Smartphones and their contribution to society
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  • 1.  
  • 2. introduction
    • A negative connotation has been put around smartphones. Smartphones are perceived as disruptive in the work place and on the lives of young people yet in actual fact, smart phones are doing the opposite. This presentation is going to explore just how smart phones contribute to the lives of the users.
  • 3. Misconception
    • Many people believe that smartphones are the cause of people being antisocial. Smartphones were simply designed for their purpose, not, for example, to be abused by teenagers all day. Thus it is not the fault of the device, but rather the failure of the user to control them self
  • 4. What are smartphones
    • Before this presentation commences, we have to establish what smart phones are. A smart phone is a mobile device which has advanced computing abilities as well as connectivity abilities which surpass the abilities of a normal mobile phone. bassically the technology of a telephone is integrated with that of a computer.
  • 5. Some images of smartphones
  • 6. Smartphones increasing productivity in the work place
    • Smartphones are all in one devices meaning they can perform many tasks, thus saving time.
    • They are portable.
    • Due to smartphones having a casual nature employees do not mind answering business calls even when they are away from work. Meaning overtime
  • 7. Some statistics regarding productivity
    • “ Samsung found that 72 per cent of people that were happy to answer surveys about their private smartphone habits would take a call on the toilet. One in ten will make or take a call during a funeral or when having sex, and a third will do so in church”. Proving the willingness to work overtime.
  • 8. Communication in the workplace
    • Smartphones have exquisite communication features including Wi-Fi and 3G networks and impressive operating systems, making the sending of emails very easy and fast. In turn making communication at work easy and fast
    • Smartphones have voice command meaning to search for a number , one does not have to scroll anymore, thus saving time
  • 9. Statistics regarding communication at work
    • “ According to a recent survey conducted by AT&T, more than eight out of 10 (81 percent) of small businesses indicated they use smartphones, such as an iPhone, Blackberry or Treo”. The number of businesses utilising smartphones speaks for itself.
  • 10. Social engagement
    • This refers back to the point made on self control. Smartphones offer fast, easy and cheap access to social networking sites, while some people are incappable of controlling their phone usage while around live friends, “The avarage number of friends one has on facebook is 120”which is much more friends one would be capable of making without the help of such sites.
  • 11. Effect on education
    • Smartphones are cheaper to purchase yet serve the same purpose as a computer, meaning students are capable of writing assignments on their phones
    • Students that spend a lot of time on their phones may find it easier to write assignments on their phones rather than on a computer
  • 12. Quotation to support argument on smartphones and education
      • Qoutation from a student: Yclan said “she likes completing writing assignments on the phone because what she types is easier for her to read as opposed to her handwriting, and she said she is able to complete assignments faster.”
  • 13. Conclusion
    • Thus I conclude that while I may agree with the with the statement “Research has found that smart phones are affecting productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement, and have an effect in education”, I do not agree with the negative connotation that lies in the statement. Smartphones are very useful and helpful devices when used right.
  • 14. Reference list
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  • 15.