Modern Dance 5th hr


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Modern Dance 5th hr

  1. 1. By: Teagan ReeseSam WallmanAmber Woods
  2. 2.  15th century France and Italy Modern dance broke away from the classical companies Characteristics:  Storyline is a fairytale or fable  Elaborate costumes  Pantomime to show the plot Modern dancers wanted to feel more expression in the upper body, have a better connection with movement, and be able to have a more fluid approach.
  3. 3.  v=83jQOQBG3vw
  4. 4.  Originated in the early 20th century Pioneered a new freer movement style.  Favoring bare feet v. pointe shoes. Early subject matter was often political or psychological. Many drew from archaic or exotic sources. Rejected structural formality and sometimes thematic frivolity.
  5. 5.  Was Born 1877 in San Francisco Was interested in Greek styles of dance Emancipated woman ahead of her time Given a school by the government of Russia Danced to the rhythm of life, this was Isadoras dance technique. Had a traumatic life which influenced the rest of her dance.
  6. 6.  Started with ballet, skirt dancing and the Delsarte technique Characteristics of her new style:  Exotic  Theatrical  Spiritual based
  7. 7.  Inspired by the Egyptian Deities Cigarette poster Put more religious and spiritual feelings into classical dance Took movements from Egypt and Asia Radha (1906) East Indian Nautch Dance (1932)
  8. 8. Cigarette Poster:  Powerful Stance  Was captured by the colorful plants and exotic wildlife  Sitting at the foot of the Nile
  9. 9.  v=j8XvHX1FKsY
  10. 10.  Was an Influential American dancer, teacher, and choreographer of modern dance Ballets and other works were intended to “reveal the inner man.” Became acquainted with oriental art Enchanted by the religious mysticism of Ruth St. Denis. Performed an Aztec Ballet (Xochitl)
  11. 11. Martha Graham Appalachian Spring v=XmgaKGSxQVw&feature=youtube_gdata_p layer
  12. 12.  In 1953, Merce Cunningham Dance Company was formed. Was a lifetime partner with John Cage. Fused Grahm’s technique with ballet.
  13. 13.  He and Cage created many radical innovations. Decided that dance and music should be independent from one another.  Most famous and controversial conclusion they had proposed.
  14. 14.  Stripped dance of it’s literary and narrative context. Isolated it from it’s musical accompaniment By the end of the 20th century, the barriers between ballet and modern dance were less pronounced.
  15. 15.  Influenced by the idea of chance. Located the source of movement in the spine. Bare-footed Embraced the natural movements of running, jumping and falling.  Unlikeballet, used noise like breathing or foot scuffles.
  16. 16.  v=ra2T_iMXQVM
  17. 17.  Her parents ran a drive- in movie theater.  She was exposed to popular culture.  Later incorporated this into her dances. Founded Twyla Tharp dance.  Combined ballet technique with natural movements like running, walking and skipping.
  18. 18.  Wanted to evolve a technique that they felt they owned.  Reverted back to simple movements, that they felt belonged to everybody. Created “Deuce Coupe” which used both modern & ballet techniques.  This combination was sometimes called the “cross-over” ballet.
  19. 19.  Worked less with contemporary music and more with classical, pop, clicking monotones or silence.  Audiences loved her physical daring and jazz roots. Caught viewers attention with her 1971 piece, The Fugue.  “no costumes, no music, no lights…” Twelve years later she returned to the simplicity of The Fugue with In The Upper Room.
  20. 20.  v=a3jPlB2RjBA
  21. 21.  Contemporary (Lyrical):  Fusion of Modern, Ballet, and Jazz  Conveys emotion of the songs lyrics through body movements  Story throughout the song evolves Modern Dance now:  Has blended with other forms of dance  Less strictly Modern dancers  Companies have molded it into their performance art
  22. 22.  Modern dance influenced todays ballet companies Contemporary ballet:  George Balanchine- founder of the contemporary ballet  Less classical tutus, flowing costumes, story less ballets, prominent role of the corps de ballet, developing prominence of the male dancer  Ballet dancers wanted more expression, focus to be put on their movements, but were less radical than the modern dancers
  23. 23.  Martha Graham Dance Company Isadora Duncan Dance Company Twyla Tharp Dance Merce Cunningham Dance Company Alvin Ailey Complexions Contemporary Ballet Hubbard Street
  24. 24. Martha Graham Appalachian Spring v=XmgaKGSxQVw&feature=youtube_gdata_p layer