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  • eBooks: Available Anywhere, Anytime I hope you’ve all read an ebook? Who has never accessed an ebook? My role. Personal interest in ebooks. We’ll cover where we are now with our traditional collection, why we are moving to an ebook library, our growing range of ebooks which are also course readings, and our always growing collection of ebook titles. We’ll then get into the details of reading a book online, making and exporting notes, printing and copying and why you can’t print the whole book. Depending on time and technology we’ll look at
  • A short tv ad highlighting the fact mobile technologies are useful tools for accessing learning materials on the go. Open Polytechnic ebooks work very well on iPads and other handheld devices with a large colour screen.
  • Here is a selection of the growing collection of set text available as ebooks. We have 14 Set text available as ebook library ebooks. We loan them for a period of 21 days More then 3500 ebooks accessed in the 1 st half of 2012 Yet we still have over 3000 print books marked as either Recommended or Additional resources in the library catalogue. We need course writers to start choosing alternative texts that are available as ebooks. Our students are already doing this, and we have purchased more then 1300 titles based on student’s accessing titles 3 times. On the third access of an ebook that is relevant to our courses, not cost prohibitive, and meets our collection development policy, we purchase it.
  • Here are a couple of videos showing the near future of ebooks. In the United States the Education department has a digital playbook, basically a goal, of having all high school students using only ebooks in the next 5 years. This is the future for all education, not just distance learning.
  • We spend many thousands of dollars a year on couriers. I won’t get into figures but the Library spends many thousands of dollars on sending books out via courierpost. We have worked hard to negotiate the best deal but as a distance library a physical library is always going to be expensive. 1 book 1 reader We have over 3000 physical books that are marked in course notes as Recommended or Additional resources. We buy many copies of Recommended readings but sometimes cannot avoid having students on waiting lists. 24 hours to receive It takes time to receive the books, and we also work hard to get physical books out very quickly, there will always be a delay between wanting a physical book and receiving it. If you’re like me as a student you will be looking for references in the 11 th hour before your assignment is due, hard to find when they are books.
  • I’m now going to go over what you need to access ebooks on your computer, so any frustrations can be avoided and we have happy tutors able to access information in our ebooks.
  • E books available anywhere, anytime op learning conference

    1. 1. ebooks: Available anywhere,anytimeTom Avery, Library systems co-ordinator
    2. 2. Ebooks and iPads are “cool”
    3. 3. Growing range of ebooks
    4. 4. Interactive ebooks
    5. 5. Reasons for moving away from physical •We spend many thousands of dollars a year on couriers •1 book 1 reader •24 hours to receive
    6. 6. Anyplace, anytime •No delivery costs •1 book many readers •Instant access
    7. 7. Ins and outs of accessing ebooks on a PC
    8. 8. Ebooks on the desktop
    9. 9. Ebooks on a mobile device
    10. 10. Thank you •All pictures from Microsoft Clipart •Any questions, please contact •Tom •5749 •tom.avery@openpolytechnic.ac.nz