How to make a top quality app - Extended version


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This presentations outlines all the steps and decisions you need to follow to make an app the people will actually love and use. It includes questions to ask yourself, your developers and tips for concept optimization and user testing.

Includes pitfalls to avoid, user expectations, case study examples.

The presentations uses examples from the travel and tourism industry

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How to make a top quality app - Extended version

  1. 1. Mobile strategy workshop Fundamentals for travel companies Tine Thygesen, CEO of Everplaces @everplaces
  2. 2. Hi, I am Tine Thygesen @tahitahi CEO of Everplaces Strategy and mobile apps for travel and DMOs User generated mobile travel tips. Used in 95 countries by food and design lovers.
  3. 3. Mobile optimized website Profile on Maps and LBS Mobile Options Own app: Native Own app: HTML5 Get into others apps loyalty awareness
  4. 4. Mobile strategy’s million dollar question. What are you trying to achieve? loyalty awareness
  5. 5. Awareness: Mobile search, ads, browsing When people search for you or stumble upon you the information needs to be easily readable, if not people instantly leave again. A mobile optimized page increases visit time with up to 2 minutes (IAB) YES ✓ Cheapest and fastest ✓ First step to start being mobile friendly ✓ Works on all feature and smart phone NO - Tends to becomes messy, too much info - Less deep interaction
  6. 6. Responsive design makes information accessible in all screen sizes
  7. 7. Loyalty and sharing Investing in giving guests a better experience gives you social media shares and word of mouth, therefore it can generate increase awareness indirectly. Most use apps A little sharing does a lot 52% use apps in-destination: ‣ 1727 downloads ‣ ‣ ‣ 94% research things to do ‣ 1813 favorites / 2:15 min 75% search for restaurants ‣ 56 Facebook share. Effect (56 x 312 friends) = 17.427 80% for maps and directions
  8. 8. Native apps Native apps are build directly for the operating system; Android, iPhone, Windows or Blackberry. Native is best for deeper engagement YES ✓ Can work offline ✓ Distribution ✓ Faster ✓ Functionality/design ✓ Built in features: camera and GPS ✓ Best for sharing NO - More expensive, longer to build SEO Frequent updates can be a hassle
  9. 9. Recap ‣ You choose mobile strategy based on your objective: Awareness (new customers) or Loyalty (higher margins) ‣ ‣ Responsive design / mobile optimized important to reach new customers. Native apps are better for loyalty and return visitors
  10. 10. Seven strategic steps to make an app that works
  11. 11. STEP 1 Find a solid problem to solve Must be suitable to natural form Magazine/ iPad Inspiration, dreaming, relaxing, in my own time Website Inform, assist, inspire, brand, explain, transact, complex Existing problem or use case, and actually useful Novelty features like Augmented reality and QR codes are great in concept, but we have yet to see real success using them Mobile Action, research, now, find, share, do, fact check, personal
  12. 12. STEP 2 Decide your goal • Awareness: Apps only work for awareness if indirect, so through social spread. See loyalty, • Loyalty: Improve stay with information, happier visitors, increased margins, returns • Generate UGC: Gives indirect awareness via social, builds trust, create build photo library
  13. 13. Examples of useful, loyalty creating apps Convenience Friendly Personalized Rewards
  14. 14. STEP 3 User experience First we decide what the application should be able to do, which problems does it solve. It needs to be ✓ Obvious & Easy to use ✓ Fast performing The we prioritize and take away most features till we’re left with a simple concept. Most apps fail the very first time people open them. Because too much functionality ✓ Simple
  15. 15. STEP 4 User interface design (UI) Design is a deal breaker on mobile, because it has such big impact on the user experience. In the last few years the bar for good design has risen dramatically. Mountain High app for your next ski and snowboard experience. Yahoo weather app Spies travel agency
  16. 16. Too much choice
  17. 17. Visualize Every click required effort, work to reduce the amount of required effort from the user to make it as easy as possible to get an overview.
  18. 18. STEP 5 Make a killer landing experience You have one chance to capture people: the first time they open the app. 48% of people who have a negative first experience is less likely to open the app again What will the user do the first 30 seconds? 1) App needs to open in 2 seconds 2) Open on overview screen or a clear use case 3) Test what people press 4) Reiterate. Hide or cut other features that confuse. Eradicate dead loops
  19. 19. STEP 6 Give people a reason to come back • • • • Favorite function Useful information: programme, deep info, dictionary or maps Deals or offers Encourage internal contact, like newsletter / fb like
  20. 20. STEP 7 Sharing from mobile • Make actions that instill pride, achievement, self image or helpfulness sharable. Pre-fill text and make easy • Consider integration social media streams • Consider reviews or star rating function • Encourage Instagram/ Twitter engagement Tip: Light actions are key on mobile ‣ Likes ‣ RT ‣ Repin
  21. 21. Optimizing your content for credibility Today’s hottest commodity is insider tips, and the general trend goes towards authenticity Trustworthy means transparent • • • • • Photos that are reliable (ok if primary image is photoshopped, but add additional) Descriptions mention both the positive and negative Make it clear why these places are recommended Additional info: like 360 degree view, floor plan, info Use external contributors - Bloggers or local heroes - UGC - Feeds from external sites • Ability to rate, like and comment
  22. 22. Work smarter; show same content many places You Other media UGC Central CMS (Tellus)
  23. 23. Same content shown on your website via widget
  24. 24. interactive display of same content on-location
  25. 25. Economics
  26. 26. Commissioning your apps It easily costs 500,000kr, and takes 4 months plus specs to build a complex top tier app. But that’s very rarely required! Don’t be talked into functionality you don’t need. You can use app building platforms if you select the purpose carefully, prices from 30,000kr Functionality that should be faster and cheaper ‣ Same info for all users ‣ Content filtered by location ‣ Locally stored / hardcoded. ‣ One way sync that needs a backend, like places /events, ‣ External feeds Functionality that’s expensive ‣ 2 way interaction, like comments and user interactions. ‣ Integrations with your database ‣ User accounts, personalization, ‣ Augmented reality, games etc. ‣ Multiple languages done well
  27. 27. The new app-making engines ‣ New technology makes it possible to re-use the base code ‣ Reduces time-to-market from around 4 months to 4-8 weeks ‣ Reduces cost by about half. ‣ In our case, we specialize in visual travel and location-based apps focussed on maps ‣ Enables custom apps centered around your property, your experience and offer personal service
  28. 28. Commissioning your apps Pitfalls ‣ Outsourcing to cheap countries ‣ Under quoting complex features ‣ Saving money on design ‣ Agencies & web people with limited mobile experience ‣ Changing your mind along the way ‣ Not budgeting for maintenance and upkeep ‣ Expecting no iterations
  29. 29. Mobile & User Generated Content Thank you! Strategy Product design Development Training
  30. 30. Bonus: Three opportunities to engage and be useful in-destination.
  31. 31. Tailor each app to a specific target group Routes Cycling, trails, road trip Demographics For families, romantic spots, gay Interest Beaches, organic farms, food, historic Practical Directions/ Emergency/ Travel phrases
  32. 32. Use the momentum created for you Awareness is the most expensive part of marketing, so if you have waves already created, make sure to capitalize with an app that can engage deeper Films Sound of Music, The Killings, Da Vinci Code Fame Beatles Liverpool, HC Andersen’s footsteps, Tudor England, Festivals Food & Christmas Markets Food festivals bring people and revenue to the city
  33. 33. China, now the biggest travel spender