Internal Comms 2 0   Understanding The Rss And Social Media Revolutions (Tin180 Com)
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Internal Comms 2 0 Understanding The Rss And Social Media Revolutions (Tin180 Com)





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  • “ Social Media” encompasses a number of Web 2.0 applications like blogs, wiki’s, rich profiles, commenting, voting. This content can be mixed or “mashed-up” in a variety of ways to provide relevant information. In order to be “Enterprise” ready you need to allow this in a way that does not create an unstoppable force that violates corporate policy, or creates regulatory issues, or even HR issues.
  • The two core ingredients include mixing participant data and content e.g. -Show me all the “Best Practices” that viewers have voted as the best ROI -Show me new profiles of people in the marketing department. -Who are the most active contributors? -What articles have been wrtitten by the marketing department
  • This is a screenshot showing an individual blog.
  • This is the Newsgator reader.
  • Frame discussion about what we are seeing.

Internal Comms 2 0   Understanding The Rss And Social Media Revolutions (Tin180 Com) Internal Comms 2 0 Understanding The Rss And Social Media Revolutions (Tin180 Com) Presentation Transcript

  • Internal Comms 2.0: Understanding the RSS and Social Media Revolutions May 23, 2007 Sponsored by Ragan Communications
  • Agenda
    • Housekeeping and Introductions
    • Jeff Treem, Edelman- Key Findings from 2006 New Frontiers in Employee Communications Study
    • William Hayes, Biogen- RSS Case Study: BioPharma Brand Awareness
    • Dave Carter, iUpload- Enterprise Social Media Best Practices and Case Studies
    • Panel Discussion
    • Q&A
  • Housekeeping
    • All lines will be muted during the event
      • We will have time for some audio questions following the panel discussion
    • Feel free to use the chat window during the event
      • We will try to answer questions within the chat window or during the panel discussion
    • Materials will be available later today
      • Slides, Edelman study, Ragan Social Media Toolkit and link to Webinar archive accessible via
      • Continue the discussion in a special forum (MyRagan/Forums/Special Events/NewsGator Q&A)
  • About NewsGator
    • RSS Offerings for Businesses and Individuals
      • More than 2 million users of our products
      • 100+ business customers
    • Server solutions
      • NewsGator Enterprise Server
      • SuiteTwo
    • SaaS offerings
      • Subscription Services: NewsGator Enterprise On-Demand, NewsGator Online (individual)
      • Syndication Services: Branded reader and Widget Framework
    • Client readers
      • NewsGator Online (Web), Inbox (Outlook), Go! (Mobile), FeedDemon (Windows), NetNewsWire (Mac)
  • Key Findings of the 2006 New Frontiers in Employee Communications Study Jeffrey Treem Senior Analyst Edelman Change and Employee Engagement
  • 2006 New Frontiers in Employee Communications
    • We sent invitations to 787 senior communicators at
    • Fortune 500 and industry-leading organizations:
      • 138 responded, resulting in 111 completed surveys; a participation rate of 18 percent and a response rate of 14 percent.
      • 75 Fortune 500 companies and several leading global organizations participated in the study.
  • Participants include…
  • Who is using new media?
    • As of September 2006:
    • Roughly one-third of leading organizations use blogs.
      • Of these, one-third are aimed exclusively at internal audiences.
    • Slightly more than one-third of leading organizations use podcasts.
    • Slightly more than ten percent of leading organizations use wiki technology.
  • Communications channel overview
    • What communications channel does your
    • organization use most frequently?*
    • E-mail
    • Intranet
    • In-person
    • What communications channel do you find
    • most effective?*
    • In-person
    • E-mail
    • Intranet
    • *Online tools (blogs, wikis, podcasts, message boards, Instant Messaging) scored last.
  • Different tools for different goals
    • According to communicators at industry-leading
    • organizations:
    • Blogs are useful for culture change and identifying employee issues.
    • Podcasts are useful for training.
    • Wikis are useful for knowledge management and collaboration.
    • Effective internal communications provides a mix of communications channels
  • Top ten obstacles to new media – debunking the myths
    • Inadequate resources (time and/or money)
    • Disconnected employees
    • Resistance to change
    • Desire to control communication/fear of unknown
    • Not convinced of benefits
    • Perceived lack of IT capabilities
    • Resistant culture
    • Senior management won’t allow it
    • Legal/governance/regulation issues
    • Would require too much training
  • Launching new media communications internally
    • ASK WHY?
    • Effective and sustainable new media initiatives are tied to business goals
      • Increased collaboration, fueling innovation, more effective training, viewing competitive landscape, uniting culture, etc.
  • Why RSS?
    • Creates an environment that allows for passive participation
      • Find ways to use to use both push and pull communications to reach employees with various interests and comfort levels.
    • Accommodate increases in scale
      • Your job changes from one of content creator to facilitator – provide employees with the access and context they need to understand strategy and do their jobs.
    • The strategic use of new media technology gives you more control, not less
  • Communicating in the new frontier
    • Expectations from employees have changed, and this trend will continue as new media technologies become more a part of our personal and professional lives.
    • Most corporate communicators need more education about new media and its potential use.
    • But it is not all about new media; it is about adopting communications channels that reflect and support business goals and organizational culture.
    • How you shape your internal communications strategy can be a key differentiator for your company.
  • For more information
    • Contact: Jeffrey Treem
    • Senior Analyst
    • Edelman Change
    • and Employee Engagement
    • 312-233-1340
    • [email_address]
  • Awareness Management in bioPharma William Hayes, PhD Biogen Idec
  • Biogen Idec
    • Large biotech company - 5500 staff
    • Global footprint - US bicoastal, Europe, South America, Australia, India, China
    May 2007 Biogen Idec Library and Literature Informatics
  • Timely/relevant information in an information deluge
    • Sources
      • News alerts
      • Literature search alerts
      • Table of Contents
      • Internal News
      • Collaborative Tools
        • Wiki feeds
        • Webforum feeds
        • Content Mgmt System feeds
    May 2007 Biogen Idec Library and Literature Informatics
  • Fine tuning of information
    • Everyone wants customized information
    • Nobody wants to pay for it
    • And when you provide it - do they use it?
    May 2007 Biogen Idec Library and Literature Informatics
  • RSS advantages for content provisioning
    • Push model instead of pull
    • Per news item management
    • Doesn’t get pushed below the ‘fold’ in one’s Inbox
    • Auto-segregated
    • Logging of usage - expensive alerts (curation or cost of access) can be better managed
    May 2007 Biogen Idec Library and Literature Informatics
  • Flexibility! May 2007 Biogen Idec Library and Literature Informatics NGES TOC NewsAlerts LitAlerts InternalNews Personal RSS feeds Group RSS Feeds Sources Mail client Inbox/RSS reader Web reader Web Portal RSS Feed Desktop RSS Reader Screensaver Results Email Alert
  • Use Case: Custom Newsletters
    • Aggregate news/alert sources into NGES
    • Clip interesting articles/items into clippings folder
      • As group effort or by one author
      • Tag with keywords to organize result
    • Use directly as RSS feed for dept or company
    • OR
    • Generate email newsletter from clipped articles
    May 2007 Biogen Idec Library and Literature Informatics
  • Enterprise Social Media Best Practices & Case Studies David Carter CTO, iUpload
  • Objectives
    • Define Enterprise Social Media
    • Discuss Case Study Clients (Northwestern Mutual and McDonalds )
      • Best Practices
      • Pitfalls
      • Their next steps
    • Explain iUpload’s Approach
  • Enterprise Social Media Organize Gather Distribute User Administration Workflow Security Integration Participation Metrics Comments Discussions Voting Rating Blogs Wikis Web Forms Email Mobile 3 rd Party Blogs RSS Feeds Websites Intranets Portals RSS/XML 3 rd Party Applications 3 rd Party Communities Blogs Wikis Forums iUpload Web 2.0 Engine
  • Primary Ingredients: Participant & Content Micro-Content Bookmarks Discussions Wiki Calendar Voting Participant Reputation Participation Profile Groups/ Friends Presence Photos Audio Video Clippings Voting
  • McDonalds – the Problem
    • How to “speak” to thousands of head office staff, owner operators, and partners
    • How to offer an “email alternative” for key groups to communicate
    • Draw the staff into a conversation
    • Capture incredible “field” and “regional” knowledge
    • Without creating more silos
  • Northwestern Mutual
    • How to communicate with 15,000 field reps
      • Make them part of the conversation
      • Draw content out of them
      • Supplement Email as a communication vehicle
    • Head Office Staff
      • Create a place for knowledge that involves the entire company
      • Capture knowledge capital from aging workforce
      • Assist staff in managing multiple streams of content
  • Friction / Engagement Scale Most Engaged Manage a Channel Manage a Blog Create a Wiki Topic Write a Guest Post Participate in a Wiki Post a threaded comment Leave a comment Vote / Rate Most Engaged Least Engaged
  • Summary - Best Practices
    • Be Frictionless
      • Support Corporate Identity/Login
      • Make it easy to participate
      • Provide varying levels of participation
      • Match the company culture, look and feel
    • Support Positive Behavior
      • Feature relevant content while not penalizing others
      • Promote active contributors
    • Remember Enterprise
      • Compliance
      • Security
      • Workflow
      • Permissioning
  • Thank You
    • Thanks for attending
    • Share this Webinar with your colleagues
      • Materials available at
    • Ask me about a personalized Webinar for you and your colleagues
    • Continue the discussion at
    • Contact me with any questions
      • [email_address]
      • 303-552-2046