Mukesh:IT Asset Management Pulse 2010


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Mukesh:IT Asset Management Pulse 2010

  1. 1. Helping IT Asset Management Service Providers Work Smarter in a Complex World Mukesh Sethi IBM Software Optimizing the World’s Infrastructure [9th July 2010 Mumbai] © 2010 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. Customer Asset Management Challenges Improve Total Cost of Ownership by continuously reducing IT assets costs throughout their lifecycle Enhance operational efficiency, service levels and customer satisfaction by aligning IT with the business Manage and maintain multiple, siloed asset management systems, while addressing asset convergence Maintain visibility and control over service and operational assets and their impact on the business Mitigate license and regulatory compliance risk; reduce associated cost 1
  3. 3. Every Business Needs IT Asset Management “Enterprises that begin an IT asset management program experience up to a 30% reduction in costs the first year... and continue savings of 5- 10% for the next 5 years” – Gartner 2
  4. 4. A comprehensive, integrated asset management infrastructure Greater efficiency, visibility and control through data sharing and process optimization across the enterprise… Financial Managers can Contract Managers can see IT Managers can see how to streamline see the entire inventory and asset related contracts; negotiate inventory and resources across the analyze return on assets for vendor T&Cs and monitor organization Software Asset financial reporting supplier performance Managers can see Maintenance Managers how to optimize can see job plans licensing to avoid Risk Managers can see asset detail to ensure enabled by availability of over/under-purchasing information to increase and mitigate regulatory compliance and mitigate risk asset capacity compliance risk Facilities Managers Hardware Asset can see assets in the Managers can see Data Center to optimize lease and maintenance power consumption and status and when to plan reduce unplanned for upgrades Purchasing Managers can outages see costs and orders Service Desk Technicians can see enterprise-wide for price Operations Managers can asset data to streamline service comparisons, discounting, see asset conditions in request handling and expedite standardization and order sufficient detail to improve incident & problem resolution tracking asset utilization & performance 3
  5. 5. Service Management – Applications and Processes Service Client Self Help Request Incident & problem Service Catalog Management Service Level Collaboration Management Process and Workflow Mgmt Reporting Integrated Service Management Asset Release Management Management Configuration Contract Management Management Software Procurement Provisioning Workforce Management 4
  6. 6. Unified solution for Asset and Service Management Grows easily with client needs for faster time to value Integrated Solution An Integrated set of solutions represent Tivoli Asset Management for IT Asset IT and the full management of data, processes, License With License Management Discovery Non-IT tooling and people Management For Asset IT Assets Management Common Data Model Tivoli Service Maximo Asset The core solutions share a common data Management Request Manager subsystem for simple data sharing Tivoli Process Automation Engine Tivoli Change and Processes that Work Together Tivoli Provisioning Configuration Common Data Model Manager The core solutions share a process Management Database workflow automation engine No Rip and Replace Service Leverage existing investments in IBM Change Request Provisioning and 3rd party IT management tools Management process automation engine Tivoli’s Management Lower Cost of Ownership Lower infrastructure and training costs, simple upgrade model Tivoli Asset Discovery Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed for z/OS 5
  7. 7. Unified solution for Asset and Service Management Grows easily with client needs for faster time to value Custom Workflows Common Reporting Easy-to-use Workflow Builder Common Reporting provides leveraging a shared engine, configurable dashboards, out-of includes Application the box enterprise reports, ad Designer, Database hoc reports, KPIs and Configuration, Escalations, spreadsheets. Notifications, and Email Listener Compatibility Integration Framework Seamless and independent migration of individual Seamless integration of ITIL-based products; included utility frameworks, including support for makes upgrades easy – Web Services, JMS, HTTP(S), without configuration re-writes Database Files (XML or Flat), LDAP, Launch in Context, Event or Global Deployment Batch/Bulk Processing, Email and Truly global solution, supporting Workflow connectivity multiple languages & currencies. 6
  8. 8. Tivoli Asset Management for IT Portfolio • Tivoli Asset Management for IT – Full Asset Lifecycle Management support for Hardware and Software License Management – Identifies under or over utilized software to reduce costs due to over-purchasing and to reduce risk to under-purchasing • Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed – Provides discovery and identification services for distributed platforms and virtual environments – Monitors software usage and trends – Provides reporting for inventory and usage Tivoli Asset Management for IT • Tivoli Asset Discovery for z/OS Tivoli Asset Tivoli Asset Discovery for Discovery for – Provides discovery and identification services for the z/OS platform Distributed z/OS – Monitors software usage and trends IBM License – Provides reporting for inventory and usage Metric Tool • IBM License Metric Tool – No fee utility, mandatory for PVU Sub Capacity, optional for PVU full capacity – Helps maintain an up-to-date inventory of deployed PVU-based software and measures the maximum processor core capacity in PVUs available to this deployed software • Software Knowledge Base Tool – A collection of information about software products, their components, dependencies between them and the means to discover them – Shared component that is used by all related IBM products 7
  9. 9. Tivoli Asset Management for IT - Capabilities IT Asset Management Lifecycle Acquire IBM’s IT Asset Management product Negotiate agreements portfolio helps organizations efficiently to maximize value and effectively manage their IT asset lifecycle • Payment approvals • Creation of assets Plan via procurement, inventory or vendor Align IT to • Technology refresh data corporate strategy • Lease & contract termination • Asset reuse • Asset assignment Deploy • Asset tracking • Notification of Processes to ensure asset receipt to standardize end user committed ROI Reconcile • Utilize Tivoli Service Desk • Asset recovery and cleansing • Lease end notification Retire • Asset replacement • • Closure of IMAC Asset reconciliation initiation Provide for orderly • Manage costs disposition of assets: • Utilize Tivoli Manage Change Manager disposed, auctioned, Implement support donated and infrastructure and process to employee purchase enhance productivity and satisfaction 8
  10. 10. Tivoli Asset Management for IT - Capabilities Contract Management Procurement • Contract Terms & Conditions • Procure based on standards • Notifications • Create and route purchase orders • Software Contracts • Use catalogs • Integrate with ERP systems Financial Management • Purchase/Lease Cost Tracking • Work/Service Cost Tracking License Management • Full Lifecycle support • Multiple License types supported IT Asset • Audit Ready Reports Management Asset Management • Software Asset Management • Hardware Asset tracking • Installs, moves, adds, changes Work Management • Reconciliation/Audit • Work planning and scheduling • Extend beyond IT • Skills, labor, and inventory management (data center facilities, power, etc.) • Service plans and cost management Service Management Easy Configuration • Support service desk with asset • UI, dashboards, KPIs, reports configuration data • Process workflows with alerts & escalations • New applications 9
  11. 11. Tivoli Asset Management for IT – Capabilities Enterprise TAMIT Application Discovery Applications (IT Asset Lifecycle + full SAM) Services SMS Altiris IBM Tivoli Integration Composer Procurement Contracts Rules Based Reconciliation Centennial TCM Human Authorized Deployed Resources TPM TNM Assets Reporting and Assets Finance Analysis TADd TADz Other Sources These tables are part of common database TADDM shared with TSRM, CCMDB and TPM Authorized Asset Out of the Box Reconciliation • Authorized assets is the inventory of record • Linkage based on unique attribute(s), like serial number • The Assets are populated via the procurement process and other business processes • Identification of ‘authorized’ Assets missing in Deployed Asset Inventory • Authorized assets may or may not be deployed and are central to managing purchases, leases, warrantees, • Identification of Deployed Assets missing in service agreements, stockrooms and more. ‘authorized’ Asset Inventory • Attributes include: asset, software licenses, location, • Comparison of attributes/specifications features, assigned to, condition monitoring, etc 10
  12. 12. Business Model for Service Providers 11
  13. 13. Employee Onboarding Scenario Overview Description: Service Management Products: Our Approach is to provide you a Integrated solution  IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager to manage your Employee Identities as well as  IBM Tivoli Asset Manager for IT Assets. This would help you to use a Service Catalog  IBM Tivoli Identity Manager providing a set of centralized standard services. Efficient and speedy employee onboarding is shown through automated provisioning and management of various types of assets. The services can include - Automated user provisioning (user-id, access to common work environment, …) - IT asset assignment (HW, SW, …) - Use of user self-services (PW reset, new access request, …) 12
  14. 14. Employee On boarding Steps Create HR Record HR Employee Create Requests • User ID Notify • HW & SW Employee People Manager • Asset End User Offering Change Password End User Manage HW and SW Request Asset Controller Manage Asset Request Facility Manager 13
  15. 15. Service Catalog Benefits: Service Catalog:  Service Catalog contains  Ease of use allows end user offerings for identity, to request services hardware and software services  Role based offering  Different types of services  Standardized offerings reduce maintenance and  Start of service fullfillment operation costs process  Faster and enhanced service delivery  Re-use of provisioning and service processes 14
  16. 16. Employee Onboarding - IT Asset Mangement  IT Asset planning  Item availability Benefits:  IT Asset procurement – A comprehensive, integrated asset  IT Asset deployment management – Reduced operational costs – Improved decision making across asset lifecycle – Better alignment of IT with business requirements 15
  17. 17. Thank you Mukesh Sethi 9873084374 16