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Thomas Social Media Myspace Presentation Ai Mnew


Published on

This is my Social Media Lecture, that I have presented at Central Tafe Perth, Box Hill Tafe Melbourne, SAE Byron Bay, Souther Cross University Lismore, Australian Institute Of Music Sydney, AIM/Sydney …

This is my Social Media Lecture, that I have presented at Central Tafe Perth, Box Hill Tafe Melbourne, SAE Byron Bay, Souther Cross University Lismore, Australian Institute Of Music Sydney, AIM/Sydney Opera House. The presentation is the intellectual property of MySpace Australia & Thomas Heymann

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  • 1. Social Media Presentation
  • 2. Music Promotion and Marketing with Social Media Networking
    • Thomas Heymann
    • -ex-Vice President Strategic Marketing Warner Music Australia
    • -ex-PM Sony Music Germany & Australia
    • - www. themusicconnection
    • - Management (Ophelia Of The Spirits, etc)
    • - Label (Emigrate, Veto, Beatsteaks, Polarkreis 18, Robert Wells)
    • - Consultancy (Rammstein, COG, Dukes Of Windsor)
    • Social media consultancy (AIM, MySpace)
    • As of September 14 Director Of The Undergraduate Arts Management Program at AIM
    • http://twitter. com/themusicconnect
  • 3. The Old Content-Conversation Relationship
    • Content is:
        • - created by corporations “professionals”
        • - consumed by consumer
    • … and never the two shall meet
    • Consumer will pay for content
    • Content is an end unto itself
    Source: Joseph Jaffe, Join The Conversation
  • 4. Social Networking
    • 1 /4 of the world population are on the internet
    • 5 Million Broadband households in Australia and growing
    • WEB 2.0 revolution 2006/2007 = SOCIAL NETWORKING
    • Building online communities who share interests and activities
    • Exploring interests and activities of others
    • Powerful new ways to communicate and share
  • 5. Social Networking
    • Key points from the ComScore report:
    • 3 out of 4 Australians visited a social networking site in June 2009
    • Over 70% of Australian internet users visited a social networking site in June,
    • a 29% rise from the same time last year
    • Nearly 9 million Australians visited a social networking site in June ,
    • making it one of the most popular content categories on the Web
    • Facebook led as the most-visited social networking destination,
    • with more than 6 million visitors and growth of 95% from the previous year
    • MySpace ranked second with 3.5 million visitors, up 5% ,
    • followed by Windows Live Profile with nearly 2 million visitors
    • Twitter witnessed the most substantial growth , surging to 800,000 visitors in June,
    • up from just 13,000 visitors a year ago
    • Also check:
  • 6. Social Networking
    • Complimentary with marketing and promotional activities
    • Most relevant in Australia:
      • - MySpace
      • - Facebook
      • - Twitter
  • 7. Social Media, User Generated Content, the Prosumer
    • The prosumer has replaced the consumer in music:
      • - Building Connections
      • - Beating The System
      • - Making A Difference
    • Today’s consumer is generating, creating, sharing, mashing, tagging,
    • commenting, giving kudos, open sourcing
    • How will you cut through?
    • Source: Jaffe, Joseph (Join Conversation)
  • 8. Web 2.0 Online Collaboration
  • 9.  
  • 10.
    • Globally MySpace reaches 22.4% of global internet users ( www. nielsenmedia .com )
    • Number 1 social music site in the world
    • Customisation - create your own design
    • Popularity measured by view, friends and plays
    • Relevant content: music streams (up to 10 songs), videos, photos
    • Relevant for music (A&R, promotion, marketing)
    • 300,000 Australian artists on MySpace
    • Breaking news: Myspace just purchased music recommendation service iLike)
  • 11. The Future
  • 12. Create & Maximise the Potential of Your Profile
    • Provides another way for marketers to connect with consumers in a creative and engaging way
    • Create an ongoing 2 way dialogue with your audience/customers
    • Encourage your customers to interact with your Brand around the content, opportunities and experiences you create with your profile
  • 13. What’s the Point?
    • Build brand advocates
      • - Their communication creates participation within community
      • - They spread your messages virally through their networks (WOM)
    • This provides an extra marketing and promo platform to engage with your audience extending your reach into:
      • - New market segments
      • - New audiences and
      • - New channels
    • Building your MySpace community enables you to:
      • - Start to cross-pollinate between your marketing platforms
      • - Driving traffic between your profile and other communication channels
    • ACTION: Add MySpace URL to all your marketing collateral!
  • 14.
    • Make MySpace “your Voice” by following the
    • ten commandments of “GOOD CONVERSATION”
            • Natural
            • Honest
            • Balanced
            • Open
            • Organic
            • Timeless
            • Valuable
            • Heated
            • Viral
            • Productive
    • Source: Economist 2006, Jaffe, Joseph: Join The Conversation
    Social Media Is Conversation
  • 15.
    • Be human
    • Humans have moods, opinions, and interests so highlight them!
    • Don’t be a black hole - Users are infinitely more likely to send messages, comments and interact if they believe they are getting through to someone
    • People will interact with real people
    • Giving the profile a personality will allow your community to feel a sense of ownership, personalisation and loyalty to your brand
    Keep in Mind…
  • 16.
    • Utilise WOM (word of mouth) marketing tactics
    • Idea – making sure that what you have to say/promote is inspiring so that people want to spread the word to influential people
    • Be organic – allow things to unfold & grow virally
    • Be transparent – increases trust and retention
    • Observe the conversation you create – resist
    • the temptation to respond/moderate too soon
    • Don’t Spam!
    Keep in Mind…
  • 17. Design Tips
    • Embody your brand’s persona - in your profile design, any downloads, tools, and viral elements
    • Ensure consistency - MySpace profile and other marketing mediums
    • The sky’s the limit - Customise your profile with the high degree of MySpace flexibility!
  • 18. Design Tips
    • MySpace Music Band Profile Template has just launched
      • - Easy way to customise and personalise profile
      • Great for people with limited HTML knowledge
      • For more info :
  • 19. Appeal to Your Audience
    • Friends
    • Your Top Friends –nearest and dearest,share the same vision/goals or online ‘friends’ who have been supportive
    • Rotate your Top Friends periodically
    • If your best friends’ favoured organisations are not on board encourage them to register a profile so you can network
    • Keep your profile as up-to-date as possible
  • 20.
    • Content
    • Strike a balance - between niche content and that which will appeal to a wider audience
    • Use your profile as your “voice” and reflect the positioning of your content and offerings
    • Offer secure exclusive “Breaking News” or info for your MySpace friends and they will support you in return
    • Encourage feedback – communication is key!
    Appeal to Your Audience
  • 21. And the Winner is…
    • Competitions
    • Feature a high value over arching prize and a large quantity of runner up prizes
    • Keep the entries visible
    • Keep the entry mechanism as simple as possible
    • Encourage entrants to spread the word about the competition to their Friends – for example get them to add your profile to their Top 8 Friends
    • Frequency
  • 22. And the Winner is…
    • Tell people about it!
    • On MySpace use a combination of bulletins, blogs and status updates which appear in users feeds
    • Off MySpace make sure you include in your newsletters, EDMs, offline, etc
    Bulletins Blogs Status Updates
  • 23. Status & Mood Updates Get in the habit of updating regularly – not once every few weeks Spark interest from your status and drive users to your profile
    • You can gain users’ interests and spark engagement by just changing your status and mood
    • Update at least once a day and during peak times (usually b/w 5-7pm)
  • 24. Self promote yourself Ask questions
    • Let your MySpace Friends know what you’re up to and spark a conversation
    • Keep updates short and sweet…and be creative! For example ask questions
    Status & Mood Updates
  • 25.
    • Send bulletins when applicable (and min. 1-3x/week)
    • Posting too many promotional bulletins leads to your MySpace Friends tuning out
    • 1 bulletin per topic - Present content as exclusive
    • Archive in your blog section
    • Bulletins remain in the user’s feed so consider when posting timely info
    • It’s good to include a video – response rates are typically higher
    • Action: Hyperlink all URLs included in bulletins to make it easier
    • for “friends” to get to where you want them to go
  • 26. Bulletins HARD posts, 5 – 7 bulletins/day promoting their events too early before demand has built up = OVERKILL!!! Example of Bad Usage One-time Reminder Video embedded w/in bulletin Song embedded w/in bulletin Example of Good Usage Multiple reminders daily
  • 27. Profile Song & Video Updates
    • Updating Songs & Videos
    • Update your profile song/playlist or video at least 1x/week
    • Choose material that will reflect your brand’s ‘mood’ or personality that week
    • Encourage ‘friends’ to send & submit videos to be posted on your page
    • These updates will appear in your ‘friends feed’
  • 28. Blogs
    • Make your profile a one-stop-shop for everything your MySpace Friends would want to know or discover about your brand
    • Some ideas on what to blog about include:
      • - Articles you’re reading or articles which feature your brand
      • - New happenings or topics of interest in your industry (news, gossip, etc)
      • - Announcements/info about your brand/product or what you’re developing
      • - Trivia questions – could be tied into contest(s)
      • - Ask a “Question of the day”
  • 29. Blogs
    • Use blogs to inform, generate buzz & spark discussion!
    • Make sure you send a bulletin to coincide and drive traffic to blog post
    • There’s an array of resources online which provide tips on effective blogging techniques however some specific practices we recommend include:
      • Ask questions, post polls, spark conversations between users, push the needle to see what gets people engaged
      • Try posting video blogs
      • Showcase your content on all platforms (not only YouTube)
  • 30.  
  • 31.
    • 3.5 Million users in Australia (300 Million worldwide)
    • Facebook reaches 29.9% of global internet users
    • #3 web destination in Australia behind Google Search and Google
    • Easy to use (creating artist profile, post, events, music, video)
    • Link with iLike (share playlist, videos, streams) (breaking news: Just purchased by MYSPACE)
    • Limited customisation
    • Pure communication tool
  • 32.
    • Address book/email
    • People you already know
    • Older audience compared to MySpace
    • Photos are the main channel after messaging people
    • Important to touch all platforms with the one voice
  • 33.
  • 34.
    • Upload, view and share videos
    • 100 Million videos watched daily
    • 50,000 videos uploaded daily
    • 50% of videos are licensed music videos ( IFPI 2009 )
    • Create your TV channel! (The Pope has one!)
    • THE viral marketing tool for creative videos
    • THE tool to built anticipation (COG)
    • Mobile application
  • 35.
    • Breaking News:
    • Susan Boyle attracting over 100 million views in just nine days of going live,
    • The clip did not earn revenue for neither Boyle nor the BGT production company.

    • Back in April this year, the Google owned video streaming service revealed the video was not monetized, denying Boyle potential earnings of over half a million dollars.
    • To combat this issue and to strengthen the brand, YouTube launched their Partnership Program (YPP) and now O ne-Off videos t hose that begin to attract a certain level of views, indicating a viral potential, will become eligible for the new program.
    • YouTube will contact the video s producer, offering a chance to turn on monetization.

    • Once the video creator enables revenue sharing, YouTube will offer advertising spots to attach to the soon-to-be viral clip. (musicnetwork)
  • 36.
    • A free service
    • Provides a single point for deploying uploads to the top video sharing sites all at once (inc. Youtube, MySpace, Vimeo, Google, plus more)
    • Powerful analytics on who, what, and how videos are being viewed
    • Tracks rich, standardized analytics - per-second audience drop-off - audience geography and much more
  • 37.
    • M icroblog
    • Mobile primary use, but 60% of user update on desktop(!)
    • Status updates with max 140 characters
    • Follow and be followed
    • More than 2 Million users with more than 4 Million tweets posted every day
    • Early adaptors: Journalists, Politicians
    • Twitter pictures
    • Search daily trends
    • Great tool for established artists (1000+ followers)
    • Twitter GEOLOCATION just announced!
    • Criticism (hype, people talking at each other?)
    • Receive updates through Twitter website, RSS, instant messages, Twitterific, Facebook
    • Twitters is not narrative, what you say can be taken out of context!
  • 38.
    • Streamline your reading with RSS feeds ( www. google .com/reader )
    • , , , (useful resources for social media fans)
    • Check your friends update at one glance (
    • Update all your status at one place ( www. pingfm .com )
    • Have a consistent presence on all Social Media sites, such as
    • MySpace, Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, Last FM
    • Some overlap all have significant points of differences
    • Keep business and private separate
    • Monitor your online presence (Google Alert, Wikipedia)
    • Share your favourite sites with your friends
    • www. digg .com (social voting tool)
    • www. stumbleupon .com
    Social Media – How Much is Enough??
  • 39. Social Media – But wait, there’s more!!
    • Google rocks!
        • Google Analytics, Calender, Reader, Wave, Gmail, Blogger, Alert, Youtube
    • Social Networking via Mobile
        • iPhone, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook
    • Monitor your social media presence (e.g. Domino’s Pizza)
    • MySpace Mobile growth - (16% month on month) - unique visitors are up 50% since February
  • 40. Advertise on Social Media!!
    • Advertising on Social Media sites provides a great Return On Investment (ROI) measure!
    • Just Remember:
    • Be creative (be natural, valuable, productive, heated, viral, …)
    • Don’t spam
    • Don’t use webcrawler’s or robots to hype yourself up (be honest, organic)
    • The status update is your most powerful tool of communication!
    • Ask your friends and followers questions. Start a conversation, run a competition
    • Don’t be afraid of opinions and feedback! (be balanced, open)
    • Encourage an open dialogue with fans
  • 41. See for yourself - QUICK CASE STUDY: Action: Develop a social media marketing strategy for an independent Australian Rock band album release Where : MySpace, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook Tools : Videos, Music, Photos, Press release, competition, Live shows, banners Timing: Setup, anticipation, interaction, call to action Integrate with other Marketing & Promotion