A Visit to NASA


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A Visit to NASA

  1. 1. My visit to Kennedy Space Center (NASA) 33rdrd June 2013June 2013 The day one of my dreamsThe day one of my dreams turned into reality !!turned into reality !! By Tisha AroraBy Tisha Arora 77thth GradeGrade
  2. 2. My Visit To NASA (Kennedy Space Center, Florida) It all started when I was 9. Space science has always fascinated me. I have always been interested in knowing what lies beyond our known universe. We visited NASA on my 12th birthday . It was an awesome experience. I had a great great time. And this presentation is about my visit to NASA…..
  3. 3. NASA (Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA) NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration is the agency of the US Government that is responsible for the nations space program & aero space research. NASA’s missions include everything from studying distinct worlds to improving life on earth. Its facilities exist all around US & also around the world. NASA’s headquarters in Florida provide overall guidance & directions to the space agency. JFK Space Center is one of the best known NASA center in Florida. It has been the launch site for every human space flight since 1984.
  4. 4. THIS IS NASA NASA (Kennedy Space Center, Florida)
  5. 5. Mobile Launch Platform (Kennedy Space Center) As we entered the NASA premises, we saw a huge structure, which is called the Mobile Launch Platform & Crawler. Mobile Launch Platform is a two-story structure used by NASA to support the Space Shuttle rocket during its transportation from the assembly building to the launch pad. A special type of vehicle called crawler is used to carry this structure. The crawler moves on a special type of road made up of stones to increase the friction.
  6. 6. Mobile Launch Platform & Crawler
  7. 7. Apollo 8 (Launch Control Room) We saw Apollo 8 launch control room.We saw Apollo 8 launch control room. Apollo 8 was the first successful manned rocket to orbit theApollo 8 was the first successful manned rocket to orbit the moon.moon.
  8. 8. Apollo 8 - Launch Control Room (Kennedy Space Center, Florida)
  9. 9. Interaction with the Astronaut (John-David Bartoe) We had the privilege to meet space shuttle astronaut -- John-David Bartoe. It was an honor to interact with him. He explained how they recycle the water in space. - How they sleep. - How they cook and what they eat. - How they take a bath in space. - How do they exercise. - What it feels like to be in zero gravity.
  10. 10. Me & Krish with John-David Bartoe (Kennedy Space Center, Florida)
  11. 11. Facts International Space station can fit two football fields. International Space Station travels at approximately 32,500 km/hour. At these altitudes and at this velocity it takes about 90 minutes to circle the Earth once, so astronauts and cosmonauts onboard see a sunrise and a sunset every 45 minutes. A total of 16 each every 24 hours.   The moon orbits the earth in a little under 28 earth days. In the shade, it's -120 degrees celsius, and +150 degrees celsius in the sun.
  12. 12. My Thoughts It’s absolutely amazing to know, how two million parts need to work together successfully, at that moment in order to launch a rocket in the space. We saw an IMAX movie on the Hubble Telescope. The Hubble Telescope was launched in 1990 which orbits 600 km above Earth’s atmosphere. It was astounding to see how astronauts fixed Hubble Telescope in space. They also showed the pictures captured by the Hubble Telescope, which explained the birth of new stars.
  13. 13. THANKS!! Look forward to your Comments & Suggestion. Tisha Arora VII Grade