How to ride the digital wave


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A talk at the NODEM 2013 conference on how we collaborated and shared content and code in order to focus more on product development and less on infrastructure... Introducing the KulturarvNord and there app by projectlead Lars Ulrich Tarp Hansen, KUNSTEN & & CHAOS(Cultural Heritage Archive Open System) by Project Director Tobias Golodnoff, Danish Broadcasting Corp(DR)

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How to ride the digital wave

  1. 1. How we ride the digital wave Lars Ulrich Tarp Hansen! KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg! @larsuh! ! Tobias Golodnoff! Danish Broadcasting Corporation! @tgolodnoff!
  2. 2. AGENDA Production & Content Access & Platforms Use & Products
  3. 3. Who we are…
  4. 4. KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg • Situated in building designed by Alvar Aalto. • ~ 70.000 visitors/year • ~ 4000 art works in the collection • ~ 30 full time employees
  5. 5. KulturarvNord • Collaboration between ten museums • Easy to make new products in different constellations • Sharing content and technical experience
  6. 6. DR - The Danish Broadcasting Corp. • In 2007 receives 10 mio. euros to start digitizing it archives • Part of the focus is to help build a national collaboration for knowledge and content sharing
  7. 7. The Challenge
  8. 8. > 20% of the marketing budget + time ... and all the "free" opportunities Web-site In gallery touch-screens Mobile app Flickr Google "something" CMS CMS CMS CMS CMS
  9. 9. Opportunities that in different ways get us in contact with our audience Youtube Education Portals CMS CMS Europeana Content for Research projects New Collaborations CMS CMS CMS
  10. 10. There is a constant need for new digital products. Content is king! The content has a longer life than the digital products. The same content can be used for years - but the digital products have a shorter life before they need to be updated.
  11. 11. This doesn't work Web-site In gallery touchscreens Mobile app Content (CMS) Content (CMS) Content (CMS) Moving content manually
  12. 12. We need a new solution
  13. 13. the old way
  14. 14. the new way
  15. 15. Production Content Access Platforms Use Products
  16. 16. Production Content • Existing content (text, pictures, sound) • Journalist and the museum produce new content
  17. 17. Traditional process of making audio tours could look like this choose objects to talk about Internal review of the manus Curator write the manus Hire actor to speak the manus Rewrite the manus apr 2 months Hire studio to record actor Audio tour complete
  18. 18. Our way of making an audio tour Curator and journalist choose objects to talk about Journalist record curator talking about the object without Audio tour complete apox 2 days (longer for video tours)
  19. 19. Production Content Access Platforms Use Products
  20. 20. Production Content Access Platforms Use Products
  21. 21. Use & products
  22. 22. Mobile apps
  23. 23. Web-site
  24. 24. Touch screens
  25. 25. www touch screens app CHAOS:_
  26. 26. Thank you Tobias Golodnoff @tgolodnoff ! Lars Ulrich Tarp Hansen @larsuh