Sample cover letters for nurses

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  • 1. A sample cover letter for a registered nurse or a nursing graduate. This letter is very specific tothe nursing industry and highlights the daily responsibility of a caregiver. You may refer to thecover letter samples for finalizing the design and content of your letter.Free relieving letter formatMassimo Ambrosini3827 Umbu StreetQueens, NY 92612224-286-1847acb@gmail.comMarch 24th, 2009Carlo AncellotiHuman Resources & Development ManagerBethesda Hospital3726 Gigilutonggos AvenueQueens, NY 92612Dear Mr. AncellotiI am writing this letter to apply for the position of Nurse anesthetist at ABC Inc. I have been wellfamiliar with your company products for many years and would be very excited to have anopportunity to work for your company and help increase the sales of your products. The positionwas introduced by a friend of mine, Dr. Peter Ho, whom I have contacted directly for thisposition. I have worked with him for many years in the industry and I believe that I am a perfectcandidate for this position.I have good experience in dealing with similar products, thank to thank, I have good knowledgeon overall businesses that may be of your interest. Previously, I was a dogcare junior managerin AAA company where I succeeded in expanding my territory by over 30% for the first year.During four years when I worked for AAA, I managed to set up a branch as well as recruit anadditional 300 employees and achieved profit objectives.I hope that you will consider my resume and above information will also explain my interest inthe relevant filed. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.Yours Sincerely(Signature)Mitchell BanksEnclosures:Resume
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