Megan Hobson Presentation On Cilt As Women Moving Forward Mentoring Program

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Megan Hobson highlights CILTA\'s \'Women Moving Forward Mentoring Program\' - A mentoring initiative to encourage gender equality in the workforce with a particular focus on the transport and …

Megan Hobson highlights CILTA\'s \'Women Moving Forward Mentoring Program\' - A mentoring initiative to encourage gender equality in the workforce with a particular focus on the transport and logistics industry

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  • 1. Women Moving Forward Mentoring Program
  • 2. IntroductionThe Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport wasestablished in the UK in 1919, and has been operationalin Australia since 1935.We ensure our members  Get involved in the industry  Keep informed about latest news and developments  Be recognised for their skills and experience and  Develop their abilities through CILTA programs
  • 3. Introduction continued…emberin is Australia’s leading gender diversity company,delivering gender inclusivity strategies for organisations,empowerment programs for women and gender leadershipprograms for men.“Gender equality in the workplace is not a women’s issue, it is a business imperative. As the economy gathers strength, I believe the post-recession recovery relies on organisationsprioritising their people, tapping into new talent and ensuring that everyone is engaged, productive and motivated.” Alison Platt, Chair of Opportunity Now (UK)
  • 4. Background What is DIVERSITY?What is GENDER BALANCE?
  • 5. Background continued…“my mentor: Challenging women to make it happen”
  • 6. Background continued… 2011 Government Reforms to the EqualOpportunity for Women in the Workplace Act. The Equal Opportunity for Women Agency (EOWA) states that employers are reaping the benefits of their equal opportunity for women in the workplace programs through increased employee effectiveness, attracting and retaining the best talent, improved morale and increased consumer and market responsiveness.
  • 7. Background continued…“The feminism of the future is shaping up to be about pulling men into women’s universe – as involved dads, equal partners at home and ambassadors for gender equality from the cabinet office to the boardroom.” By KATRIN BENNHOLD New York Times Published June 22, 2010
  • 8. Background continued… Diversity of Participants
  • 9. Content“my mentor” utilizes 12 cd’s, 3 dvd’s and aworkbook that the participants listen, watch andwrite in each week over a 12 week period.CILTA provides weekly newsletters, fortnightlyfacilitated teleconferences, networkingopportunities and a secure web portal.
  • 10. Content continued…Modules:1. Lead like a woman!2. Stop procrastinating – it’s time for action3. Personal branding – understand what you are selling4. Build a plan – your strategy for your life and career5. Taking calculated risks – shift your mindset6. Raising your visibility and selling yourself7. The power of networking8. Communicate to be heard9. Understanding male and female style differences10. Influence and negotiate win-win outcomes11. Striking the balance12. Go for the knockout and make it happen!
  • 11. Content continued…Facilitated fortnightly teleconferences with 2guest speakersTeleconference format – 1:00pm Welcome & Introduction – 1:05pm First Module – 1:25pm Second Module – 1:45pm Lines opened for Q&A Melinda Buker, Facilitator
  • 12. OutcomesIn 2010 Qantas and the Royal Australian Navyconducted successful pilots of the “my mentor”program.Telstra has been involved in this type of mentoringprogram for over 3 years.
  • 13. Outcomes continued…CILTA Participants’ Feedback “I feel with the emails and teleconferences this Program encourages me to take action as I feel like this is a support network; to know you are not alone and everyone has the same issues and it gives direction on how to get through the issue.” – Jenny, QLD (June 2011)
  • 14. Outcomes continued…Some of the Queensland participants from the Februarysession.
  • 15. Outcomes continued…Victorian participants joined by the CILTA Victoria Chairman,Hans Anneveldt.
  • 16. The Future World Economic Forum “The Global Gender Gap Report 2010”The Global Gender Gap Index was created with thespecific purpose of being comparable across time. The2010 Report aggregates five years of data and seeks toreveal country progress in a transparent manner. Bydoing this, the authors’ hope this Report will serve as acall to action to the international community to pool itsknowledge and resources and to leverage the currentunique window of opportunity so that faster progresscan be achieved.
  • 17. The FutureAustralian Government funding ceased on30 June 20112 Sessions each calendar year
  • 18. Program Partners