great thing to have during winter or summer time. Smokers often need to go outfor a smoke after a meal. Since most restaurants are “smoke free” they need to go out and freeze inthe cold or roast in the heat. This is very uncomfortable and inconvenient. Green Smoke gives youthe Green Light to smoke in many restaurants and bars without causing problems to others andyourself. The best part is that you will be saved a lot of the dreaded complaints from non-smokersand friends! Green Smoke truly is the social cigarette.
  4. 4.  No ash or cigarette butts Fresh atomizer in every cartridge Easy to use and maintain Smoke in many no smoking zones No bad odor on clothes or breath Large variety of flavors and strengths Exceptionally high smoke volume 30 Day money Back 1 Year Warranty on all e-cigarettes Best customer service More smoke for your money Free Shipping * Green Smoke has a 30 day money back guarantee, give Green Smoke a try and we are confident that you too will see the Green Smoke difference!