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Facebook forbusiness whattodoifyouaren'tgettingtheresultsyouwantoutoffacebookmarketing
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Facebook forbusiness whattodoifyouaren'tgettingtheresultsyouwantoutoffacebookmarketing


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Free Traffic Tips | What To Do If You Arent Getting the Results You Want Out of FacebooCopyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.com To Do If You Arent Getting the Results You Want Out ofFacebook Marketing An Old Video About Why You Dont Need to Spam Profiles to Get Attention on FacebookThis morning, as a result of jolted into a state of hyper-alertness by a way-too-early but important phone call, the followingheadline, which I ironically found on Twitter, came my way:" Is Facebook for Business Overrated "?And after a brief glance at it, I realized that I would absolutely LOVE it if more people even took the time to think about thisquestion.The reason is found in this brief clip:As a business owner I favor results over hype, which means; Are we selling more stuff based on our marketing effort? If wearen’t selling more stuff, we typically make changes and tweaks until we see sustainable improvement. As is the case withmost small business, our marketing budget is constrained, so we need to employ things that work. Things that work inbusiness are much more simple to determine than folks want to admit.Return on investment does not need to be complicated. So, if you were advertising in a certain magazine, with no measurableleads or sales, wouldn’t you change something up, like deploy your marketing resources elsewhere? Of course you would,except when it comes to Facebook, most of us continue to drudge on, trying new things to engage prospects.Now, Im not going to go into my usual spiel about how Facebook marketing isnt for everyone or that whole thing. Or the factthat the vast majority of people who are on Facebook for business reasons are doing the absolute most completely backwardsthings to get anything out of Facebook.The very simple secret to Facebook is that its really not a marketing vehicle.Square peg. Round hole.Other than employing the proper advertising techniques for Facebook in the area where ads are sold, Ive been saying since2007 that using Facebook for business is a completely different animal.(And its partly for this reason that Im still not all that crazy about Facebooks Social Ads, but thats for another day.)Can you use Facebook to get measurable improvements in sales? Yes. Can you do it with the traditional marketing processesyouve been taught. Absolutely not. page 1 / 2
  • 2. Free Traffic Tips | What To Do If You Arent Getting the Results You Want Out of FacebooCopyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.com written three very practical how-to guides on Facebook, none of which Im going to link to here.(Theyre linked from the sidebar and the Massive Traffic page if youre that interested. I welcome your business, but asalways, I want you to try something simple and free first to test before you ever buy something from me.)Instead, Im going to give you a quick daily routine to try on Facebook in the next post.If this helps in a way that impacts your website traffic, then continue to move on to the more refined techniques.This assumes that your site, particularly if its a blog, is set up to properly capture leads and convert them into sales. If itsnot, ANY marketing, networking or promotional activity youre doing is far less effective, so fix that first, and then come backto this.Hint: If you cant wait for the next post, there are more on Facebook- no need to log in to see them. page 2 / 2