Ethical Corp Cover and Contents March 2013


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Ethical Corp Cover and Contents March 2013

  1. 1. EC March 38_Layout 1 04/03/2013 16:13 Page 1 Energy futures When will fossil fuels be a thing of the past? Human resources How to engage everyone in sustainability Asia Pulp & Paper New forest commitments March 2013 Campaigns that count The activists that matter
  2. 2. EC March 38_Layout 1 04/03/2013 16:13 Page 2 an Qu t a dg ote £15 e EM 0 d AG isc 4TH ANNUAL 15 ou 0 nt The Corporate Responsibility ! V in Oil, Gas & Mining HEAR FROM THE FOLLOWING SPEAKERS: Conference Anglo American Head of Social Performance Jon Samuel § 3RD–4TH APRIL 2013 | LONDON § 2 Day Conference Case Studies Focused Debate Networking Anglo Gold Ashanti Vice President Strategy and Systems, Continental Africa Anders Arvidsson Rio Tinto Get up-to-speed on OECD Guidance, Dodd Climate Change Adviser Tom Burke Frank and the EU Directives: Essential tips on all the regulatory changes coming your way in 2013 covering transparency and conflict minerals Nordic Mining Step up on Human Rights Standards Chief Executive Officer implementation: Develop effective grievance Ivar Fossum mechanisms and Due Diligence for increased safety security Best practices in stakeholder and community engagement: Develop an integrated Shell approach to ensure your license to operate and map your Human Rights external risks Implementation Manager Bert Fokkema Improve your environmental performance to protect biodiversity and gain credibility from all stakeholders impacted by your operations Repsol CSR Deputy Director Arantza Hernanz Martin A global event covering Africa, Europe and FACT! CO-SPONSOR: Central Asia, North and South America 25+ expert speakers ready to discuss challenges and present solutions Engaging format Case studies, keynotes, panel debate and QAs Highly focused agenda ALL issues are directly relevant to YOU Book your place NOW! Call +44 (0) 20 7375 7212 or email
  3. 3. EC March 38_Layout 1 04/03/2013 16:13 Page 3 Ethical Corporation • March 2013 Contents 3 Contents CHRISTINE IRVINE 5 From the editor EthicsWatch 6 Asia Pulp Paper Bulldozers stood down 7 Global Compact Funding questions 8 Unilever Zero waste achieved 9 Rankings Imperfect but useful tool p11 Activist action 24 Cheat sheet 10 Mallen Baker All the latest sustainable business data It’s not just about the numbers 26 Peter Knight Briefing: activist NGOs Tweet, don’t grunt! 12 Direct action wins p38 HR for CR 27 NGOwatch 15 Social media trends Online freedoms defence 35 Jon Entine 20 Developing economy campaigns Eco-babble? Energy 28 Giant suppliers make slow progress 36 CRwatch Google’s transparency report 32 Shale gas jury still out Strategy and management 38 Human resources Corporate ethical glue Review 44 Academic news 45 New books 46 Report: Ikea 47 Report: Procter Gamble COVER IMAGE: JIRI REZAC/GREENPEACE 48 People on the move 50 China column p6 APP commits, at last p28 The cost of keeping the lights on Paul French on Beijing’s corruption crackdown