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39 stylish weekender-for-him-and-her-en


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The clutch bag is out - mini evening bags are in. The trend for the evening bags in the fall / winter is a little bizarre.

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39 stylish weekender-for-him-and-her-en

  1. 1. Hownice Handbag Replica Online Shop Stylish Weekender for Him and Her This week in London - the next in Paris - the next in Rome on: short trips on weekends are perfect for exploring and discovering new Europe. No matter how big or small the budget is: a short trip or a longer trip and exciting cities are almost always there - either the low-cost airliner into the very exclusive trendy hostel or luxury hotel. What may be missing in any case will never be a stylish weekender, fit into the most important accessories for an exciting weekend of sightseeing, shopping and clubbing. We have been searching for the coolest weekender bags for women and men. Beautiful Travel: Elegant Weekender for Him For men, there is now a wide selection of elegant and casual, masculine bags: the weekender should ideally be classic and timeless, so the material lasts longer and the weekender is all about fashion trends without being embarrassed. Traditional materials are leather for durability and thus are very durable. Unobtrusive colors like black, brown, gray or beige are ideal. What courses should not be missing are: a street map, comfortable sneakers, straight-cut jeans, a couple of casual shirts and a hip leather jacket. So you can go everywhere by locals as a convenient - and always leaves a good impression. Ladies Weekender: from Romantic to Luxury Also for women, there is now a varied selection of stylish weekenders: especially something like bulky gym bags. There is now a romantic weekender with feminine floral prints. Elegant and classic weekender will be in black and brown leather. Luxurious designer weekenders will be in Prada and Louis Vuitton. What does not work are cheap, worn-bags, indicate in which even the first cracks in the plastic or fake designer weekender from the black market. There are beautiful weekenders who have been around for little money - a couple of trendy flats, an elegant dress for going out and a little shopping budget and should of course always be there. page 1 / 1Powered by TCPDF (