INMA - International News Media Association


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These slides are about INMA; the International News Media Association.

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INMA - International News Media Association

  1. 1. An Introduction to INMA MembershipPeople and ideas: new oxygen for the news media industry
  2. 2. Connect to innovationNeed a constant stream of ideas togrow audience and revenue?Need to benchmark your effortsagainst the best?Need to infuse oxygen into your careerand invest in “people equation”?
  3. 3. INMA at a glanceName: International News Media Motto: Sharing Ideas,Association (INMA) Inspiring ChangeType: Non-profit professionalassociation Mission: Provide thought leadership and idas to growNetwork: 5,300 members at 588 audience, advertising, brandmedia companies in 81 countries Objectives:What we do: Global best • Collect and share best practicespractices and marketing ideas for • Trend-spottingnewsmedia companies • Share visionFounded: 1930 Offices: Dallas, Antwerp, New Delhi
  4. 4. INMA visionConnecting relevant audiencesto great journalismDelivering revenue solutionsBreathing new life intonews brands
  5. 5. What success today requiresPutting people in the path of ideasConnecting to ideas, innovation,peersNews industry deservesthe best
  6. 6. INMA leadership on keytopicsCulture change Tablet opportunitiesMulti-media transition Format changeIntegrated ad sales Product developmentIntegrated newsrooms Smartphone boomApple app subscriptions Digital advertisingRevenue diversification Multi-media news brand
  7. 7. Member benefitsIdeas + case studies ResourcesConstant stream of ideas for Answers, member directory,advertising, audience, digital, marketing archive, industryleadership, marketing, product, headlines, slogan archive, videoresearch interviews, PPT archiveStrategic insights Leadership + excellenceIndustry reports, leadership blogs Marketing awards, leadershipConferences positions, consulting services,Deep discounts on World advertiser presentations,Congress, Europe, Latin America, corporate briefingsNorth America, South Asia
  8. 8. Conferences in 2013February 11-12: Advertising August TBA: South AsiaInnovation Seminar, Miami Conference, MumbaiMarch 14: Ideas Day - September TBA: Latin AmericanAdvertising, Brussels Seminar, LimaApril 18: Irish Media Day, Dublin October TBA: Audience Summit, Las VegasApril 28-30: World Congress,New York October 23-25: European Conference, BerlinJune 14-15: Dutch-FlemishConference, Genk November TBA: Global News Media Seminar, São PauloJune 20-21: French Seminar,Paris
  9. 9. INMA is differentLearnings worldwide Everything from market perspectiveLessons from otherindustries Cultural change agentFocused on growing your Constant focus onbusiness innovationEmphasis on revenue + Push you out of youraudience comfort zone
  10. 10. Passion for INMA “… cutting-edge content and international focus, and the collaborative spirit of learning and sharing.” – Yasmin Namini, The New York Times, United States “… open-minded media executives sharing … experience, fresh ideas, knowledge, and deep insights.” – Pit Gottschalk, Axel Springer, Germany “… comprehensive resource for gaining insight … shakes up the status quo in the organisation.” – Sanjay Gupta, Dainik Jagran, India “… cutting-edge ideas and an amazing global network of like-minded people.” – Mark Challinor, Telegraph Media Group, United Kingdom “… an invaluable and excellent network and source for learning new trends and new paths.” – Sandra Gomez Valle, Grupo Editorial Altamirano, El Salvador
  11. 11. How to joinRegistered UserFreeNon-member newsletter, limited access to inma.orgIndividual MembershipUS$695For one person, access to all member benefitsCompany MembershipUS$2,995For unlimited number of employees, access to all member benefitsGroup MembershipUS$1,000 per title (minimum of 3)For multi-title media companies, access to all member benefits
  12. 12. What to do nextGo to Or have INMA walk you through sign-up:Sign up for membership: E-mail us:Individual membership: membership@inma.orgjoin online Telephone us:Corporate membership: +1 214 373-9111download registrationforms