www.titanfile.com+ 1 855 315-6012 | sales@titanfile.com Copyright © 2013 TitanFileSecure File Sharingfor Higher EducationF...
www.titanfile.com+ 1 855 315-6012 | sales@titanfile.com Copyright © 2013 TitanFileSecure File Sharingfor Higher EducationM...
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Secure File Sharing for Higher Education


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Universities and colleges are leaders in collaborative relationships.

From research teams to student and professor engagement, the field of higher education understands the importance of connections. The online world only serves to make these connections stronger. Students are digital natives, raised to quickly adapt to the changing face of technology. But with so many online threats and security breaches to consider, how do post-secondary institutions work together while still protecting sensitive information concerning their students and research interests?

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Secure File Sharing for Higher Education

  1. 1. www.titanfile.com+ 1 855 315-6012 | sales@titanfile.com Copyright © 2013 TitanFileSecure File Sharingfor Higher EducationFrom research teams to student andprofessor engagement, the field of highereducation understands the importance ofconnections. The online world only serves tomake these connections stronger. Studentsare digital natives, raised to quickly adapt tothe changing face of technology. But with somany online threats and security breachesto consider, how do post-secondaryinstitutions work together while stillprotecting sensitive information concerningtheir students and research interests?Universities and colleges are leaders in collaborative relationshipsConduct collaborative researchOnline collaboration is changing how we work.It no longer matters if your colleague is locatednext door, or in the next state – the Internet hascreated bonds that extend well past geography.This is great news for researchers. They caneasily form teams with top thinkers in theirdiscipline, no matter where they are located inthe world; however, when a group is workingtogether how do they securely share theirlatest findings with the rest of their team?Research is competitive. Faculty are requiredto meet tight deadlines and publish theirgroundbreaking material first. While emailused to be sufficient, researchers now needa tool to not only share files that are too largeto be accommodated by standard emailapplications, but also to keep their researchsafe. TitanFile can help. Our solution uses thesame algorithms and schemes that have beenapproved for encrypting and storing classifiedinformation up to the Top Secret level by all USgovernment departments and agencies. Youcan trust us to keep your research protecteduntil you’re ready to share it with the world.Share across departmentsUniversities and colleges are segmentedorganizations, with many different departmentstending to the diverse needs of the school.Often these various parties need to worktogether, but there’s not always an easyway to transmit the information needed tocreate successful partnerships. Internalsharing mechanisms put into place by theuniversity can be outdated or difficult touse. File sharing services don’t alwaysencourage communication. What are you todo if you’re working across departments?TitanFile’s secure file sharing solution allowsfor easy collaboration and sharing. Imaginethis: both the schools of medicine and musicare working on a research project on theimpact music therapy has on chronic illness.
  2. 2. www.titanfile.com+ 1 855 315-6012 | sales@titanfile.com Copyright © 2013 TitanFileSecure File Sharingfor Higher EducationMultiple contacts must be involved and there’san abundance of qualitative and quantitativedocumentation to share. With TitanFile, allparties and files can be added to a singleChannel, giving everyone the opportunity todiscuss, share and work towards successtogether. The security offered by TitanFileisn’t limited to just research, either. Considerall of the departments within your institution,including accounting, admissions and humanresources, and the positive role that securefile sharing and collaboration could play.Facilitate online submissionsUniversities and colleges are responsiblefor collecting a wealth of information fromboth current and prospective students.With everything from term papers to admissionapplications, the field of post-secondaryeducation needs a method to securely collectstudent submissions. The TitanFile DepositBox allows students to upload a file along witha personalized message, in much the sameway they would add an email attachment.Faculty and staff also have access to audit trails,providing confirmation of file receipt. Collectinginformation and staying organized just got easier.Encourage engagementIf you’re a student enrolled in an introductoryseminar there’s a good chance you’re goingto find yourself seated in a lecture hall withhundreds of others. While office hours aretypically available, the schedules are notoften flexible. Email is not always effective,either. Professors can be inundated with emailrequests, rendering that communication methodineffective for back and forth discussionswith students. What’s the solution?Online collaboration gives both professorsand students a place to connect outside of theclassroom. TitanFile’s secure communicationChannels allow for the transfer of documentsand ideas, facilitating clear learning paths.Especially effective for mentoring group work,faculty can provide outreach to students byinviting all team members to the Channel.This allows for a personal forum setting,encouraging an ongoing discussion instead ofdisjointed chatter through broken email chains.Interested in learning theimpact that secure file sharingcould have on your institutionof higher education? ContactTitanFile today to learn more.