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Connect 2 Cocomo
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Connect 2 Cocomo


Connect 2 Cocomo presentation from SAP TechEd 2008

Connect 2 Cocomo presentation from SAP TechEd 2008

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Tom Person SAP Solutions Architect September 2008 Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro and Cocomo
  • 2. Agenda
    • What is Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro
    • Demonstration of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro
    • An Overview of what Cocomo all about
    • Acrobat.com – a first example of Cocomo technology
  • 3. Creating Engaging Customer Experiences
    • Facilitate high-impact meetings and training that everyone can access:
      • Adobe Acrobat Connect enables you to create rich interactive multimedia materials.
      • Adobe Flash® Player is already installed on 99% of PCs worldwide.
    “ Acrobat Connect Professional allows you to intuitively create high-impact, engaging meetings and training.”
  • 4. Award winning web-conferencing solution.
    • PC Magazine Editor’s Choice!
    • “… it's the most complete all-in-one Web Conferencing solution I've seen. “
    • Oliver Rist PC Magazine
    • Full review
  • 5. Gartner Web Conferencing Quadrant
    • “ Built on the Flash® platform, Adobe offers strong performance and a wide range of features, including personal meeting rooms, a highly configurable user interface, and excellent video and VoIP support in SaaS and on-premise deployment modes.”
      • -Jeffrey Mann, Gartner
    2008 Magic Quadrant For Web Conferencing
  • 6. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro – Demo and resources Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobatconnectpro/ Adobe Developer Connection http://www.adobe.com/devnet/acrobatconnect/ Connectusers.com Adobe Connect user Community http://www.connectusers.com/ ACP Users Group on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=718517 Adobe Connect Pro resources http://www.adobe.com/resources/acrobatconnect/
  • 7. Adobe Footprint: Consumer and Enabler of UC Services PBX Audio Conferencing Video Conferencing Web Conference Instant Messaging E-mail HARDWARE APPLICATIONS DESKTOP Voice Video Data LDAP DEVICES APPS
    • Cisco
    • Avaya
    • NEC
    • Premiere Global Services
    Acrobat Connect Professional Adobe Flash Lite™ Adobe Creative Suite® Adobe Acrobat Adobe LiveCycle® ES SAP, BEA Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader®, Adobe AIR™ Acrobat Connect Add-in, CoCoMo, & Pacifica
  • 8. Cocomo Overview
  • 9. Common Collaboration Model - Cocomo <rtc:WebCam> <rtc:Roster> <rtc:Chat> <rtc:VideoPod>
  • 10. Cocomo from 10,000 feet Cocomo Hosted Services PaaS for Real-Time Collaboration (RTC) Apps ConnectNow Embed RTC in Existing Apps, or build new RTC-Centric Apps Cocomo SDK Flex SDK Flash Player / AIR
  • 11. Embedded Collaboration – Example 1 Integrated instant messaging, voice, video, and whiteboarding See coworker’s availability from within applications.
  • 12. Embedded Collaboration – Example 2
  • 13. Cocomo - Summary of Capabilities
    • Chat
    • Polling
    • VoIP
    • White Boarding
    • File Sharing
    • Screen Sharing
    • Co-Viewing or Browsing
    • Audio/Video
    • User Management
    • Room Management
    • Permissions
    • Data Messaging
    High-Level Components Low-Level Components (Foundation Classes)
  • 14. Cocomo - Taxonomy Cocomo Apps are Rooms for Sharing : Users Presence Status Roles AV Streams Webcam VoIP Content Documents Media Other Files Real-Time Data Messaging Shared Models, Permissions, Notifications “ Apps on the Client, Services on the Server”
  • 15. How is Cocomo different?
    • Platform v. Product
    • Authentication source agnostic
    • Client-side Flex framework and web services cloud
  • 16. RTC Problem Space User Ubiquity Capacity Multi-User Workflow Developer Security Mature, Robust Development Model Design Guidelines Operations Reliable, Battle-Tested Infrastructure Graceful Degradation (Reconnect, Failover)
  • 17. Cocomo – Client SDK Pods RTC UI Components Shared Managers Shared Model Session (Connection, Authentication, Reconnect/Failover, RMI Routing) Audio Pub / Sub Webcam Pub / Sub File Pub / Sub Shared Cursors Users AV Streams Files Room Pub / Sub Messaging + Permissions Shared Collection Baton Shared Property UserQueue Roster WhiteBoard Chat FileShare Note WebCam
  • 18. Cocomo Messaging Bus DOM Nigel’s Room Chat1 public Room / CollectionNode / Node / Item hosts User Manager White Board userList positions shapeDefs msg1 msg2 user1 user2 circ1 circ2 msg1 circle Nodes are Permissions-Managed Destinations for Pub/Sub Messaging
  • 19. Cocomo Messaging (cont.)
    • Simple Call-Response API :
    Subscribers and Higher subscribeCollection(collectionName, nodeNames) unsubscribeCollection(collectionName, nodeNames) Owners Only createNode(collectionName, nodeName, nodeConfig) configureNode(collectionName, nodeName, nodeConfig) removeNode(collectionName, nodeName) setUserRole(collectionName, nodeName, userID, role) Publishers and Higher publishItem(collectionName, nodeName, item) retractItem(collectionName, nodeName, itemID) Conforms to the XMPP PubSub Extension (XEP 60)
  • 20. PaaS Virtuous Circle Platforms Services Tools PDF Flash Acrobat Pro Flex Builder Share Cocomo
  • 21. Work. Together. Anywhere.
  • 22. Free Acrobat.com Services
    • Elegant collaborative word processing Adobe Buzzword, a web-based word processor designed for collaboration so people can easily co-author documents and share them for comment and review, with print-perfect results.
    • World-class web conferencing for up to 3 people Adobe ConnectNow, a personal web conferencing service that includes desktop sharing, video and voice conferencing and integrated chat.
    • Easily share documents with others online 5GB of centralized online file sharing with access controls, PDF conversion for up to 5 documents, and high quality, web-embeddable documents.
    • Developer APIs for creating web services Build or mashup applications.
  • 23. The Acrobat.com Difference
    • Designed for collaboration from the ground-up
    • Built on the Adobe Platform for access from anywhere, online or off-line
    • Used through a beautiful, inspiring and effective user experience
  • 24. Acrobat.com Business Strategy
  • 25. Acrobat.com and Acrobat 9
    • Share and store documents
    • Forms distribution and collection
    • Shared document reviews
    • Co-navigate and synchronize document views
  • 26. Acrobat.com - Demonstration
  • 27. Acrobat.com Web Services <rtc:WebCam> <rtc:Roster> <rtc:Chat> <rtc:VideoPod> APIs for real-time collaboration APIs for document sharing
  • 28. Adobe Buzzword
  • 29. Acrobat.com File Organizer
  • 30. Adobe ConnectNow
  • 31. Adobe Buzzword - Richness
  • 32. Key Takeaways
    • Acrobat.com is designed from the ground up to help people work together on documents, providing a beautiful and useful experience that is accessible from anywhere.
    • Free services include:
      • 5 GB collaborative storage with embeddable documents
      • 5 online PDF conversions
      • 3 person Adobe ConnectNow web/video/voice conferencing
      • Adobe Buzzword collaborative authoring
  • 33. Cocomo
  • 34. Three Key Trends From a Box to a Stack of Stuff Online Collaboration RIAs
  • 35. Thanks, now for some Q&A