How did you use media technologies in the construction and research


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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?We used a lot of different technologies in the construction, research, planning and evaluation stages of our musicvideo.For the research part of my groups project I used video hosting sites such as YouTube in order to researchdifferent genres of music and what these videos consist of. This website gave me access to millions of songsworldwide so searching for different genres wasn’t difficult. With a flash player, which allowed me to pause,stop and start videos, which was useful for when I was print screening images of the video. In addition to this thewebsite gives related videos which helped me search of other videos from the same artist or genre.I also used the music player on the MTV website, which has various groups of genres each of which containchart topping music videos. The advantages of this website is that it gives official music videos that are current.In comparison YouTube was probably the better website to use, it allows us to look on artists’channels, whichallows us to write to the artist and view all posts made specific to that artist for example new videos or messages,it offered a quick search time and gave various results which could be filtered if necessary, furthermore it allowsus to look at comments made by everyone about the videos posted which enables us to look at what peoplethink of videos so we can target likes or dislikes that they had, it also shows us how many times its been viewedwhich is helpful for popularity.For the research task of digipaks Amazon was useful because it helped me find album artwork of the albums Iresearched, in addition to this website I also used Google Images, which allowed me to do the same thing andfind images that Amazon may not have had, images are usually good quality and of appropriate size which wasuseful when choosing an image to use.In order to upload all my work in all sections I used both Slideshare and BlogSpot. Slideshare was usefulbecause it allowed me to convert files from word and PowerPoint and use an embed code to upload it onto myblog, conversion of the files were also fairly quick depending on the size of the file. Another use of embed codeswas for uploading the song from Soundcloud onto our blogs, this method is quick and so saves time and evenmoney where USB keys /or downloading and then uploading would have had to be used before to transfer amusic file from one site to another.BlogSpot simply allowed us to organize and upload our work for review from any computer that has access tothe internet, which was useful for group members and myself incase I had to do work outside of school.Slideshare was extremely helpful in the planning section which consisted of a lot of PowerPoint and worddocuments, the uploading and conversion of these files onto Slideshare was quick and made it easy to put it ontomy blog with the embed code. As well as this a camera phone/digital camera was used for the pictures of ourgroup, good quality pictures can be quickly taken and uploaded onto the computer from anywhere howevercamera quality on the phone is usually less then that of the HD digital camera, however quick shots can be takenand sent to group members or even uploaded directly to the internet with the use of smart phones, this saves a lotof timeThe construction section used a lot of new technologies, primarily Photoshop, for the creation of my digipak andour group’s poster Photoshop CS5 was used, this software enabled me to manipulate and edit images to create adigipak suitable for the artist we are trying to sell, again I used a high quality 12megapixel digital camera to takepictures of the artist and then use them on the digipak when I was creating it. The pictures are high quality andflash can be used which helped in low light situations, the images were easy to upload and the camera itself hada feature which allowed me to screw it onto a tripod for level and steady shooting to minimize shake for a betterpicture.For the creation of our video we used iMovie HD which let us upload clips and aggregate them to make ourmusic video, this piece of software let us trim, edit and add effects to clips, it’s a fairly intuitive software so
  2. 2. learning to use it wasn’t too difficult in comparison to Final cut Pro and this meant that more members of ourgroup could use it as opposed to relying on one member of the group to do all the editing. Saving and uploadingof the music video was also fairly easy, although the file was large because it was in high quality, YouTube wasused to upload our music video which was slow because the file was large however eventually did upload,quality was slightly reduced when uploaded to YouTube, but it allowed us to play the video online from anycomputer which was useful for the evaluation section of my blog because it meant we could all take screenshotsof the video from any computer.A portable microphone was used for podcasts, which was easy to use and recorded in good quality. File transferwas easy through the use of a usb cable and files can be cut/trimmed by using the program Audacity. Thismethod saves time an uploading is easy – the mp4 file can be uploaded straight to blogger or can be put onYouTube and then the embed code can be copied. YouTube is again useful in this section as it allows us tocomment on videos, these comments come from a wider range of the public and a variety of people. This canbe treated as feedback which is unbiased.