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  • We have about 23,000 print book titles in our library collection. Now how many ebooks do you think we have access to through the library catalogue? We have access to more than 140,000 ebooks! These have huge advantages to us as a library in a distance learning environment. What are the benefits to our customers? They get access to many more books then we could buy in print. They can access them any time of day or night and they don’t have to worry about returning them to the library as they automatically expire. They also don’t have to wait for them to be returned by other borrowers.It may be obvious but it’s worth stating that ebooks must be accessed electronically. We do get the occasional phone call asking how can we send this particular ebook to a student. They can be viewed from a PC, and we will demonstrate that today, or through an ereader like the Kobo, or a tablet like the iPad which we will also demonstrate.The first half of the presentation is taken up with ebooks, and the second with new technologies that may have impacts on teaching and learning. I’m not an educator, but I’m interested in education and I am a learner so if you’ve got stuff to share please do.
  • A short video on Adobe Digital editions and what it can do for you.Adobe digital editions is software loaded onto each of your PCs which allows you to view our ebooks. It has some great note taking features and offers the best experience of viewing our books from your desk.
  • The very first thing you need to do to get one of our ebooks is to visit and register for an Adobe membership ID.
  • Click create an account and you will be taken through all the steps. You only need to provide a few details to get your ID, and they won’t email you so it’s pretty painless.
  • Once you have your Adobe ID ready


  • 1. Ebooks and new techTom and Sirkku17th November 2010
  • 2. Ebooks the future is hereWhat’s the story?• We have approximately 30,000 print books in our Library. How many ebooks do we have access to?• These can be read through a computer or laptop, or through an ereader.• Some new technologies for learning and teaching, please share your favourites!
  • 3. Ebook library
  • 4. Adobe ID•
  • 5. Create an Adobe Account
  • 6. Visit the Library!
  • 7. Ebook library
  • 8. Online campus login
  • 9. Ebook library
  • 10. Ebook library
  • 11. Ebook library
  • 12. Adobe digital editions will open• The first time you download a book you will need to Authorise your PC with your Adobe ID
  • 13. Bookmarks can be added and texthighlighted
  • 14. How do I get back to my book?• Navigate to Adobe Digital Editions