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Transcript of "Global mobility for startups"

  1. 1. Global strategy for startupsPositioning your domestic startup to take advantage ofthe benefits of a cross-border structure
  2. 2. 21 Startups gain a competitive advantage from a global strategy that maximizes profits, reduces taxes, and reaches international markets. Establishing your cross-border structure is easier than you think. You know that your startup needs a global house employees who have the time and strategy. You are aware of the positive knowledge to address these needs. effects that a cross-border approach will Your global strategy is essential. Nonetheless, have on your talent, profits, tax burden, you need an international presence to remain and market growth. competitive. Competitors big and small are likely taking advantage of foreign talent, cost Global growth requires global know-how. With savings, tax advantages, and growing markets in the benefits of a global presence in mind, a other countries. Your competition’s customers cross-border business still seems a little and investors know that a global approach is confusing. You will have to comply with rules, essential to long-term success. regulations, and laws abroad and at home. Your competitors have gotten the help they To do this you will need a general understanding need to operate abroad, either by hiring in- of the international legal situation. At base, house employees or seeking outside counsel. you’ll need to know your responsibilities under local corporate, employment, tax, and You may need outside help to grow your immigration laws. global business. You realize that legal advice is expensive. You want to make sure that any To establish compliance abroad, you will then investment you make in legal advice will pay off need to direct and manage your local legal in increased monetization and profits for your advisors in a foreign jurisdiction. startup. Who has time to learn and manage foreign Total Mobility Law can help your business get laws? The problem is that you are too busy to the benefits of an international presence. Our learn these legal subjects and manage lawyers service offerings and fee structures deliver the who are proficient in these subject areas in help that your startup needs to compete in the another time zone. You might not have any in- global economy. 2
  3. 3. 1 Total Mobility Law delivers global strategy to startups through careful analysis, action plans, and ongoing management of cross-border needs. We deliver while you stay focused. We offer a different legal kind advice for your startup, which includes analysis, implementation, and management of a global strategy tailored to your startup’s needs. None of our work is based on billable hours; all of our work is focused towards your startup’s global growth. Our services begin by assessing your global legal needs with a complimentary analysis, which essentially examines the costs and benefits of an international structure. We then establish a concrete course of action that aligns with your needs. After implementing your strategy, we provide ongoing support to ensure ongoing compliance. Legal analysis to reach global goals. Legal analysis begins with careful research that identifies the issues your business will face in specific countries. We point out pros and cons, informing your options as a global company. In general, Total Mobility Law focuses on the issues that arise in four primary legal areas: corporate, employment/labor, tax, and immigration laws in the target countries. We coordinate your strategy with attention to these areas of law to provide a smooth entry into foreign markets. Depending on the countries involved, these legal issues will reveal opportunities for your business’s growth abroad. After independent research reveals your options, we verify this research with local counsel to clarify local rules and practice that will affect your global strategy. Local counsel provides insight on detail, nuance, and context in the local jurisdiction. Upon verification, we coordinate with you and key employees to fully inform your company of how to move forward with your cross-border strategy. 3
  4. 4. 32 An action plan for global expansion. After discussing and reviewing global strategy with key employees at your startup, Talent Mobility Law helps by developing a global action plan for your startup. This is a legal roadmap that focuses on getting the most out of your future international business efforts. “Finding local advisors is In this action plan we set clear goals. We dedicate our focus to pursue and achieve those goals. a key part of the action We identify the most efficient route to global plan: various local compliance, providing cost options and comparing advisors will combine various service providers in your target jurisdiction. Finding local advisors is a key part of the action plan: efforts to provide various local advisors will combine efforts to provide comprehensive service. comprehensive service.” These local service providers’ efforts will be - Total Mobility Law instrumental in establishing a foreign presence. As such, the action plan will identify various options to implement your global strategy. Knowing the costs and issues of implementing a global strategy will further inform your business decisions. legal services that you need to consider, establish, and Looking forward, you will also need to understand the maintain a successful presence in a new country. All this ongoing compliance costs of maintaining a cross-border help comes at a price that you can afford because of a structure. We will help your startup establish the pricing structure that makes sense. services you need to make sure that your business is Our fixed fees remove the fear of runaway running smoothly from the initial setup. international legal costs. We offer innovative pricing Ongoing management after setup. When your business structures for startups that are entering the is up and running in a new country, we stick around to international legal arena. A fixed fee approach makes it monitor and manage situations in the target country. easier for you to see the returns on your investment in cross-border legal advice. This ongoing approach creates accountability for the current global structure, while providing for flexibility After providing an initial complimentary analysis, you as your needs—and the local environment—change. This can determine whether a cross-border approach is worth ongoing cooperation largely focuses on legal and the investment. In most situations, the costs of setup accounting needs. are well worth the opportunity for the extra profits that the global strategy offers. On the legal side, we help you remain compliant with periodic reviews of your startup’s activities in the new We will then engage in a fixed fee agreement, where we country. We work with local counsel to review agree to work for a set price to complete the work that employment practices, immigration status, corporate is necessary to implement the plan. We are always compliance, and tax compliance. These annual reviews available to discuss the process with you. give you the peace of mind that your business is safely We will never charge you for discussing your global operating in its new home. strategy. We will never charge you for sending an email. When it comes to tax law compliance, your business will We aggressively negotiate fees with local counsel. need ongoing support on the accounting side. We This fixed fee approach removes the fear of unexpected manage the experienced local accounting firm that will legal fees from Total Mobility Law, consulting with you make all filings related to income tax, payroll constantly on progress towards implementation. withholdings, and other corporate filings. When we finish the implementation stage, we continue While most of these efforts work on autopilot apart to support your business abroad. You can contact us any from your business activities, we follow up with local time at no cost, while we keep an eye on your service providers to make sure that they are providing business’s success abroad. your startup the level of service that your company needs to maintain successful operations in another Total Mobility Law gives your startup global access country. through global strategy. We plan, implement, and monitor your strategy and deliver this service for In all, Total Mobility Law works hand-in-hand with your predictable and accountable fixed fees. startup to deliver the specific legal advice and related 4
  5. 5. While you are busy taking care of your domesticbusiness needs, Total Mobility Law will handle all ofyour cross-border legal needs. We will find the mostefficient cross-border structure and manage theprocess to expand business internationally. Corporate law is often the starting point for most businesses operating abroad. You may need a local corporate presence to do business, hire employees, or sponsor work visas for non- national employees. After come analysis, choosing and setting up a business is often a straightforward process that a local advisor can help you with at limited cost and efforts. Tax law is an immediate result of having a business in a given country, especially if that business is making profits, engaging with customers and vendors, or paying employees in the given country. While tax law is often complicated and requires regular attention to filings and changes in the laws, different tax rates among countries can offer tax advantages. Employment law is an important issue for foreign employers of local workers. While the general framework of employment law is similar among different countries, the specific differences in local labor laws can have remarkable effects on employers. Your business needs to know that it is compliant with local labor laws and regulations. To succeed, you need local advice. Immigration law comes into play when your business presence abroad hires or relies on employees who work in the target country. If anyone will work with the business on site in country who is not a citizen or legal resident of the country, you will need to assess the implications of local immigration rules on those non-national employees. Comprehensive service is necessary if your startup plans to comply with these specialized areas of foreign law. The interplay of these areas of law is constant: each subject of law affects each other, requiring careful analysis for the decisions that you will make regarding your global strategy. A global strategy is within reach with comprehensive service. 5
  6. 6. Get in touchMake an appointment to learn more about how TotalMobility Law can help your startup. We will discussyour startup’s goals and how to meet your needs.Total Mobility (425) 351 -