E Pharma Monitor 2008 Social Media Listen, Everyone Is Talking About You (Tin180 Com)


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E Pharma Monitor 2008 Social Media Listen, Everyone Is Talking About You (Tin180 Com)

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA: L isten, E veryone is Talking About You i am looking for information on lymph nodes under arm pits i had a tumor in my lymph node last year had radiation and was told it went away 2 months later it started growing back 3 months later had a pet scan and my doctor said my blood work was good it is about 3 or 4 inches hard and it is turning purple i have to wait a month to see my doctor cause he's on vacation i think they are making me wait is cause i dont have health insurance and have to wait till a certain doctor gives his time for people who dont have insurance it keeps me up at night worrying and it hurts and sometimes it feels like it is getting pinched please if anyone has any information please let me know i called the hosipital i am going to and i get no where i even got hung up in one department I developed neuropathy in my hands and feet. I take neurotin 4x a day, 300 mg. The neuropathy has leveled off, but has not improved. Has anyone's neuropathy improved to the point that medication is not needed? Anne -- I stopped Taxol in Nov. 2005. I still have neuropathy and other symptoms which include severe fatigue. I initially took Neurotin but it was not effective. I take Lyrica 150 mg. bid. It has lessened the pain and numbness in my toes but not completely. I also have balance issues. Recently my falls have caused injuries (down stairs and backwards off of a ladder). I am doing PT. I am frustrated because I am unable to work due to the fatigue and I want to get on with my life. I know that this is not good news for you. I recently read that 18% of the women who had neuropathy more than two years out could expect it to continue. On the other hand 78% is a large group and you could be in that one. Good luck. Anne, I have had neuropathy for several years. I take Neurontin, 1,800 mgs a day for something else; but it didn't help the neuropathy. What did help the neuropathy was taking low doses of Cymbalta, which is technically an anti-depressant. However, I only take 20 or 30 mgs at night; and it completely stops the neuropathy. I tried to stop taking it once; but the neuropathy was back in about 2 days. So, I stay on it. I now take cymbalta for the peripheral neuropathy in the morning and then at 5 pm and 9 pm I take a 300 mgs of neurotin. In the interim, they cymbalta worked great, blocking the nerve pain. My doctor increased it to a second dose about 7 pm and eliminated the neurotin. Webinar: August 20 th , 2008
  2. 2. Blogs Wikis Forums Podcasts Video Sharing Social Networks Permission Based Marketing Pharma Consumer (Patient) HCP (Physician, Nurses)
  3. 4. Source: iCrossing – How America Searches Health and Wellness January 2008 34%
  4. 5. Online applications, platforms and media which drive interaction, collaboration and the sharing of content and personal perspectives
  5. 6. Professional One third of online physicians use blogs, professional networks, forums, and message boards to connect with other physicians. Patients & Consumers 20 million people use messageboards, communities, and blogs for health information today. “ Participate“
  6. 7. Learn. Acquire Skills. Research. Share. Educate.
  7. 8. Social media and multiple “value points”
  8. 9. This year we reached a possible tipping point, with trust in “a person like me” surpassing even academics and doctors in most countries ” “ Edelman 2006 Trust Barometer
  9. 10. In light of their empowering social dynamics and volunteer economics, we suspect that patient-led online groups may prove to be a considerably more promising and sustainable health-care resource than professionally moderated therapy groups. ” “ Dr. Dan Hoch, Board-certified epilepsy specialist, Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital
  10. 11. Regulatory, Legal, Payers, Associations… and so on.
  11. 12. Who? How? Why?
  12. 13. Less control More complicated More dangerous OLD NEW
  13. 14. Percentage of all physicians go online for professional purposes 60% 97% Online Physicians Reporting they Use or Are Interested in Using Online Physician Communities 60% US online consumers researching health-related topics online 33% US online consumers who have used at least one form of Social Computing for healthcare related purposes within the past 12 months
  14. 15. All marketing will become interactive. ” “ Forrester Report, US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2007 To 2012, October 10, 2007
  15. 16. To succeed in 2007, brand communications must not only be transparent, but offer some additional value before the audience will even tune in. ” “ Hayes Roth, Chief Marketing Officer Landor Associates
  16. 17. Clinical & Detached Emotionally Direct & Honest One Way Communication Two Way Dialogue Forums & Community Product & Disease Information Condition Tools & Resources
  17. 18. Clinical & Detached Emotionally Direct & Honest One Way Communication Two Way Dialogue Forums & Community Product & Disease Information Condition Tools & Resources Health Specialists Quality of Life Disease Focus
  18. 19. Extended caregiver and support networks
  19. 20. Where are your COLs and POLs? kwazykelli Feb 2008 April 2008 June 2008 25, 992 36, 163 46,755 19, 178 22, 167 24, 397 August 2008 26, 365 56,126
  20. 21. Relinking the conversion chains.
  21. 22. Listen. Observe. Engage.
  22. 23. Therapeutic Area Opportunity.
  23. 24. Infertility treatment (clinic) Monitoring and Content Strategy Optimization Patient Content Ranking and Ratings Extension of Core Brand Values Via Patient Exchange Cautious = Limited Value
  24. 25. I’m a… Creator Critic Collector Joiner Spectator
  25. 26. Cost Risk Level Depth of Feedback Policy Effort Social Media Activity Social Monitoring driving e-content strategy Targeted Social and Collaboration Pilot Integrated Social and Community Experience Conversion Impact
  26. 27. eStrategy Customer Personas Organizational Buy-in / Policy Measurement Plan    
  27. 28. Thank you. Open forum for questions.