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  • Our Original idea was to have Kevin Hart as our host. The reasons for this was he is hilarious and we wanted the show to have a large comic presence.However we realise it would be difficult to get him to film it as he lives in America. So we changed our idea to eitherKeith LemonAnt and Dec The reason we picked these is because the are slightly easier to get hold of and they still bring that comic approach to the show.
  • Presentation for tv show

    1. 1. Beat The Beat Primary Research. Secondary Research. Overall Idea Of The Show.
    2. 2. Secondary Research In our secondary research we found out that there are some similar shows to ours: • My Kind of Music • Ejector Seat • Name The Song • 10 Seconds • Juke Box Jury • Name That Tune This shows there is a gap in the market for our show and based of there ratings the were quite popular. This shows that we will have a popular show.
    3. 3. Secondary Research. We also found out that our show could be shown from the times of 8:00pm onwards. These time slots would be good for BBC and for ITV. We chose these to channels because they have ad shows like ours on before. • Total Wipe out (BBC) • Ant and Decs Saturday Night Take away (ITV)
    4. 4. Primary Research • Our primary research was to find out was people of an age of 13- 30, would like in a Quiz/ Game show. • We did this buy going survey monkey and posting it on various social networking sites. • This got us these results:
    5. 5. Show Information • Our show is about four contestants, in two groups they don’t know each other and then who wins out of the two groups then go against each other than the winner goes either to the winner circle or goes through to the next stage competition. (Possibly a celebrity show).
    6. 6. Show Brief 6 people 3 teams of 2 One team picks one genre One team picks another He host picks 2 at random They go head to head the group the go against the clock to try and get e opposing player to the top of the ramp there are 10 questions. Once someone answers all 10 right then the opposing player gets dropped into a pit of gunge. Winning group go to next round The two remaining teams then go head to head and have to guess the picture which is get bigger and clearer. If they get the picture wrong the then gets zapped with an electric device. The winners go through They go head to head with the clock. They have to pick 1 genre And has to get as many as they can in a 90 seconds. If they don’t get more than 10 they are out If they get more they get 5,000 for 10, and 500 for each more above that.
    7. 7. Possible Host • Kevin Hart • Keith Lemon • Ant and Dec The reason we picked these is because the are slightly easier to get hold of and they still bring that comic approach to the show.