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Year here Fellows - digital media and communications


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Hello
  • 2. What’s the difference between a Wookie and a Wiki?
  • 3. Digital media and communications
  • 4. #socialfellows @intelispace Slideshare
  • 5. What this session is not going to do Evangelise social media and tech Advocate that we are ‘experts’ Offer ‘social media training’ Cover it all… there’s simply too much
  • 6. What this session is going to do Communication in the digital space Share how Fellows use social media Introduce a number of tools Personal learning networks
  • 7. World wide web Google Facebook Twitter iPhone 1990   1998   2005   2006   2007  
  • 8. 16 million adults in the UK don’t have basic online skills 90% of all jobs will require IT skills by 2015 8% of UK GDP for which the internet economy is accountable 66% of employers are dissatisfied with the digital skills of their workforce
  • 9. Charities are among the organisations with the most to gain from upping their digital skills 20%have little or no presence 50% need help with web design and social media “Digital will be, if it isn’t already, the preferred means of communications with most stakeholders.” Digital fluency, Review of social sector skills & leadership
  • 10. Digital: What Every Charity Leader Should Know •  Income generation •  Stakeholder reach •  Collaborative working
  • 11. Five social media/communication themes to consider 1)  Would I really act this way if I wasn’t engaging online?
  • 12. Five social media/communication themes to consider 2) Be creative with your campaigns and do something new
  • 13. #surrenderyoursay
  • 14. Five social media/communication themes to consider 3) We need to ‘unlearn’ in order to allow us to ‘relearn’.
  • 15. "Unlearning is required when the world or your circumstances in that world have changed so completely that your old habits now hold you back. You can't just resolve to change. You need to break a pattern, to free yourself from old ways before you can adopt the new.” Cathy N. Davidson
  • 16. Five social media/communication themes to consider 4) It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed: take small steps, experiment and be selective. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel.
  • 17. Five social media/communication themes to consider 5) There has never been a better time to connect and collaborate
  • 18. Twitter Blogs Copy Website Media
  • 19. Suddenly afraid because she couldn’t write the name of what she was: a wa wam owm owamn womn Mother’s Reaction to My Travel Plans Gainesville! It’s too bad your cousin is dead! A Double Negative At a certain point in her life, she realises it is not so much that she wants to have a child as that she does not want not to have a child, or not to have had a child.
  • 20. Further tools
  • 21.
  • 22.