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Presentation at the INMA seminar in Copenhagen "Re-creating Value in An Age of Abundance".

Presentation at the INMA seminar in Copenhagen "Re-creating Value in An Age of Abundance".



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Richard Hall Richard Hall Presentation Transcript

  • Who exactly is your Audience?
  • Would you pay … For this …? Rules and Regulations Governing Plumbers and Gas Fitters 248 CMR 1.00 - 11.00 Or this …?
  • Why should I pay for content?   “I read it, but it’s not really valuable to me.”
  • So how do you pay the bills?
  • What’s your content worth?   News costs money to gather – can you still afford to give it away?   What will happen to you if your readers decide your content has no value to them?
  • Google says:   “The whole secret here is the ads are worth more if they’re more targeted, more personal, more precise.” Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google
  • Writing on the wall?
  • Is content relevant? Greg Hadfield, former Telegraph Media Group’s head of digital development, says: “Most crucially, they (newspapers) need to rethink how they relate to their communities of readers, subscribers, and users, when they know next to nothing about members of their digital audience.
  • “They need to identify their most loyal users and then work harder to meet their individual needs.” “I don't have as much time as many to wait for the future. I want to help make it happen now.” Source: telegraph-greg-hadfield
  • How good is your content?
  • Handheld for 40 years   The UK’s No1 circulation daily newspaper.
  • Who decides what is relevant? Only your readers can decide what is of value to them.
  • A personalised newspaper
  • The value of individuated news   Advertisers eager to reach local customers.   Ads charged at 5 cents per ad, per subscriber (higher than online ads).   Readers read what they want to read, and have the time to read.
  • People will pay your bills ONLY if you deliver relevance. But first you have to find out about the individuals who make up your various audiences.
  • Audiencentricity Relevance = Value. You are uniquely able to deliver relevance.
  • You already know … An individual’s:   Subscriber history   Reader Offer history   Advertising history   Accounts history
  • You may also know …   Their mobile and home phone number   Activity on your Website   Some of their social media activity, etc … “How much does Google know?”
  • Information is valuable Google collects what information it can – and will use information to take even more revenue from you. You can collect very much more audience data than Google, or anyone else.
  • It pays to deliver value “Rich audience data enables you to deliver value and dominate your community.”
  • When you’ve got it, use it.   To be rich, use rich audience data.
  • Tailor your content   “In order to reach and retain profitable customers you have to understand what drives their purchasing decisions - and tailor messages and products to resonate with them.” … Nielsen PRIZM
  • Time on-site is your best measure. 35 30 25 20 15 Aug-09 10 Aug-08 5 0 Source: Editor & Publisher
  • You have to connect the dots. Web Mobile Print Social Publisher Advertiser
  • What Google CANNOT do   Know if you are a Subscriber   Know if you respond to Reader Offers   Know your bank account details   Know your home address etc.
  • What Google CAN do   Deliver a very large audience   Deliver interest-based advertising based on information about the Web pages people visit, or searches executed.   Take large amounts of YOUR revenue!
  • For Profitable Relationships You have to:   Acquire: lots of data, information, lists   Grow: customer spend   Manage: with offers, new products, etc   Re-educate: if their spend declines   Respect privacy – you already do all this
  • Do you also create   Value-based opt-in inducements   Membership/loyalty programs   Referrals   Affiliate networks & communities   Microsites, etc.
  • Small newspaper - Big business   15,000 copies circulation   1,000,000+ individuals in CRM database   $2+ millions added revenue Burgett Mooney, President News Publishing Company Rome, GA, USA Direct marketing business now bigger than his newspaper business
  • You don’t have to be big February 01, 20105800 7th Avenue • Kenosha, WI 53140 • (262) 657-1000   Daily paper – 22,000 circulation   Generated more than $200,000 in new revenue the first year using the targeted marketing
  • Hunt for new Audience
  • Map and measure the response
  • “Hearst launches e-reader”   Content delivery will be to an increasing range of digital devices.   These devices are owned by individuals. iPad Apple iPad   You therefore need to know who these individuals are, exactly.
  • Look behind the mask   Persona literally means ‘mask’ although usually refers to the ‘social masks’ all humans supposedly wear
  • Audience Touch Points Web visits Newspaper articles Subscriber Smart Phone database feeds Social Media Newsletters Other Opt-ins
  • Audience Touch Points Web visits Newspaper coupons Blogs SMS, RSS Social Media Movie Club registration
  • Only when you know …   Who they are, as individuals, can you provide the relevance for which they are prepared to pay.   With delivery to the platform they most use, when they use it.
  • Once you know your audience You can target any content, ads, direct marketing, etc: - to any individual, - to any device, -  to anywhere. And you can make money.
  • Would this keep you engaged? ! 
  • Good looking and personal   But what if you had a Website that kept individuals really engaged? What if your audience could personalise your content– just for themselves? What if you could provide this?
  • Personalised targeting pays …   It provides real value for your audiences and your advertisers.   People are willing to pay - for value.
  • Not cheap, but worth it!   You like it   It’s relevant   You can afford it So you are prepared to pay for it.
  • Thank you DTI is proud to be an INMA business partner