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Magazine cover reviews
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Magazine cover reviews


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. The price of this magazine is free so The masthead on this cover is bold to make this stand out and let people and at the top of the page. This know it’s free it has a yellow sticker makes it stand out and be the first style textbox with ‘Free’ in bold thing you see. The masthead is also capital letter. The yellow makes it at the top so that when on shop stand out as the rest of the colour shelves you can see the magazine scheme is grey and pink. title.The main text in the centre is in pink The main image of the cover is in ato stand out from the grey grey scale black and white stylebackground image and to show what which keeps in with the minimalisticband is on the cover and what band style of the cover. The bandthe main article is going to be on, in members are also wearingthis case ‘The Vaccines’. minimalistic style clothing which are just black and white. The cover also features a comment on the band saying ‘indie’s shot in the arm…’ the use of the ellipsis suggests that it is continued in the main article. There is also a stamp like image showing what else is in the magazine The straplines on the cover are the in this case a review. same colour as the main text to stand This magazine has no barcode out against the grey background and because it is free and to keep the to fin in with the chosen colour minimalistic look. scheme and minimalist style. The ‘PLUS’ at the start however is in black to symbolise the start of the straplines and make it stand out.
  • 2. The main image fills the majority of the cover of the cover to make it as notable as possible and really in your face. The image unlike in the The masthead on this cover is bold last cover is in full colour. and at the top corner of the page. The main image goes over it slightly as this because the main image is There is a circle type text box with what is important. ‘WIN!’ in big white letter to attract your attention to the compotition.The cover features a pink stickerlike image with text on to showwhat is included in the magazineand to stand out and keep with thecolour scheme. ‘Exclusive’ is in black which stands out from the rest of the text. This The main text is both pink and makes people want to read it as its white with a bold shadow type exclusive. font. The band name is in pink and the 2012 is in pink, the reason ‘2012’ is also in pink is so you notice that its new. The barcode is very small and placed in the bottom corner to There is also text scattered around make it as un-noticeable as the cover to show what is include possible. It is also put there to inside the magazine. These also fit make it the last thing that you see. with the colour scheme with white and pink text.
  • 3. The masthead on this cover is big and The text underneath the masthead bold much like the other two covers. is very small compared to the mast it covers the majority of the top half unlike the NME masthead. This head . This shows what is in the masthead also has a change in font magazine. type as the ‘Dazed’ part is large and bold however the ‘& Confused’ part is a smaller font and is tilted to the side. As The ‘Dazed’ part stands out this is the main part of the mast head that you first see. The main image on this cover is a veryThe straplines on this cover are at basic photograph. The photo looks asthe side. This could be to make it though its was taken in just a normalmore noticeable or it could just be room against a wall, as you see theto make the cover look different to edge of the room and the skirting board at the bottom. Neither of themothers and create their own cover are looking at the camera The main text on this cover is split into two different font sizes, the band name is in a smaller font and then ‘Riot Here, Riot Now’ is in a smaller font. This is also a play on The barcode on this cover is also in words to sound like Right Here the bottom right corner to make it Right Now. the last thing you see and be hardly noticeable.
  • 4. The magazine logo appearson the contents page as well The issue number is on topas on the cover. The right of the page along withcontents has the usual Red Q a picture of a poster that youcolour scheme with a red get with the magazine.text boxes and lines. The list of minor features are on the far left and right sides, the main features however are in spread out across the middle of the big with big pictures. The main image on this contents page is just on the right side of the double page. The image is a ‘Gorrilaz’ cartoon with a page number next to it. It also has the largest size page number. As it is the largest picture this shows it will be the main article.
  • 5. This contents features a The contents of theband index which gives you magazine also features thethe page number of any magazine logo. The contentsband that is mentioned on this page however isn’tthroughout the magazine. title ‘Contents’ instead is isThis is a very good feature as titled ‘NME This Week’.readers who are looking for There is also the issue datea particular band can find underneath the title.them easily. The list of other features is on the right side spilt into different sections with the The main image on this sub headings: ‘News’, contents is a photo of a ‘Radar’, ‘Reviews’, ‘Live’ and music venue with the title ‘Features’. underneath ‘The end of the Astoria’ along with a page number and a brief description of what the article is about. This contents also features an advertisement to subscribe to the magazine. Which is good advertise for the magazine as everyone looks at the contents whereas people may miss out other pages of the magazine.
  • 6. This is another NMEmagazine contents page. Asyou can see the contents hasan extremely similar style tothe other and must be ausual style in the magazine.The Band index, Subscriptionad and even the titles are inthe same position as theother issues. The only major difference seems to be the main article and picture which are set out differently. Just before the title there is use of an ellipsis witch builds up to the title. This is also a large letter M at the start of the description to symbolize the beginning and to add a bit of style to it.
  • 7. The main image on this The title of the article and double page spread takes up also the band name is at the the majority of the two top right and is in very bold pages. The image shows the black letters that fits in with band members looking the rest of the black, blue straight at the camera in a And grey style colour quite in your face style scheme. fashion. They also have very little facial expression. There is a small description of the band underneath the title. The lead singers name is in a different colour font to the rest of article to stand out. The text on this double page spreadThe design of the double is spilt into 2 parts. They are split uppage spread looks very old by two large letters at the start of theand tatty as the colour is two paragraphs. There is also a quotevery off white and almost that is separated from the rest of thegrey. There is also several paragraph. These are also in ablue markings on both pages different colour to the rest of theto make it look tatty. article as they are in blue.
  • 8. The title of the article isvery bold and is written in In the top rightthe style of the ‘Two corner of the pageDoor Cinema Club’ logo there is the bandsand album cover which is logo to show whowho the article is about. the article is aboutUnderneath this is a small and also a caption ofinsight into the band with the picture.the band name in boldletters to stand out sothat you know who thearticle is about.The article also has aquote from the lead The main Image shows allsinger and guitarist that is the band members togetherseparated from the rest eating some sort of sweetsof the article. This quote or chocolate. This is doneis also in the font of the purposely to link in with thebands album cover and The main article is again separated article where lead singer andlogo. with large letters at the start. The guitarist Alex says he used to text fills the majority of the two be fat. This is in the stand pages unlike the last double page out quote. There is also two spread which was mostly the image. smaller pictures underneath of the band.
  • 9. The number ‘100’ is There is a black banner like text box at features many times to fir the top of the page with the magazines with the double page slogan and a quote about the artists. spreads theme of the century.This double page spreadfrom ‘Q’ magazine is verydifferent from thetraditional double pagespread. It features onlarge image of the biggestartists of the century alltogether. The magazinelogo also appears in thetop left corner. The mainimage shows all theartists all posing in a stylethat links with their musicstyle.