Youtube Backgrounds - Customize Youtube Channel Page Backrounds


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Follow link above to learn about 3 ways you can get custom youtube backgrounds to customize youtube channel.

Whether you want to learn how to build and create background designs yourself, or just want to learn where to find the best designers to do the job, the following report is for you.

Youtube is growing by leaps & bounds everyday, and unless you have a unique and custom design fit for your channel, then you will not stand out.

Learn what the professionals do every day to stand out from the millions of other users that still have the same old boring youtube backgrounds.

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Youtube Backgrounds - Customize Youtube Channel Page Backrounds

  1. 1. Youtube gives users the ability to customize their own channel background. Allowing you to upload a custom background image by clicking on (My Channel) -- (Themes & Colors) -- (Show Advanced Options) -- (Background Image) -- (Browse)
  2. 2. You can then take the file that is saved on your computer and upload it to YouTube. Making sure that the file is smaller than 256K Youtube layout dimensions are dependent upon your screen size and screen resolutions...
  3. 3. However, you should start out with 1600 by 1600 pixels and decrease in increments of 25 pixels... Save file and then upload it... See how your channel looks... Repeat steps until you find a satisfactory fit.
  4. 4. Adobe Photoshop is the most popular graphics program that is used to build the YouTube backgrounds, However...
  5. 5. If you are new to photoshop, I've provided a video tutorials that can teach you how to build youtube backgrounds with photoshop... Just go to the above link and follow the link at the bottom of that article to learn how to do so...
  6. 6. You can also hire professional graphic designers...which can be found on elance, e-guru, project4hire or the warrior forum...
  7. 7. Or you can use the service that I use...The “Empowered Entrepreneurs Design Service” professional graphic designers that specialize in creating Youtube, Twitter & B log backgrounds...
  8. 8. To learn about which service would work best for you...visit link above to read short report...and also click link at the bottom of that report to go to my blog...
  9. 9. There you will receive more information and watch 3 powerful videos...