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Team building Asia programs by Tirian - Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong. Team building Middle East. Team building Australia,

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  • Andrew & Gaia Grant have partnered together on different projects for over 25 years . For the last 15 years they have been based in Asia, where they built up their current company Tirian. Tirian is an organizational learning and development company that designs, develops and delivers unique programs and works with a number of Fortune 50 companies internationally. Through Tirian Andrew and Gaia have developed over 32 experiential learning programs, workshops & support materials. Some companies that use Tirian programs include McKinsey, Accenture, Barclays, BASF and the award winning Four Seasons Hotel. Andrew is an experienced keynote presenter and executive level facilitator who has given presentations at major events across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Last year he was the opening keynote speaker for  the  YPO /Young Presidents Organisation Global Leadership Conference here in Sydney, and he went on to facilitate the merger process between YPO and WPO.  Gaia has facilitated a number of high level executive programs and has written a number of books, including two published by Random House. Andrew and Gaia have both worked pro-bono in conjunction with the Indian government developing a health curriculum that is now reaching 25 million students, and are currently in the process of developing these as workshops for NGOs in Indonesia.They have just moved back to their home town in Manly, where they are now enjoying the exceptional Australian lifestyle and revaluating their business models for the future. Today we have invited them to do a 2.5 hour session to see what possibilities relationship there may be between us and their work. They will present a few vignettes and talk about their work, some case studies and several of their key programs. Very timely for this team they have decided to as there main focus to demo one of their topics on managing virtual teams.Until such a time that we do formalise any relationship please be aware that all material, ideas and concepts presented today are done so in an environment of respect and trust, treating all IP as strictly confidential.
  • We have to 2 things to consider today 1) Climate /atmosphere in the organisation (stories) 2) peoples behaviours we will have to address Before we manage the climate we have to learn how to read the climate and behavios .Did you hear feel and see the signs of the approaching storm? If you wre outside and knew what to look for it was there. But if you inside head buried in files may not have seen the bad weather approachingCrisis management on humans level = 1) Management of the climate over all atmosphere culture2) Management of individual team reactions to the recession
  •  The Royal Bank of Scotland: For three hours on a Tuesday in Feb 2009 morning, four elite bankers who ran the Royal Bank of Scotland sat before the Treasury Select Committee: One after another, they apologised for presiding over bank collapses that have cost billions in taxpayer-funded bail-outs. The committee legislators accused the bankers of being "arrogant" and "in denial" about their responsibility for the crisis. The committee was most disturbed that the top echelons of British banking seemed to rely on a "cozy consensus of like-minded people" unwilling to listen to those who might challenge their views. Men behaving badly: testosterone had its role in the lost billions (12.2, 2009 SMH) Bernard Madoff: was one of the most trusted names on Wall Street who turned out to be a full-time fraud. Prosecutors disclosed a long-running scheme that may have resulted in perhaps the biggest scam in Wall Street history - $50 billion in losses. His Ponzi scheme, which involved paying off early investors with funds from subsequent clients to keep the illusion of profit alive. In 2009 Bernard Madoff, was sentenced to the maximum 150 years behind bars for what his judge called an "extraordinarily evil" fraud that shook the nation's faith in its financial and legal systems and took "a staggering toll" on rich and poor alike. "I cannot offer you an excuse for my behaviour & how do you excuse betraying thousands of investors who entrusted me with their life savings? How do you excuse deceiving 200 employee, lying to my brother and two sons who spent their entire lives helping to build a successful business& a wife who stood by me for 50 years?" Mr. Madoff .  Michael Lewis Wall Street Banker: “To this day, the willingness of a Wall Street investment bank to pay me hundreds of thousands of dollars to dispense investment advice to grownups remains a mystery to me. I was 24 years old, with no experience of, or particular interest in, guessing which stocks and bonds would rise and which would fall. The essential function of Wall Street is to allocate capital—to decide who should get it and who should not. Believe me when I tell you that I hadn’t the first clue.” The End / Michael LewisFrom the three above case studies what similarities did they all display? Is there any indication of these attributes attides emerging in your organisation? that if noticed early could be minimised or dealt with and if left too late in your organsition could lead to a collapse?
  • After resisting Siamese invaders for years, Cambodia's greatest city and civilization -- temple-studded Angkor -- was dealt a death blow with its final sacking in 1431. Or, so say the history books. But an international research team now thinks its demise was set much earlier, by something that is the bane of many modern urban societies …greed corruption self interest. The signs that assisted in the collapse of Angkor have been present for years and when put against the latest business research have many similarities. Don't try to come up with the right answers; focus on coming up with good questions." And certainly that describes Collins' achievement here. The question of why  leading companies, seemingly in possession of every competitive advantage, so often manage to blow it is important for all companies to look atHow the mighty fal:l 5 steps to a fall (Summary)1. Hubris born of success. The firm's management become conceited, per success as nearly an entitlement.2. Undisciplined pursuit of more - more scale, more growth, more acclaim. Companies management wander from the trained creativity that led them to greatness in the 1st place, making undisciplined leaps into areas where they can't be great or growing quicker than they can achieve with excellence, or both.3. Denial of risk and hazard. Leaders of the company don't give weight age to negative information, give more price to positive information and put a positive spin on ambiguous data. Those in power start to blame external factors for reversals rather than accept responsibility.4. Grasping for salvation. Common "saviors" include a charismatic visionary leader, a bold but untested strategy, a radical transformation, a "game changing" acquisition or any number of other silver-bullet solutions.5 Capitulation to irrelevance or death: Accumulative setbacks and expensive false starts erode the company financial strength and individual spirits to such an extent that leaders abandon all hope of building a great future. In some cases their leaders just sell out. In other cases the institution atrophies to utter insignificance.
  • What differentiates those businesses that successful emerge from (financial ) distress?Characteristics of companies that have emerged successfullyThose that can communicate wellMotivate and give supportAble to reinvent themselves quickly or are accustom to reinventing themselves Controlling the story:Uncontrolled or fake stories creates low moral and gossip A business that speaks to it employees controls the story.Turn issues into something that gets ou admiration rather than gets you pity.
  • Team Building in Asia by Tirian

    1. 1. "Developing people & processes to improve organizational effectiveness" 1T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    2. 2. 1. Introduction • Purpose • About Tirian 2. Vignette • ON THIN ICE: Task 6 Getting to the core • Debrief, outcomes, case studies, uses 3. Introduction to specific programs Dimension 1: Experiential simulations » Sample Program 1: WHAT HAPPENEDCreating high TO WAT?impact » Sample Program 2: THE SKY IS NOTorganizational THE LIMITdevelopment Dimension 2: Interactive workshopsexperiences, ma » THE CREATIVE CONNECTIONking the learning » Case studies, outcomes, useslast… Dimension 3: Integrated programs » Connected Resources 4T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    3. 3. Tirian at a glance • WHAT WE DO • WHO WE WORK WITH • WHAT OUR FOCUS IS • WHERE WE OPERATE • WHY WE ARE SUCCESSFUL rebalancing /refocusing / realigning 5T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    4. 4. How is Tirian different? • We package knowledge in a creative, stimulating, intelligent and relevant way… we don’t just present it. • We focus on customized quality… not volume. • We are people focused… not model centred. • We create our programs so the experiences are new and relevant… we don’t imitate. • We acknowledge individual behavioural, managerial and cultural differences and build them as sources of strength… rather than viewing them as stumbling blocks. “Well organised, tremendous and extremely worthwhile” Director Channels Australia 6T I R I A N All rights reserved. Cisco Copying prohibited © 2009
    5. 5. Making the learning last Our Educational Approach • Our participants must come to appreciate what they learn & experience for themselves. Accelerated Experience • Our interactive experiences replicate workplace situations in a low risk / high participation safe environment, potentially replacing years of on the job experience Much more than training, team building or consulting • We create positive intervening experiences that build platforms for open discovery and exploration of important issues. • These experiences break down barriers & they drive individuals and teams to work toward structured outcomes. 8T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    6. 6. Tirian’s five step process 1. Consult to identify needs 2. Identify the best approach to reaching these outcomes 3. Choose the ideal Third Dimension Program combination of learning experiences 4. Present the program with most appropriate presenters / facilitators 5. Evaluate the program and provide feedback “A very memorable program that will not be forgotten for a long time.” Managing Director & Regional Head of Human Resources 9T I R I A N All rights reserved. Deutsche Bank Asia Copying prohibited © 2009
    7. 7. Making the Learning last: Our Educational Approach • True education is where something valuable is learned and a desirable state of mind is developed. • For true education to take place the participant must come to appreciate what they learn. • A person who is educated has acquired a body of knowledge that is not just a collection of random facts; instead it is organised into some sort of conceptual scheme by which they are able to related the various pieces of knowledge to each other. 10T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    8. 8. Making the Learning last Accelerated Experience • The experience of developing a team or leadership skills, takes time but usually companies cant afford to wait that long. • Tirian’s ‘expanded reality interactive learning’ rapidly imparts aptitude, and unlocks talents that would normally take years of on the job experience. • Tirian’s interactive experiences replicate workplace situations in a low risk / high participational environment, potentially replacing years of on the job experience. 11T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    9. 9. DIMENSION 1: Simulations What is Experiential Learning? Experiential learning is founded on active participatory learning rather than passive receptive learning. Through this process people practice the very skills they are learning and are more likely to maintain their change back at work. Experience-based learning only becomes "experiential" when elements of reflection, support and transfer are added to the base experience.* “The group worked brilliantly together and were highly motivated” International Partner Baker and McKenzie 14T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    10. 10. DIMENSION 1: Experiential Activity Based Programs Our JUSTIFIED FUNTM Recreational Programs are designed to: • Change the way people FEEL. • Assist with the identification of needs. • Introduce highly creative and motivating discovery processes. • Provide memorable, engaging and inspirational experiences through theming. • Introduce dramatic impact and effective debriefing to ensure the experiences are transferred back to the organisation. “Very suited to our group.” Managing Director Sun Microsystems Australia 15T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    11. 11. DIMENSION 1: Simulations NEED PROGRAM SOLUTIONS Personal leadership Problem Solving: WhoDunit Mental Stamina: Lateral Sports Team leadership Diverse Virtual Teams: On Thin Ice Multitasking Teams, Micro & Macro: Endangered Siloed Teams: Ramayana Rescue Collaboration v Competition: The Sky is not the Limit Organisation leadership Crisis Management: Catch Me if you Dare Company Collapse: What Happened to WAT? Consistent Brand Value: The Creative Appliance Project Innovative Process Redesign: The Chocolate Factory Organizational Narrative, Mission: Take 2T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    12. 12. on thin ICE TM diverse teams under pressure Designed by Andrew & Gaia Grant ©
    13. 13. Client brief PROGRAM PURPOSE: Focus is on the matrix org structure PROGRAM OUTCOMES: Develop teams and discuss communication issues OUTCOMES REQUIRED: • Growth opportunities and problem solving. • Working within a matrix structure • Simplifying some of the business processes • Partnering seamlessly with key stakeholders • Focusing on long term thinking • Delivering to the customer and meeting targets PROCESS FOCUS: • Need authentic conversation on these topics • Communication that focuses on execution outcomes. • Delivery of learning and transfer of this into practice for execution Private and confidentialT I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    14. 14. Providing solutions BUSINESS OUTCOMES ISSUES ADDRESSED SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS 1.Motivation for Need for more motivation and Motivation for improved performance and higher levels of morale greater engagement improved performance and Superior planning and problem solving greater Developing stronger EQ engagement 2.Effective Need for individuals to work Productive interaction through collaborative together effectively as a unified team synergy & communication contemporary team team management Harnessing diversity Collaborative ideas generation & team problem solving strategies 3.Strategic Need for a strategic approach to Change management organizational development that is planning and Empowering leadership development responsive to needs and issues development Coordinated project managementT I R I A N All rights reserved. ICE simulation centre Copying prohibited © 2009
    15. 15. On happened Thin ICE TMwhat diverse teams to WAT? TM under pressure sharing resources to face challenges Designed by Andrew & Gaia Grant ©
    16. 16. the SKY is not the limit TM reaching maximum potential through networking
    17. 17. 32TIRIAN All rights Copying prohibited © 2008
    18. 18. RESEARCH FINDING 4: Remove silo barriers Contributing Causes: Inadequacies…. 1. Navigation team unfamiliar with spacecraft 2. Transition from development to operations 3. Communications between project elements 4. Training 5. Verification and validation process 3 years and $125 mill up in smoke… MISSION 4: Positioning TOS 34TIRIAN All rights Copying prohibited © 2008
    19. 19. DIMENSION 2: XAMINE Seminar and keynote based What is facilitation? “The central purposes of facilitation are to: enhance the quality of the learning experience, to assist clients in finding directions and sources for functional change, and to create changes that are lasting and transferable” “You brought learning to life” President and CEO 38T I R I A N All rights reserved. AT&T Asia/ Copying prohibited © 2009
    20. 20. DIMENSION 2: XAMINE Seminar and keynote based Our STRENGTH TO STRENGTH Educational Programs are: • Educationally based • Designed to change the way people THINK • Use constructive new approaches. • Stimulate learning experiences. • Able to introduce a simple and practical change process. “You brought learning to life” President and CEO 39T I R I A N All rights reserved. AT&T Asia/ Copying prohibited © 2009
    21. 21. DIMENSION 2: Interactive workshops NEED SAMPLE PROGRAMS: PROGRAM SOLUTIONS Personal leadership Creative Thinking & Problem Solving: The Creative Connection Personal Leadership Styles: Dynamic Interaction Mental Stamina: Ultimate Optimism Team leadership High Team Performance: The Collaboration Concept Engaging Contemporary Teams: Inspiring Leadership Successful interpersonal Communication The Communication Package Organisation leadership Communication for Influence: Inter/active Presentations Organizational Narrative, Mission: Mission Possible I know this will last in our peoples’ minds for many years to come.” Senior Consultant, Sales Leadership National Bank Australia 40T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    22. 22. s the creative connection developing an innovative culture Andrew and Gaia GrantT I R I A N All rights reserved. Copying prohibited © 2009
    23. 23. T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    24. 24. Selling solutions Selling Solutions THE CREATIVE CONNECTIONTM program leads to TRANSFORMATION THROUGH INNOVATION – producing superior results through better problem solving skills and more efficient and effective work practices (‘doing more for less’). This 1 – 2 day experiential workshop provides a productive hothouse environment that immediately applicable high level business ideas and solutions. INTRO: Who Killed Creativity? – 7 Murderers and 7 Rescuers Walk away with… an understanding as to why creativity has difficulty flourishing in a typical work environment, and to discover strategies to develop a creative mindset & learn how to build a work environment which is conducive to innovation PART 1: Creative thinking and problem solving Walk away with… an increased capacity to come up with practical ideas and implement-able solutions faster PLUS one or more business issues solved PART 2: Team ‘innovation solution’ strategies Walk away with… an efficient and effective high performing team able to maximize individual strengths in coming up with new business applications PLUS one or more practical new business applications ready for implementation PART 3: Organizational structures that support innovation and the customer connection Walk away with… a blueprint for organizational innovation that is responsive to customer needs PLUS one or more innovation models for the organization ready for execution 44T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    25. 25. Case studies Selling Solutions UBS Private Banking (London) Credit Suisse (Asia / Europe) • Workshop for world leaders who gathered • Developed a value proposition for a regional in London to explore how to implement group. their key initiatives effectively. (International). Disney (Hong Kong) • Introduction program to an Asia wide six • Re-ignite the sales and marketing team to find sigma style roll out to ensure that all new ways to be motivated to market their participants would be able to accept the products. changes that will take place as a result of the full program. (Asia & Australia) Kluber (BKK / Europe) University of Western Switzerland Business • Re-designed the way lubricants can be used School (Switzerland) by customers to minimize misuse of their products. • Helped Entrepreneurs develop a value marketing proposition for a new facial recognition software. Young Presidents Organization (Nth Asia) • Assisted CEO’s and their associates to find real DHL (Singapore) take away solutions to difficult process redesign problems. (This YPO public seminar • Ensuring parcels get to the airport more received one of the highest ranked scores of efficiently. the year - 9.6/10).T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    26. 26. DIMENSION 3: Organisation applications “When individuals "own" their issues, they are more likely to commit to changing the situation and to following through on their commitments.” “Transferred to the workplace, the skills discussed will improve the speed in which teams get started and increase the quality of their results.” Phil Pirkle, International Director of Training and Development / Newmont USA 50T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    27. 27. DIMENSION 3: Organisation applications Our INTEGRALTM Developmental Programs are able to: • Change the way people ACT • Develop the organization through helping individuals reach determined goals. • Facilitate strategic individual and organizational change, and ensure the effective transfer of learning. 51T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    28. 28. DIMENSION 3: Organisation applications • Business facilitation • Coaching • Consulting • Strategic planning • Goal Setting • Pre assessment and follow up • DiSC & EQ profiling • Psychometric Evaluating “You were meticulous in planning and industrious in carrying the plans through.” Dr Colin Yarham, Executive Director. Health Education and Promotion India 52T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    29. 29. Client feedback Jon Niermann President Electronic Arts (EA) Asia TV Host Asia Uncut (Star TV)“Before we worked with Tirian I was very reluctant andsceptical about using outside resources and consultants tohelp us with our business planning or team building. Mypast experience had left me underwhelmed with resource"expertise" and programs, so I looked at them largely as awaste of money and time. This changed with my firstexperience with Tirian. Not only are they a pleasure towork with, but their powerful and useful exercises wereoutstanding. Weve since worked with Andrewregularly, and its been great to have this continuity andsee us grow with our interaction over time.”T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    30. 30. Client feedback "Issues that have previously taken months to deal with are now solved. “For the last six months since TIRIANS course VP Cisco Marketing A/P it has been pretty smooth sailing in terms of "This will improve the speed in which project work. I havent had to handle any teams get started and increase the emotional issues or conflicts within the group, quality of their results." which is pretty amazing. This certainly never happened for the 2 years previous to that, and Int Dir Training Newmont Mining on top of that, we have been meeting deadlines “Thankyou very much for helping us find for projects are that directly within our control - a common road map for our group.” everyone is much more cooperative, is displaying fantastic teamwork, commitment and MD Citigroup understanding. The outcome is certainly very impressive.” Deutsche Bank Project Leader 57T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    31. 31. TIRIAN IN THE MEDIA The Asian Wall Street Journal The Australian Financial Review HR Monthly Asia Times Online IMA PATA 58T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    32. 32. Additional resources for scalabilityT I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009
    33. 33. Stimulating in approach … intelligent in content 62T I R I A N All rights Copying prohibited © 2009 FINAL SLIDE