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Marketing Beyond The Blog Buzz
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Marketing Beyond The Blog Buzz


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Using blogs to support marketing initiatives. The presentation was developed in 2006 and is surprisingly relevant for today's social media marketers. What is a blog? Hope you enjoy!

Using blogs to support marketing initiatives. The presentation was developed in 2006 and is surprisingly relevant for today's social media marketers. What is a blog? Hope you enjoy!

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Marketing Beyond The Blog Buzz September 8, 2005© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 2. Our Game Plan  What is a blog? blog  Marketing Applications  RSS  Monitoring the Blogosphere  Journalists & Blogs  Challenges website  How to Begin  Key Take Aways© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 3. After All Is Said And Done…It’s Still Marketing “People can say I’m a classical violinist if they want to, but I’ve always viewed myself as a musician who plays music and not just a certain part of it.” Kennedy, Classic Violinist© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 4. What is a blog?© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 5. What is a blog? A weblog is kind of a continual tour, with a human guide who you get to know. There are many guides to choose from, each develops an audience, and theres also camaraderie and politics between the people who run weblogs, they point to each other, in all kinds of structures, graphs, loops, etc. Heard it from: Dave Winer ->[Courtesy Link]© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 6. The Essence of Blogging People Talking To People 1. 2. People Listening To People 3. People Interacting With People Within the environment of a website© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 7. Blog Activities Author Blogs • Information • Entertain • Community • Ego Promote via Read Blogs Blogs • Inform • Ads • Entertain • Bloggers Blogger Reader • Community •Comment • Trackback • Request • Journalists sources Monitor Blogs • Company buzz • Customer sat issues • Trends • Influencers© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 8. Building Corner Store Relationships People like to do business with people they like. “People-based relationships and performance will continue to be the most important formula for success.” Lorraine Tribe, Quest Personnel Markets are Conversations Cluetrain Manifesto Markets Are People© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 9. Anatomy of a Blog Blog Title Title Tag Post Delivery Options Value-add Video© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 10. Anatomy of a Blog Post BlogRoll Archive Category Unique URL Links From Other Blogs© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 11. Anatomy of a Blog Original Post Trackback On Blog Comment on Blog© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 12. Blog Posting Interface© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 13. How Does A Blog Differ … A Website - even the best websites are usually static information that is difficult to update and with no ability to generate p2p (person-to-person interaction) conversations.© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 14. How Does a Blog Differ from … A Chat Room: A blog maintains a conversation history, unlike most chat rooms. A Listserv: A blog does not require email distribution, unlike most listserves. A Bulletin Board: A blog is easy to read, unlike most bulletin boards.© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 15. Blog Best Practices 1. Title and title tag  Descriptive  Optimized for organic search 2. Posts in reversed chronological order 3. Blog writing style - conversational 4. About Me page – credibility 5. Social networking/community building  Comments  Trackbacks  Linking strategy 6. Blogroll© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 16. Blog Best Practices 7. Blog Mantra Honest | Passion | Transparency | Authentic© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 17. Growth of the Blogosphere PubSub Total sources 15,690,065 <9/4/05> 12,886,771 <7/13/05< Active sources 9,909,665 <9/4/05> 7,634,306 <7/13/05> 1,905 <8/12/05> 1,857 <7/13/05> new items per minute (average over the past two hours) *9-4 Labor Day Weekend© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 18. Major Corporations Are Already Blogging© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 19. Marketing Applications “The 4 P’s of Blogging” Point | Passion | Personality | Perseverance© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 20. Crisis Management Winber Medical Center: Stopping rumors© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 21. Customer Relationships Non profit - community of bloggers B2C - customer bloggers© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 22. Search Engine Optimization If there is a silver bullet …© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 23. Building Community & Influencers 74 people say happy birthday Business bloggers help cause© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 24. Informal Marketing Research Intuit Quick Books© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 25. Thought Leadership Research - multiple author Consulting –multiple author© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 26. Recruitment Strategy American University – Perspective Students Page© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 27. Displaying Information Photo Blog Blog As A Portal© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 28. Non Corporate Blogs Network of Blogs Sponsored Blog© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 29. Short-term Campaigns© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 30. Business & Marketing Blogs: Can A Small Business Own A Niche? Company: Quality Service Marketing Industry: Services Marketing/Consulting Goals: Website presence, position Sybil Stershic as a thought leader, interest publisher Sybil’s Lessons Learned  Outline topics  Write ahead  Read blogs  Market within your network  Jump in and go! <>© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 31. Business & Marketing Blogs: Can a manufacturing company leverage the goodwill of an internal celebrity? Company Indium Industry: Manufacturing Goal: Reinforce industry thought leadership, customer loyalty *Build on following of company & industry leader <>© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 32. Business & Marketing Blogs: Would Growth Cause Loss of Customer Relationships?Company: Stonyfield FarmsIndustry: Consumer DairyGoal: Personalize relationship withcustomers, differentiate the brand <>© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 33. RSS – Real Simple Syndication A little peep, signal or peep that comes from a blog or site telling your computer that it has been up dated. Seth Godin Continuous search  XML format  Pull strategy – customer is in control  Allows consumption of huge amounts of information  No spam or opt in/ opt out issues  5% of internet users use RSS feeds “Information overload and user need for control will drive consumer RSS adoption” - Charlene Li, Forrester Research© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 34. GM FastLane Blog© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 35. Aggregator/News reader Header/Post Reviews© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 36. My Yahoo© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 37. RSS – Real Simple Syndication RSS Website Uses  Media releases  New product updates  Newsletters© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 38. Monitoring Blogs Influencer Relationship Management The most priceless commodity in times of crisis is trustworthy information. Forbes© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 39. Monitoring Blogs Influencer Relationship Management Where would you prefer a controversial conversation about your brand occurs?© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 40. Monitoring Blogs Influencer Relationship Management© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 41. Journalists Tapping Blogs 11th Annual Euro RSCG Magnet Survey of the Media, done in partnership with Columbia University  51% of journalists use blogs regularly  28% rely on blogs for day-to-day reporting  Blogs used for:  reporting  research  story ideas  finding sources  uncovering breaking news Source:© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 42. Blog Marketing Challenges  Time & Resources  Blog strategy  Corporate guidelines  Corporate liability  Negative comments  Comment spam© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 43. On The Horizon Blog Ads In Feeds On Blogs Podcasting & Vblogging© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 44. Blog Ready? First Question: Will the company culture support a blog strategy? Second Question: Will blogs help solve or support a business challenge or marketing strategy?© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 45. Blog Implementation Model Developed by© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 46. Ready Set Go … Blog! Whisper Strategy  Subscribe to a news reader  Read and subscribe to blogs  Monitor the blogosphere  Join the conversation >Free blog software for PR pros complements of Robert French, professor Auburn University© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 47. Tracking Metrics  Blog Specific *May be measured by unique or total posts  Search rankings  Visitor hits  Page views  Trackbacks  In bound links  Comments  Conversions  Newsletters subscriptions  Sales  Leads  White paper/other down loads© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 48. Tracking Metrics  Buzz  Podcasts, vlogs and other interview  Blog mentions, comments, links, trackbacks  Media mentions/quotes  Intangibles  Customers’ emotional involvement with the bran  Increase in brand loyalty  Provide customers with the opportunity to talk with people within a company and ensure that customers are heard, responded to and respected by those people who are assuming the role of the public “voice” of their company© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 49. 10 Key Take Aways 1. People talking to people – no corporate talk 2. Easy to maintain, update & publish website 3. Blog elements encourage real-time interaction, creates and maintains relationships 4. Focused on a topic, industry, niche or personality© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 50. 10 Key Take Aways 5. Establishes the author as a subject matter expert 6. Provides readers with renewing sources of credible, trustworthy information, insights and commentary 7. Blog writing is different from other customer communication forms – relevant, informal conversation 8. RSS allows content to be pulled by readers© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 51. 10 Key Take Aways 9. Blogs must be integrated into your marketing strategy to be effective: goals, objectives 10. Blogs promotion includes traditional/internet and blog-specific (social networking: linking, comments, trackbacks; organic search optimization) Bonus: If you do nothing else –  read blogs & monitor the blogosphere!© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 52. What Are Blogs? 1. People Talking To People 2. People Listening To People 3. People Interacting With People … and much more!© Bloomberg Marketing 2005
  • 53. //Blogs//: Toby Bloomberg Bloomberg Marketing Marketing & Blog Strategies For Business© Bloomberg Marketing 2005