Tobin pilotte 2012 email folio


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Tobin Pilotte is a San Antonio Texas artist, illustrator, and creative director. This is a sampling of his work.

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Tobin pilotte 2012 email folio

  1. 1. CVTobin PilotteCreative Directorbrutustobias@gmail.comCreativity is my passion. Art is my language, and technology is the framework for the career I have developed that has span nearly twodecades. I thrive outside the box using my skills and extensive experience in the areas of design, creative management, and marketing.Over the years I have had the privilege to provide my innovative services as a designer and results-oriented creative director to outstandingcompanies and individuals while also helping them to develop and execute successful marketing strategies. Some highlights of my career havebeen supporting companies such as Lockheed Martin and Innoviss Inc. I have also had the opportunity to work with a number of outstandingsmall businesses, artists, musicians, and writers.Currently I am involved in the planning and executing of all phases of branding, marketing,web development and design, as well as marketing and communication strategies for InnovissInc. I have been excited to design and implement social media and web marketing strategies,improve SEO, and generate a buzz in the market for the company.
  2. 2. ExperienceCreative Manager at Innoviss Creative Director / Artist at Pilotte Creative ServicesSeptember 2010 - Present January 1995 - PresentAs the Creative Manager for the company I am deeply involved in the With over fifteen years of experience delivering powerful and high qualitybusiness development, proposal development, marketing, and branding for creative projects to his customers artist Tobin Pilotte has started Pilottethe company. Creative Services (PCS) in order to facilitate the delivery of the highest quality original art, design, and creative marketing solutions to ourI also manage all the new media marketing initiatives and professional network for business marketing for Innoviss. As the Creative Manager In addition to illustration and graphic art I deliver high quality customI manage communication and marketing initiatives from the initial conception creative art in paint, stone, or multimedia.of the idea through to the final product balancing strong communicationskills with exceptional design skills. I am also the web designer, developer, Senior Graphic Artist at Lockheed Martinand administrator for the Innoviss corporate web site and for the sites as September 2000 - September 2009well as for our subsidiary companies. I successfully managed and coordinated the art, design, and production of highly successful proposals from story boarding through productionIn my position with Innoviss I have been responsible for creating and and delivery. As an artist and member of the business developmentmanaging marketing initiatives, communication initiatives, marketing materials, division I worked value propositions, coordinated graphics with technicaland multimedia arts. writers, and contributing to win themes for large proposal projects.As a seasoned graphic artist and illustrator I also am tasked with creating Other duties at LM included creating marketing materials, writingall of the company branded materials from marketing materials to web and marketing copy, collecting and arranging information to best conveymultimedia marketing initiatives. For company publications I provide corporate experience, past performance, and best practices.illustration, design, and technical illustration as well as layout and writing. Iwork closely with marketing and design budgets, print shops, road-show When bidding on large web-based projects I was tasked to create webdisplay companies, and more. pages including portal designs for our potential customers. I also worked with web based communications through web design, web marketing, andInnoviss provides me the opportunity to continue my experience of working corporate web presence.with collaborative software and work environments on proposals, marketinginitiatives, and communication initiatives. Some of my ongoing projects at On large scale projects with lots of artists and writers I was tasked toInnoviss include Corporate branding and style guide development and direct work flow, manage resources and artists, and create strategies formanagement, corporate communications planning, and internal as well as successfully relaying the customer’s message.external communications and marketing initiatives. Combat Communications at US Army May 1989 - June 1989 (Active) - June 1993 (Reserves) US Army Signal Corps. Served Active duty then reserve status. Honour- able discharge and proud to have served our nation. Education: Bachelor of science, Art Texas A&M University-Commerce
  3. 3. Music COM Web graphics produced for client C.C. Chapman. C.C. produces an award winning pod cast known as Accident Hash that showcases pod- safe music from a variety of artists from around the world.
  4. 4. Disc 1 Disc 1 “Standin’ at the Station”I was honoured in 2009 to receive a call from Michelle Sukupof Chell Enterprises Inc asking me if I could do the albumcover for award winning blues guitarist Steve Js new double TTalbum. Album cover art is what got me into being an artist as aboy as I always found it very inspiring so I was thrilled to do this HHproject which involved the design of the CD cover, back, liner EEnotes, as well as the discs themselves. Stevie J is a Registered Trademark. ® AND © 2010 Chell Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved Warning: Unauthorized reproduction of this recording and artwork is prohibited by federal law and subject to criminal prosecution.
  5. 5. Creating art for musicians is a passion of mine. Here aresome examples of work done for various musicians in theSan Antonio area.Silence - Button Design 2004ACTS Concert Poster - 2012
  6. 6. Graphic ArtAs an artist I have been fortunate to be able to work in a wide varietyof mediums as well as with a wide variety of tools. Most of thegraphic arts that I produce for my clients stems from both handdrawn work and from vector based graphics.Sound Vision Ultrasound of Houston Texas - 2002Innoviss Inc. - 2010 Proven Innovation - Amazing Results ™ACTS 25th Anniversary Logo - 2012Preston Shannon Blues Club - 2010 NO N NO N N N N TO N TO RE A S RE A S P H P H S S UB UB CL CL E S E S B LU B LU
  7. 7. Editorial Illustration
  8. 8. Editorial Illustration in the areas of horror, sci fi, and Fantasy.While I began my career doing painted illustrations the bulk of my work today is done inAdobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
  9. 9. Illustration done for Oath of the 17 original screenplay for Ace Passemore - 2005Fantasy Grumman Goose done as vector art in Adobe Illustrator - 2005
  10. 10. Fantasy ink Illustration - 2001Book cover design for Legend of the Krystal Kane - 2008
  11. 11. Who does not go nuts over the opportunity to do something creative with a very cool car?These custom free standing signs were designed for client Richard Sukup. The signs were created to stand on either side of the 1965Shelby Cobra when at auction which was televised on the Speed Channel in May of 2012.
  12. 12. Corporate WorkOver the years I have had the opportunity to create projects for print, web,and multimedia. Signs, billboards, and graphics for proposal covers are justsome of the projects I have had the opportunity to create while working forvarious companies. Lockheed Martin Billboard designed for a project at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. Above, Proposal cover design created in 3D for a Navy proposal.
  13. 13. As the Creative Manager for Innoviss Inc. I was tasked tocreate the company branding as well as the company web siteand all of our internal and external publications, advertisements,and more.
  14. 14. As an artist I am always up for new challenges. The challenge thistime was to totally design a cycling jersey for our company cyclingteam to wear during the Tour de Cure in the spring of 2012.Innoviss Cycling Jersey (front/back) - 2012
  15. 15. As a creative manager and graphic artist for Innoviss Inc. I am tasked withcreating the proposal graphics and production designs for all of our proposals.