First amendment


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First amendment

  1. 1. U.S Political News presents to you: a debate between the right to freedom of speech NEWS REPORTERS: TINJIA HWANG, PROSPERITY FIELDS, AND TYANA ADJIE
  2. 2. What is freedom of Limits to the freedom ofspeech? speech Freedom of speech is the right  The right to freedom of to freely express yourself expression, in a circumstance through speech without that is causing harm to public censorship or limitation. It is safety, national security, or some important to our nation’s other important interest, if the society because it allows one to threat exceeds restrictions, can freely express their opinions be limited. and exchange their personal  Also the right to freedom of ideas. We should expression can be limited if it is understand, learn inconsistent with other rights. from, discuss, and take notice  The first amendment does not of other peoples’ ideas and defend the right to freedom of interests to better our society. speech if it is being used in But, sometimes, just like in unlawful ways or to rouse many other cases, freedom of violence and illegal actions. speech requires certain  Speech that is harmful to limitations. children, a danger to you or your environment, can be restricted.
  3. 3.  freedom of speech can severely harm others, bothR mentally and physically.E  cyber bullying is allowed under freedom of speechA f  merchants may mislead consumers  people may go around stating their opinions that conflictS r with others opinions and get into violent fightsO e  little to no order in certain situations sN e  verbal bullying and cyber bullying may "push" kids to p become less and less confidentS c e  during trials, people are free to say whatever they want d e and choose to not follow the oath and falsely accuseA o others of crimes convicted by themselves or someone else cG m  consumers may say that they want to buy products that h they do not wantA  people can claim to be a completely different person thanI o they are in realityN f  people can easily spread false rumors around, hurtingS others  freedom of speech can endanger many people, and evenT the nation as a whole
  4. 4. Reasons for Freedom of Speech And why the Framers wanted it in the Constitution If our right to express ourselves through limited was limited, we as citizens would not have a say in our own government. Without the citizens’ say in government, would we not be ruled under a dictatorship? The first Americans came to the “New World” to escape the British monarchy in Great Britain. We would not have a democratic government if citizens do not have a say in it. If freedom of speech was prohibited, consumers of a certain product would not be able to express how they feel about the product; therefore providers wouldn’t be able to accurately provide. Supply and demand would no longer be in effect because consumers could not demand what they want to be supplied. During trial, under false accusation, and in public, citizens wouldn’t be able to defend or protect themselves without the right to freedom of speech.
  5. 5. Cases About Freedom of Speech that went to the Supreme Court After the right was put in the ConstitutionTinker vs. Des Moines (1969) - John and Mary Beth Tinker wanted to respectfullyprotest against the Vietnam war so they went to school wearing black armbands. Theschool principal decided to ban the wearing of black armbands at the school. When thestudents refused to remove their armbands, they were suspended. This case soon went tothe U.S. Supreme Court. The court ruled in the Tinkers’ favor because their actions ofexpression did not interfere with the educational process and that the students had a rightto freedom of speech.Ladue vs. Gilleo (1994) - A resident of Ladue, Missouri made a paper sign the read “ForPeace in the Gulf” that she put in her second-story window to protest against the fighting inthe Persian Gulf. Ms. Gilleo was told that the sign was a violation of a city ordinance. Sheclaimed that it was the same as putting up a “For Sale” or “Proliferate” sign and that thosesigns would probably be treated differently. The Court ruled in the favor of Ms. Gilleobecause the city ordinance violated the right of freedom of speech.Feiner vs. New York (1949) – A college student presented a speech on a downtown citystreet in Syracuse, New York. In his speech, he had mentioned rude comments aboutdifferent politicians. Along with that, he had also suggested that African- Americans areoften abused and do not have the same rights as the Americans do. This caused the crowdof about 80 people, listening to his speech, to get restless and angry. When the police askedhim to end his speech, he unwillingly refused, forcing the police to arrest him under thecrime of disrupting the peace and disorderly conduct. The court ruled against Feiner,convicting him guilty of disorderly conduct, and reasoned that his lecture might havecaused a riot or disturbance.
  6. 6. SummaryAgainst the right to freedom For the right to freedom of of speech speech Freedom of speech can lead  Freedom of speech is a way into dangerous physical to communicate with acts. others your real thoughts Speeches supporting riots and opinions, if such were or destruction can lead to to be limited, no one would crimes and injuries of be able to say what they others. really think. Unjust use of the right to  To improve society and freedom of speech can government, the people cause disruption in the must suggest ideas that educational process at would benefit and perfect school. the nation more.
  7. 7. Questions How many amendments are on the Bill of rights? 10 amendmentsHow many amendments are there in all on the constitution? 27 amendments What was the amendment presented in this news report? Freedom of speech What is freedom of speech? The right to freely express yourself without limitation Which amendment is freedom of speech declared in? Amendment 1
  8. 8. Questions…continued How can the Freedom of speech be limited? If it is being used to cause violence, harm, disruption, etc.In the case of Ladue vs. Gilleo, the resident posted the sign on her window in opposition of what? The fighting in the Persian GulfIn the case of Tinker vs. Des Moines, which side did the supreme court favor? The Tinkers side What are some reasons against the freedom of speech? What are some reasons supporting the freedom of speech?