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Film production risk_assessment_ig2_

  1. 1. Created by Tom Ross and Lydia Cooke FILM PRODUCTION RISK ASSESSMENT This document is intended as a basic template to assist in the completion of a risk assessment for film production activities. Detailed information is available from a variety of risk management and risk assessment specialists. Useful information can also be obtained from the Health & Safety Executive When conducting a risk assessment, consider all the likely hazards; who may be harmed, property which may be damaged, and the controls already in place. Then, for each likely hazard, bearing in mind the controls already in place, record the ‘risk assessment’ level. The further action(s) to be considered will be determined by the level of risk assessment. HAZARD PERSON WHO MAY BE HARMED Wooden floor IN WHICH SCENE IS THIS HAZARD PRESENT? Scene 1 Loose Wires Scene 1 - 7 Cast Or Crew Plugs/ Production Equipment Small Fire/Match Scene 3 - 7 Cast Or Crew Flooring and Walls, also production equipment Cast or Crew PROPERTY THAT COULD BE DAMAGED Production equipment RISK CONTROLS ALREADY IN PLACE Wet floor signs used if wooden floor has been polished same day Cable tie could be holding all wires in place, away from any obvious hazard areas. Fire extinguisher present, ready for any unexpected hazards. RISK ASSESSMENT *See chart HIGH MODERATE EXTREME FURTHER ACTION TO BE TAKEN Cast and Crew must wear appropriate footwear at all times Cast And Crew must ensure all wires are not in the way of filming, to prevent injuries such as trips/falls and hits to the head. Cast And Crew must all stand away from the fire, be aware that it doesn’t
  2. 2. Created by Tom Ross and Lydia Cooke Trucks and large Vehicles Scene 1-7 Cast or Crew Production Equipment Areas to walk for people and members of the crew HIGH Traffic and roads Scene 1-3 Cast or Crew Production Equipment Pavements and places to walk and film. HIGH Hard surface to lie down on Scene 1 Cast or Crew Production Equipment Not very high off the ground MODERATE Pot holes In the yard we are filming in. Scene 1-7 Cast or Crew Production Equipment Metal sheets are placed over the top of the pot holes to create a flatter surface. MODERATE Dark rooms Scene 1-4 Cast or Crew Production Equipment Metal covers removed from walls and windows to add more light in the room where we will be filming. MODERATE spread to an unwanted area. Always be aware of moving vehicles and keep an eye on what is happening around you. Always be aware of what is coming down the road and film in a not very busy place. Place cushions on the floor in case the person fell off and have a cushion behind their head so they don’t get an injury. Be aware that there are pot holes and they are very easy to trip/fall over, and we will walk in the area that there are least amount of pot holes. Add lights in the room to make it even brighter and this would make it easier to get the correct lighting for
  3. 3. Created by Tom Ross and Lydia Cooke the shot. Risk Assessment Chart Hazard likelihood / Consequences VERY LIKELY TO HAPPEN or SEVERE CONSEQUENCES (ie. Someone could get seriously hurt) Could happen or mild consequences (i.e. someone could suffer a minor injury) Unlikely to happen or minor consequences (i.e. production could be slightly delayed) Rarely happens and very insignificant consequences RISK ASSESSMENT EXTREME HIGH MODERATE LOW