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Free traffic tips 3 things to do with an unlisted you tube video
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Free traffic tips 3 things to do with an unlisted you tube video


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  • 1. Free Traffic Tips | 3 Things to Do with an Unlisted YouTube VideoCopyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.com Things to Do with an Unlisted YouTube VideoRecently, Google announcedthe availability of Unlisted Videos on YouTube.From the YouTube post:Melinda teaches high school in the Bay Area and recently reached out to us with a problem. Her students just finished a videohistory project that she wanted to share with their parents and classmates. But she was concerned about posting the videospublicly because she didn’t want the whole world to find them (frankly, neither did her students). Melinda told us YouTube’sprivate sharing options -- a 25-person cap that’s limited to other YouTube users -- didn’t work for her. She needed a betteroption to privately share her students’ talent.I can think of three things you can do with an unlisted YouTube video, and one reason why you should be cautious abouthaving one. What could you do with an unlisted YouTube Video? 1. Make special content just for subscribers. (Eliminates the problem of "I cant see the video. Everyone can see YouTube.) 2. Create easter eggs for your customers. (I believe that each channel of information to your customers should be unique in some way. And hidden benefits encourage people to pay closer attention.) 3. Share videos that youd rather people link to than republish. (You can already do this by using the option to block embedding, but with an unlisted video, they have to come to you, and no one can happen upon it.)So why be cautious? Well, the point of publishing on YouTube, rather than, say,, is for the video to get asmuch exposure as possible and even go viral, with the most number of people able to access and view it as possible. If thatswhat you want, an unlisted video is not the way to go.Do you know of any cool implementations of Unlisted YouTube videos? Do tell. page 1 / 1