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Outline Presentation of Proposal to Create a Campus Recruiting program for an Atlanta-based technology firm. Presentation includes program scope, brand and employee value propositions, campus selection strategy, employing social media techniques to build collegiate talent awareness, interview protocols, development of parallel company internship program, and time line objectives for the first year of the program.

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KeiTai Communications (KTC) Campus Recruiting Program

  1. 1. Campus Recruiting Program Development: KeiTai Communications (KTC) Tom Furlong 4Q 2011
  2. 2. Outline• Background• Campus Recruiting Business Case• Program Scope• Social Media/Branding Campaign• Campus Recruiting Strategy• Interview & Selection Process• Internship Program• Program Time Lines
  3. 3. ABOUT THE AUTHOR• 9+ Years Talent Acquisition and Recruiting • 3+ Years Recruiting Sales & Marketing Professionals • 3+ Years Recruiting Campus/Recent College Grads • 1 Year Executive Recruitment in Japan• 13+ Year Sales, Training, & Leadership • Numerous National & Regional Sales Awards• Social Media Advocate to Improve Branding & Prospect Outreach Initiatives
  4. 4. KTC Background• Mobile Technology Firm• Leadership: ATL High Tech Pioneers• Georgia Tech “Technology Incubator”• 300+ Employees• Aggressive Headcount Growth• National & International Expansion Background
  5. 5. Program Business Case • Attract Future Leaders • Hire Best and Brightest • Forefront of Mobile Technology • Develop Talent Pipeline • Internal Growth vs External Acquisition • Imperative for Success • Build Company Awareness • Increased Brand & Product Visibility • Today’s Candidates = Tomorrow’s Clients Campus Recruiting Business Case
  6. 6. Management Support• Leadership Commitment to Strategy• 2 Year Establishment Period• Department Management Buy-In • Training/Development Willingness • Accept Inexperienced Talent • Constructive Feedback Campus Recruiting Business Case
  7. 7. Recruiting Focus• Seek Out Best & Brightest• Secure High-Potential Talent• Create Positive Impression of KTC • Educate on Career Opportunities • Top of Mind • Candidates • Campus Career Centers• Straightforward & Honest• Always Sell KTC Program Scope
  8. 8. Recruiting Strategy• Define Staffing Needs • Types of Positions to Fill • Programming • Engineering • Marketing • Internal (Accounting/HR/Admin)• Determine Desired Candidate Characteristics• Program Budget Program Scope
  9. 9. Employee Value Proposition• Brand Awareness Message• Unique Employment Brand Position• Promote KTC: “Best Place to Work”• Communicate What Candidate Will Do• Separate KTC from Talent Competitors• Provide Visibility to College Career Centers Program Scope
  10. 10. Talent Competitors• All Companies in All Industries• Understand Their Message• Evaluate Their Strategy• KTC Strengths Program Scope
  11. 11. Targeted Campus Selection• Local Public/Private Engineering Programs • Engineering & Programming Roles• Local Top Public/Private Universities • Marketing & Other Internal Roles• Leading Regional Engineering Programs• National Exposure • Candidates Attracted through Social Media • Add to Target List if Cost/Talent Justified Program Scope
  12. 12. Social Media Utilization• Develop Social Media Objectives & Goals• Stand Out with Social Media Utilization • Demonstrate Industry Innovation • Mobile Technology Company Using Social Media Recruiting Techniques• Cost-Effective Tool to Engage/Attract Local and “Remote” Collegiate Talent• Distinguish KTC from Talent Competitors • Makes Process Appear Real Social Media/Branding Campaign
  13. 13. Social Media Campaigns• Employ “Most Successful” Tools • Dedicated Campus Recruiting Sites • Twitter “@KTCcamprec” • Recruiting Blog • Enhanced Campus Recruiting Page on KTC Careers Website• Keep Connected with Candidates• Proactive Management: 30-60 min/day Social Media/Branding Campaign
  14. 14. Campus Contacts• Campus Career Center (C3) Personnel • Introduce & Sell KTC • Understand C3 Protocols • Recruiting Event Schedule • C3 Position Posting Process• Faculty/Administrative Personnel • Build Talent Identification Network • Potential Recruitment Allies Campus Strategy
  15. 15. Successful Recruiting Events• Career Fairs• Trade Clubs & Affinity Organizations• Accept/Initiate Speaking Engagements• Develop Word of Mouth Campus Referrals• Event Follow-up • Continual Communication • Encourage Two-Way Dialogue Campus Strategy
  16. 16. Student Contact• Every Meeting An Interview• Focus Candidate Thinking on KTC• Approach Everyone • Non-Targeted Student Leaders • Alumni, Staff • Experienced Hire Candidates• Request Referrals Campus Strategy
  17. 17. Campus Career Fairs• KTC Brand Message • Sell Every Visitor on KTC • Educate on Variety of Roles• Brief Fair Interview • Ask Interests & Area of Study • Positive KTC Message • Initial Review/Rank/Rate • Determine Potential Candidate Pool• Sell All Positions at All Functions Campus Strategy
  18. 18. Word of Mouth Recruiting• Build Referral Network• Best Students Are Connected• Turn Students into Recruiters• Increase Candidate Volume & Quality Campus Strategy
  19. 19. Interview Process Overview• Coordinated Interviews at Each Stage • Specific Role for Each Interview • Skill Assessment & Core Value Questions on Every Interview • Limited Superficial Questions• Accommodative Interview Schedule• Look For Best in Each Candidate • Value Talent over Experience Interview/Selection Process
  20. 20. Campus Interview Process (1)• Personally Invite Top Prospects • Career Fair Visitors • Speaking Engagement Contacts• Candidate Posts Resume for Specific Role • Submit 1 Week Prior • Determine Who To Meet• Work with C3 to Build Candidate Interest• Walk-In: Based On Schedule Availability Interview/Selection Process
  21. 21. Campus Interview Process (2)• 1st Interview- 45 Minutes: • Know Candidate • Desire & Objectives • Structured Situational Questions • Competence & Teamwork • Structured Behavioral Questions • Present KTC Brand & EVP• Move 3-5 Candidates to 2nd Interview Interview/Selection Process
  22. 22. On-Site Interview Process (1)• 2nd Interview- KTC Office • Meet Hiring Authority & Team Members • Questions Focused on Talent • Competency/Programming Tests • Identify Candidate Job Acceptance Criteria • Identify Finalists• Candidate Goals • Understanding Position and Role • KTC Culture Interview/Selection Process
  23. 23. On-Site Interview Process (2)• 3rd/4th Interview • Determine Final Candidate • Close to Accept Offer • Extend Offer, Set Start Date• Manage Candidate Recruitment Experience • Leave All Candidates with Positive Feeling • Honest Feedback to Rejected Finalists Interview/Selection Process
  24. 24. Remote Candidate Process• Attracted from Social Media Campaign• Phone Introduction• Skype/Virtual Interview• Determine ROI for In-Person Interview • Remote C3 Contact • Potential Source for Future Talent?• Opportunity to Build KTC Awareness Outside ATL Market Interview/Selection Process
  25. 25. On Boarding/Post Hire• Maintain Bi-Weekly Pre-Start Date Contact • Orientation Projects • Outline Training Goals/Objectives • Cover Company Expectations • Transition to “Real World”• Emphasize Value to Team/Organization• Continue Contact 6-12 Months Post Hire • Feedback on Recruitment Experience • Asset for Future Campus Recruiting Effort Interview/Selection Process
  26. 26. Internship Program (1)• Run in Conjunction with Campus Recruiting Efforts• Provides Strategic and Tactical Value • Farm Team for Full-Time Employment• Ability to Evaluate Talent “Real World” • Low Cost/Risk/Commitment to KTC • Offer I-9 Stipend at Completion of Program • Non-Fit Candidates Eliminated Internship Program
  27. 27. Internship Program (2)• Actual Work Responsibilities for Intern • Fill Critical Temp Internal Staffing Needs• Develop Strong Relationship w/ Candidate • Intern Treated as Work Colleague• Great On-Campus Ambassadors • Encourage to Attend Campus Events Internship Program
  28. 28. Program Time Line- 90 Day• Establish Program Goals & Budget, Head Count Objectives, and Corporate Messages• Set Up Social Media Campaign• Identify Campus Recruiting Targets • Establish Relationships with C3• 1st Student Event at All Campuses Program Timelines
  29. 29. Program Time Line- 180 Day• Continued Student/Campus Presentations • Evaluation of Campus Targets• Formal Interview Process Begins • Active Recruitment of Ideal Candidates • Formal Offers for Summer 2012 Hire Date• Development of Internship Program • Identify Potential Intern Candidates Program Timelines
  30. 30. Program Time Line- 9 Month• Evaluation of Campus Recruiting Program • Management Input • Strengths, Weaknesses, and Improvements • Expand/Reduce Campus Relationships• Evaluation of Internship Program• Candidate Recruitment for Jan/June 2013• Continued Promotion of KTC Brand and Employee Value Propositions Program Timelines
  31. 31. Program Time Line- 1 Year• New Hire Evaluation • Contribution vs Investment • Employee Input: Experience vs Expectations• Set Year 2 Program Goals• Social Media Expansion Options • You Tube Channel • Facebook Campus Recruiting Page• Candidate Recruitment for June 2013• Continued Promotion of KTC Brand and Employee Value Propositions Program Timelines