Quick books premier nonprofit edition 2007 [older version]


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Quick books premier nonprofit edition 2007 [older version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - QuickBooks Premier NonProfit Edition2007 [OLDER VERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.1 out of 5Product FeatureOffers standard accounting features, plus easyqtools to help nonprofits demonstrate financialaccountabilityStreamline donation processing and fundraisingqAutomatically track your organizations financesqand finish basic accounting tasks faster; workseasily with Microsoft OfficeStart fast and get help when you need it withqbuilt-in tutorials, onscreen help, and freeQuickBooks callback supportSatisfaction guaranteed -- or your money backqRead moreqProduct DescriptionQuickBooks Premier Nonprofit 2007 handles the business needs of most non-profits. Using this suite ofspecialized tools, youll find it easy to track donors and contributions, create donation and thank-you letters andprepare financial reports for your Board. Manage the finances of your nonprofit, on a single screen: Accountingtasks, payroll and routine paperwork are easier than ever. Boost efficiency with direct access to key tasks andinformation, with the financial management solution recommended by more accountants than any other. Thisspecial version features all the tools available in QuickBooks Pro 2007, plus specialized application fornon-profit enterprises. Manage your payroll and your payroll taxes, record bills as they arrive, pay bills, printchecks and track expenses -- all from within QuickBooks Download bank and credit card transactions, for directimporting into QuickBooks Easy integration with Microsoft Office - Transfer data to and from Excel, mergeQuickBooks data with Word templates and add contact info to Outlook Finish basic accounting tasks faster withone-click access to check writing, time tracking, and payroll from the simplified Home Page Read moreProduct DescriptionQuickBooks Premier Nonprofit Edition 2007 provides standard accounting features, plus easy tools designedspecifically for nonprofit organizations to demonstrate financial accountability to their boards of directors.Generate any of nine nonprofit-specific reports from the Report Center to help track donors and contributions.
  2. 2. Manage your finances faster from the simplified Home Page. View larger.In addition to helping you stay on top of your financial activities, Nonprofit Edition 2007 lets you track donorsand contributions with customized reports. You can also create reports for your board of directors, plus stay ontop of your donor contributions. Track budgets by program, monitor finances by program, and organize yourexpenses to meet IRS requirements. By keeping you informed, Nonprofit Edition 2007 also helps you raise morefunds during fundraising campaigns by knowing who makes the largest contributionsStreamline donation processing and fundraisingTurn pledge forms into thank-you letters and donation statements with just a few clicks. See contactinformation, pledge status, and contribution histories at a glance. You can also create professional-lookingforms with advanced tools. Generate group mailings of customized thank-you letters, pledge forms, andreceipts from your QuickBooks donor lists in seconds.View all 9 nonprofit reports in the Reports Center, including the new Donor Contribution Summary Report. Viewlarger.See donor and vendor transaction histories at a glance. View larger.
  3. 3. Use a Chart of Accounts designed for nonprofits. View larger.Maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns by viewing a complete history of contributions for any donor orgrantor. Click a button from anywhere in QuickBooks to open the Customer Center. Click any name on the listto see contact information and a complete history of contributions, grants, or any other transactions--all in onewindow.Automatically track your organizations financesQuickBooks Nonprofit Edition organizes financial data for your board and the IRS, freeing you to concentrate onmanaging your organization. You can finish everyday tasks, such as tracking pledges and donations and payingbills and employees, quickly and easily.Nonprofit Edition automatically tracks the specific information your nonprofit organization needs as you enterdonations and expenses and fund your programs. Instead of the standard accounts used by for-profitbusinesses, Nonprofit Edition provides your organization with a more relevant set: the Unified Chart of Accounts(UCOA) developed by nonprofit financial specialists.Instantly build a working budget based on your recent spending history with just one click. Adjust the figuresindividually or across line items. Check your actual spending vs. budgeted amounts at any time while makingcorrections in time to meet your targets.Record bills as they arrive--QuickBooks will alert you when theyre due. Click a button to turn a bill entry into acheck. Print checks one at a time or in convenient batches. Meanwhile, QuickBooks Payroll makes it easy to runpayroll with a just few clicks and manage your payroll activities. You can manage payroll from withinQuickBooks so there are no duplicate entries and theres nothing new to learn.The customizable Home page gives you direct access to the features you use every day, plus a clear picture ofhow they all fit together. No searching through menus--youre never more than two clicks from your data.Works easily with Microsoft OfficeUse the right tool for the job: with QuickBooks you can easily and automatically transfer data to and from yourfavorite Microsoft Office applications without retyping. QuickBooks lets you transfer data to and from MicrosoftExcel, merge QuickBooks data with Microsoft Word templates, and keep your contact information in QuickBooksand Outlook up to date.Word, Excel, and Outlook integration require Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook 2000, 2002, or 2003 (all soldseparately). Synchronization with Outlook is also possible with QuickBooks Customer Manager (soldseparately).Start fast and get help when you need itGet tips, tutorials, and solutions specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. Premier Nonprofit Edition2007 makes getting started so quick and easy, you could be working in as little as half an hour. Just answer afew basic questions and receive a customized setup that you can change at any time. Nonprofit Editionincludes in-program help topics and tutorials specifically customized for nonprofit organizations. And, you canenjoy free support for 30 days from registration.Satisfaction GuaranteedQuickBooks is the financial-management software recommended by more accountants than any other, andIntuit guarantees your satisfaction. If youre not satisfied, return the business software to Intuit within 60 days
  4. 4. with dated receipt for a refund of the purchase price. Read more