Secure File Sharing for the Manufacturing Industry


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The manufacturing industry is responsible for turning some of the world’s best ideas into innovative products.

That’s not a feat that can be accomplished alone. In order to take an idea from conception to production there are many hands involved, working together to achieve the same goal. But with an increasingly competitive landscape, how do you bring together your collaborative wants with your security needs?

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Secure File Sharing for the Manufacturing Industry

  1. 1. 1 855 315-6012 | Copyright © 2013 TitanFileSecure File Sharing for theManufacturing IndustryThe manufacturing industry is responsible for turning some of theworld’s best ideas into innovative products.That’s not a feat that can be accomplishedalone. In order to take an idea from conceptionto production there are many hands involved,working together to achieve the same goal. Butwith an increasingly competitive landscape, howdo you bring together your collaborative wantswith your security needs?Share securelyManufacturers are reliant on sharing files backand forth. From blueprints to product notes,collaboration is required from start to finish.Many times complex design files are too largeto be transmitted by email. If you’re sendingconfidential information, email and commercial-grade file sharing providers might not providethe security you require.TitanFile not only gives manufacturers the toolsthey need to securely transfer the large files thathelp them build their business – it helps keepthem safe. All TitanFile subscribers can easilyshare large files, and all accounts have unlimitedstorage capabilities. When it comes to securitywe’ve got standards you can count on. Our fileencryption uses algorithms and schemes thathave been approved for encrypting and storingclassified information up to the Top Secret levelby all U.S. government departments or agencies.Facilitate adoptionChances are you’ve got a diverse group ofemployees who come from differentbackgrounds. To ensure success whenimplementing a new system in your workplace,it’s important you cater to all staff membersregardless of whether they’re a digital nativeor a technology novice.What does this mean for your organization?If a solution isn’t easy to use your staff might findalternative means to perform the task, leavingyour files open to outside threats. TitanFile’sintuitive interface facilitates an accessibleapproach to file sharing and collaboration,creating a comfortable experience for everyonefrom beginners to experts. Protect yourself andempower your employees with an easy-to-usesolution.
  2. 2. 1 855 315-6012 | Copyright © 2013 TitanFileSecure File Sharing for theManufacturing IndustryCollaborate with easeDeveloping a product is a fluid process. Planschange and adaptations must be made. Projectleads require an online solution that permitsthem to share the latest product concepts andalterations, ensuring the entire organization is onthe same page. When you’re working with clientsand co-workers how do you connect and share?Online collaboration encourages all stakeholdersto be actively involved in the discussion process.These real-time conversations allow for easydecision-making, and remove the possibilityof a comment being lost in email. When you’reworking in a just-in-time production environment,it’s imperative that directions are clear andconcise. With TitanFile’s secure communicationChannels, all of your messages are clearlydisplayed in one location, making it easy tokeep in touch and stay organized.Improve efficiencyWhen you’re working with a diverse client baseyou need the power to quickly receive files toensure time lines are met and schedules arekept on track. Large files can bog down youremail, filling your inbox and decreasingproductivity. You need a solution that facilitateseasy file uploads and retrievals.The TitanFile Deposit Box allows anyone on theInternet to securely send files and messages toyour organization without registering for aTitanFile account. By simply providing theirname, email address and a short message toaccompany their files, unregistered visitors cansecurely submit documents. Locate files easily,keeping your clients happy and your projectsmoving smoothly.Interested in learning moreabout how TitanFile canbenefit your manufacturingorganization? Contact ustoday to get started.