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A collection of motivational quotes and fitness tips from the team at For more motivational messages and fitness tips, visit the Facebook fan page at

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Get Motivated!

  1. 1. Presented byGET MOTIVATED!Words of Wisdom for Inspired Workouts
  2. 2. Presented byGET RID OF ALL THEEXCUSES (and just do it)!We all have a vision of what we want todo, what we want to accomplish and whowe ultimately want to be. The only thinggetting in the way of achieving those thingsis ... YOU!“Carpe diem! (Seize the day!)”“Live in the moment!”“Face your fears!”It’s human nature to make excuses, choosethe easier route and wait “another day”.But ... that attitude didn’t help anyone getcloser to reaching their aspirations andgoals!Don’t regret the decisions you’ve made inthe past that have put you in the positionyou are in today. Take charge, moveforward and work towards achieving yourhealth and fitness goals ... RIGHT NOW!
  3. 3. Presented byHAVE A MEANINGFULREASON.Regardless of how good it is for you, mostpeople need to set goals to get motivatedto stay active and do what’s necessary tostay healthy and stay fit.When it comes to setting any goal (andsuccessfully achieving it), most people askthemselves, “How am I going to do this?”Unfortunately, they don’t ask the mostimportant question … “Why am I doingthis?”Take the time to identify the reasonswhy you want to incorporate exerciseand physical activity into your daily life.Knowing why you want to change will helpyou be more accountable to your actionsand make you more aware of the negativeconsequences if you don’t stick to theprogram.By digging deeper and understanding yourtrue motivations for your actions, you willbe more successful in adhering to yourfitness program and achieving your longterm goals!
  4. 4. Presented bySET THE RIGHTEXPECTATIONS FOR YOURWORKOUT PROGRAM.Most people start an exercise programbecause they are looking to improvesomething about their physical body.Setting personal goals helps to keepyou focused and motivated as you worktowards achieving the end result.Effective goals use the S-M-A-R-T principle.S Your goal must be clear and specific.M Your goal must be measurable.A Your goal must be attainable.R Your goal must be realistic.T Your goal must have a time lineattached to it.Measuring your progress on a regular basiscan be very motivating and an effectivepart of any workout program. To avoidpossible disappointment and negativethoughts, avoid comparing yourself toothers. They can be a negative distractionthat can possibly slow down your overallprogress.
  5. 5. Presented byBELIEVE IN YOURSELF.For some of us, believing in ourselvescan be difficult (especially when weare challenged with a daunting task). Itmay even seem impossible! Believing inourselves or having self-confidence doesn’talways come naturally but you can worktowards it with a few helpful tips.1. Get to know other people who are tryingto accomplish the same goal (e.g. losingweight, running a marathon, etc.).2. Stay realistic and objective (e.g. trackyour progress objectively).3. Celebrate the positive (e.g. pounds lost,visiting the gym on a regular basis, etc.).4. Listen to your supporting friends andfamily members (they are objectivewhen you may not be).5. Include daily affirmations to remainpositive.Believe in yourself and the effort you putinto reaching your health and fitness goals!The journey may be challenging but therewards and self-confidence that you buildover time is something that can last alifetime!
  6. 6. Presented byCHOOSE TO TURN ANEGATIVE ATTITUDE INTO APOSITIVE ONE.Happiness is a CHOICE. It’s not somethingthat just magically appears. People who aregenuinely happy recognize and appreciatethe positive things in their lives and choosenot to focus their energies on negative ordestructive things.For example, if you haven’t lost weight youcan:1. Be upset with the fact the number hasn’tgone down, blame yourself and makeexcuses.--- OR ---2. Be thankful you didn’t gain weight andget motivated for the next workout.Don’t regret the decisions you’ve made inthe past that put you in the position you arein today. Take charge, move forward andwork towards achieving your health andfitness goals ... RIGHT NOW!
  7. 7. Presented byBE PATIENT.There will be times when the exercise feelsimpossible to do and we want to give up.• Our muscles feel tired or weak.• We listen to our inside voice that is tellingus we can’t do it.• We lack the motivation needed totake one more step or finish one morerepetition.BE STRONG! FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!Keep in mind that the goal(s) you set out isnot one long race. It’s a collection of manyshort races one after another. Finish one raceat a time. You know you can do it!“Perseverance is a positive, activecharacteristic. It is not idly, passively waitingand hoping for some good thing to happen.It gives us hope by helping us realize that therighteous suffer no failure except in givingup and no longer trying. We must never giveup, regardless of temptations, frustrations,disappointments, or discouragements.”~ Joseph P. WirthlinIn the end, you will feel better about youraccomplishments and celebrate each victorywith pride!
  8. 8. Presented byDON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL.In trying new things it is inevitable that wewill fail. It is how we learn.Here are a few examples to put things intoperspective:MICHAEL JORDAN:“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in mycareer. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 timesI’ve been trusted to take the game winningshot … and missed. I’ve failed over and overand over again in my life. And that is why Isucceed.”SYLVESTER STALLONE:His script for “Rocky” was rejected repeatedlybefore it was accepted. In 1976, the moviewon Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director,and Best Actor.MIA HAMM:Born with a partial clubfoot, Mia overcameher physical challenges to become one of thegreatest female soccer players in the world.Be open and willing to learn with eachexperience. Find the strength and confidencefrom within and in the end you will ultimatelysucceed!
  9. 9. Presented byCHANGE YOUR MIND.The main obstacle that separates you fromsuccessfully reaching your fitness goal is ...YOU!Our perceptions can be a powerful tool(or a dangerous enemy) when it comes tosticking to an exercise program. Regardlessof whether you think an activity is easy orhard … either way YOU ARE RIGHT!If we think an activity is easy and enjoyit we are more likely to continue toparticipate in it. On the other hand, if wethink the same activity is too difficult anddislike it we are likely not to do it everagain. It’s the same exercise but a differentmind set can change the whole ballgame.If you are having a hard time gettingthrough your workouts or getting into a“rut”, simply take a step back and changeyour perspective. Find a new way to look atthe situation and focus on what you enjoyabout the experience. It will not only helpyou stick to your workout routine, it mayalso give you a whole new appreciation andunderstanding of your workout experience!
  10. 10. Presented byGET INSPIRED.There will be days where working out andexercising is the LAST thing you want to do …even though it’s a priority and works towardsa fitness goal you have set for yourself.When you need help getting your butt offthe couch and to the gym try looking forinspiration in the following ways:1. Talk to role models and/or the people inyour life that inspire you.2. Read stories and/or articles about peopleyou find inspiring.3. Read health and fitness facts to inspireyou to make lifestyle changes to betteryour overall health.4. Read fitness blogs and updates of realpeople making real changes throughfitness and exercise.5. Choose music with inspirational meaningsthat gets you moving and ready to go!6. Watch movies with inspirational stories ofadversity and overcoming challenges.7. Choose clothes and fitness gear that makeyou feel strong and unstoppable!Inspiration comes in many forms andharnesses all of your senses. Find the toolsthat work for you and GET MOVING!
  11. 11. Presented byEMBRACE CHALLENGES.Whether you are someone new to fitness ora professional athlete, exercise is not easy.EXERCISE IS WORK!“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t changeyou.”~ Fred DevitoBut the workouts are more than just a seriesof gruelling exercises at the gym. Everytime you go to the gym you are becoming abetter person ... inside and out.Challenging your muscles with exercisecertainly promotes changes over time butyou also:1. Learn how to commit to a goal.2. Learn how to be accountable to yourself(and others) and your fitness goal.3. Build self-confidence and self-respect.4. Become a role model for others aroundyou who are also working towards a fitnessgoal.These are lessons that have be learnedthrough experience. Embrace the journey.Embrace the challenges. In the end, youbecome the best version of you!
  12. 12. Presented byDON’T SWEAT THE SMALLSTUFF.When we wake up in the morning, wetackle the day with the best of intentionsfor our health and wellbeing. Unfortunately,most of us don’t often end up where wehad hoped at the end of the day. Thereason for this is because of all of thenegative distractions that get in the way.Every time we get distracted we have tomake a choice between: (1) moving towardsthe finish line or; (2) getting off track.In fact, the average adult makes about35,000 decisions each and every day (that’sapproximately 35 decisions a minute)!SO REMEMBER …Your goals are far bigger and much moreimportant than all of the minor distractionsthat will inevitably get in the way.Make the right choices. Each decision youmake can be the difference between beingsuccessful or not when it comes to reachingthe ultimate goal … living a happy, healthyand fulfilling life!
  13. 13. Presented byCELEBRATE YOUR SMALLVICTORIES.Although a person can wait until the veryend to celebrate their big accomplishment,most don’t have the patience and give upbefore they reach their goal.To stay motivated along the way recognizeand celebrate your small victories andaccomplishments! Examples of small (butsignificant) victories include:• Completing all of the workoutsscheduled for the week• Losing the first 5 pounds• Increasing your weight by 10 pounds onthe bench pressThere are lots of ways to celebrate yourvictories without sacrificing your progress:• Taking the day off from your scheduledworkout (but only one)• Updating your workout music ( i.e. iTunes)• Going on a weekend getaway (whereyou can still be active and have fun)Make your exercise journey a positiveexperience as you work towards reachingyour goals!
  14. 14. Presented bySTAY FOCUSED ON THELONG TERM GOAL.Of all people who start an exercise program(on their own), 80% of them quit within sixweeks (half quit in the first three weeks).This isn’t surprising because quitting is easywhile having the patience, perseveranceand tenacity to achieve results is difficult formany people.The first six weeks of a program can bevery discouraging because the work ischallenging, your muscles get sore, youwill experience setbacks in your workoutprogram, and you won’t notice significantphysical changes. In fact, it takes:• 4 weeks for you to see results• 8 weeks for your friends and family to seea difference• 12 weeks for everyone else to notice thechange(s)Most people give up right when the work isstarting to pay off. DON’T BE THAT PERSON!Trust in the process, have a realisticexpectation as you patiently work towardsachieving your goal.
  15. 15. Presented byTHANK YOU!For more information