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Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C
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Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Bender C


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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  • 1. 1
    Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio
    Christina (Tina) Bender
    B.A. Psychology (Concentration in Substance Abuse Counseling), 2011
  • 2. Personal Statement
    My interest in psychology began when I took my first psychology class at the local community college in 1979. Although my career path went in a different direction, I never lost the initial interest in trying to determine why human beings do the things they do and make the choices they make. When I decided to go back to college two years ago, substance abuse counseling promised to be a perfect fit.
    I grew up in North Dakota, spent my young adult years in Las Vegas, and moved to Florida in 2000. I appreciated the people, wide open spaces and natural beauty of North Dakota. I enjoyed the fast pace, excitement and momentum of Las Vegas. I love the peace, tranquility and often rustic beauty of Florida. Occupationally, my experience is likewise varied from waitressing in high school, dealing blackjack, roulette and craps in my early adult years to working as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room.
  • 3. Personal Statement (Continued)
    The two underlying themes in my life and experiences have been a sincere appreciation for variety and a desire to help people to meet their needs. My next endeavor, substance abuse counseling, follows along this same life course.
    I will be completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a concentration in substance abuse counseling with a 4.0 GPA at Argosy University on June 29, 2011. While I was in the process of attaining my degree in February of 2010, I became involved in a volunteer position with the Intervention Project for Nurses as a co-facilitator of a support group for nurses recovering from substance abuse.
    My next goal is to obtain an internship at a substance abuse rehabilitation facility. Working as a nurse at that same facility could provide a smooth transition into my new position and a knowledge of multiple components of the treatment process for clients. I bring a lifelong passion for psychology and a joy for interaction with people that will positively impact the field.
  • 4. Resume
    Professional Profile
    Licensed Registered Nurse with comprehensive knowledge of nursing principles; Dependable and highly organized, with excellent attention to detail and follow-through; Personable, able to develop positive rapport and empathize with patient and family; Enjoy working as a team member or individually.Transitioning to substance abuse counseling field with Psychology, B. A. from Argosy University. Energetic, dedicated professional with strong interpersonal skills, extensive medical background. Proven ability to work effectively with people of various ages, cultural backgrounds, and socio-economic statuses. Long-time interest in psychology and emergency medicine. Well-developed assessment skills.
  • 5. Resume (Continued)
    Educational Background
    Argosy University Online Bachelor of Arts with a Concentration in Substance Abuse Counseling (GPA 4.0) June 2011Community College of Southern Nevada, Associates of Applied Sciences, Registered Nursing, May 1993Capital Commercial College, Medical Secretarial Diploma, May 1979
    Clinical Experience/Practicum
    Seven Rivers Regional Medical Center  6201 North Suncoast Blvd., Crystal River, FL 34428-6712 08/2000 - 10/2004 & 03/2005 - Present
    Hospital (Emergency Department)
    Registered Nurse
  • 6. Resume (Continued)
    In-House Home Health, Inc.  2225 East Flamingo Road, Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV 89119 01/1995-08/1995 & 01/14/1999-06/2000
    RN Case Manager
    Primm Valley Corporation  Whiskey Pete's Hotel & Casino, Primm, NV 09/24/1997-02/15/1999
    21/Roulette/Craps Dealer
    Additional Experience
    Advanced Cardiac Life Support   Presently Certified
    Trauma Nurse Core Curriculum   Currently Certified
  • 7. Resume (Continued)
    Licensure and Certificates
    Florida Registered Nurse 2000
    ­Nevada Registered Nurse 1993
    ­Nevada Licensed Practical Nurse 1991
    Community Involvement
    Intervention Project for Nurses
    Volunteer Position
    Co-facilitator Nurse Support Group since 02/2010
    Substance Abuse Monitoring Program Contracted Under Florida State Board of Nursing
  • 8. Reflection
    I enrolled at Argosy in September of 2009 with dreams of changing career fields to psychology, one of my dreams since age 19. My experience at Argosy Online has honed my time-management skills, increased my technological and research skills significantly, further enhanced my critical thinking skills and bolstered my sincere belief that one can accomplish any goal with a positive mindset and dedication.
    My information literacy has been likewise honed through extensive exposure to the multiple available resources. Although further experience with technological resources will be helpful, I am confident that I will be able to learn any system required after experiencing the ability to apply and understand the multiple resources used during my time at Argosy University.
  • 9. Reflection (Continued)
    The integration of my experience in the emergency room with the medical components of substance abuse and my recently acquired academic knowledge should provide a broad base upon which to build my skills in the substance abuse counseling arena.
    My weakness, at this time, is in the clinical experience arena of substance abuse counseling. I have been working in a volunteer position with the Intervention Project for Nurses (a substance abuse monitoring program contracted under the Florida State Board of Nursing) as a co-facilitator of a nurse support group since February of 2010 which has increased my awareness of the concerns of clients with substance abuse problems. I look forward to expanding that knowledge base in an intern position.
  • 10. Table of Contents
    Cognitive Abilities: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy
    Cognitive abilities (critical thinking and information literacy): Demonstrates problem solving, analysis, synthesis, appropriate use of information resources.
    To view this work sample, please visit the link below:
    Research Skills
    Research skills: Copies of a mock research project, a literature review and a PowerPoint.
    To view this work sample, please visit the link below:
  • 11. Table of Contents (Continued)
    Communication Skills: Oral and Written
    Communication skills (written and oral): A topic paper that demonstrates written communication skills.
    To view this work sample, please visit the link below:
    Ethics and Diversity Awareness
    Ethics & Diversity awareness: A paper that demonstrates understanding and/or analysis of ethical and diversity issues in psychology.
    To view this work sample, please visit the link below:
  • 12. Table of Contents (Continued)
    Foundations of Psychology
    Knowledge of foundations of the field: Paper which demonstrates understanding of basic concepts, theories, and empirical findings in one or more of the domains of psychology, including biological, cognitive, developmental, personality, and social.
    To view this work sample, please visit the link below:
    Applied Psychology
    Knowledge of applied psychology: Paper that demonstrates ability to apply psychology to personal, social, and/or organizational problems.
    To view this work sample, please visit the link below:
  • 13. Table of Contents
    Interpersonal Effectiveness
    Interpersonal Effectiveness: PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates ability to communicate effectively, appreciate diversity and cultural sensitivity and awareness of impact on others
    To view this work sample, please visit the link below:
  • 14. My Future in Learning
    I envision my future in learning exactly as my past has been. I have never stopped learning or seeking knowledge since age six. One of my original interests at age 19 was psychology. I have continued to read about, examine, and explore psychology since that time. Ultimately, I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and plan to continue with my education as the opportunity arises.
    In a fashion similar to my pursuit of nursing, I will continue to read current journals, research and studies in psychology. In nursing, any continuing education opportunities have been taken as they arose. I plan similar with my career in psychology. I attend the Intervention Project for Nurses’ annual convention for the most current updates in substance abuse treatment and will continue to do so.
  • 15. Contact Me
    Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio.
    For further information, please contact me at the e-mail address below.