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Research log

  1. 1. Sion Fullana http://www.sio I like this photographer because her photographs are original, unique and unlike other story telling photos. The photo shows the stories of all three characters in the photo and the simularites in there day even though they clearly have different life’s. The photo is simplistic but the everyday outfits of the characters make the photo interesting. I would like to take influence from this photo in particular because of the way it is interesting without being set up. Carly Bevan http://www.carl I like this photo because it uses a natural background which goes with the theme of peter pan as well as the sign and the ribbon. The photo is interesting because it has just taken simple details from the fairytale and put them in the photo in order to tell the story in a simple photo. Curtis Irvine http://www.curt isirvinephotogr I like this photographer because he uses real life objects in his photos so therefore tells a real-life story. This photo shows a section of the Belfast peace wall and along with other photos of it tells the stories of all of the different views and opinions about it being there. Elena Kalis http://www.el enakalisphoto.c om/ I like this photographer because she does all of her photographs under water. As you can see in the photograph she has taken a commonly used fairytale and made it her own by using child models and placing them under water making the photo different to any other that I have seen. Susan Cohen http://www.pho tographybysusa This photographer uses natural models in there neutral backgrounds in order to create story telling photography. In this photo this couple is sitting on the doorstep of a home. This is a nice photo because the couple is centre in the photograph with the home surrounding them.
  2. 2. Marina Koslow http://www.mar inakoslowphot m/?p=5648 I really like this photographer because instead of using the typical studio enhanced background it uses a woods and natural lighting. The woods is also a typical place to photograph an Alice in wonderland type shoot. I love this photo in particular because although it is a close up the meaning of the story is clear and its a very attractive photo. http://www.te llingyourstor yphotographe This photographer uses normal everyday people in there natural bedrooms and homes in order to tell the story of there life. This photograph is just one of many of the different locations and people that they have photographed which makes this photographer interesting to me. Eric Myer I like this photo because this is a very natural photo and is not set up to make the photo seem a certain way. I also like how there is two generations in the photo and the bright colours make a very happy positive photograph. http://www.tren nds/literacy- foundation- cinderella-peter- pan I like this photo because it goes against the typical happy upbeat feel that fairytale usually give. I also like the photo because it was taken for a particular reason which was to make children read. I love that the photo uses text to get its point across and I will try and use this in my photographs. This photographer had many different fairytale photos in this style. Abelardo Morell http://www.a belardomorell .net/ I really like this photographer because instead of using actual models in his work he used sketches creating very unique photographs. I would like to use this photographer to influence my work as this is a very attractive photo. I also like that all of these photographers photos are in black and white which also differs from the usual fairytale photography. This lack of colour allows the audience to use there imagination to interpret the photo the way that they want to rather than how the photographer wants them to.