Best Kept Secrets To Search Engine Optimization Success  The Art And The Science Presentation 1
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Best Kept Secrets To Search Engine Optimization Success The Art And The Science Presentation 1


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Best Kept Secrets To Search Engine Optimization Success  The Art And The Science Presentation 1 Best Kept Secrets To Search Engine Optimization Success The Art And The Science Presentation 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Best-Kept Secrets for Search Marketing Success Stephan Spencer, Founder & President, Netconcepts
  • Advanced SEO: Part Art, Part Science
    • Stay tuned for the tools and tactics that most search agencies won’t reveal…
    • These tools and tactics will be broken into three major categories
      • Technical Optimization
      • Content Optimization
      • Link Building
  • Technical Optimization View slide
  • Grouped Google Results
    • Science:
      • Finding the true position of an indented result by appending &num=9 to the URL of the Google SERP, then &num=8 etc.
    • Art:
      • Knocking out your competitor’s indented second listing
    View slide
  • This isn’t really #3
  • Nope, not yet
  • Gone! It’s true position was #9
  • SEO the title of #12 to bump it up to page 1 – it will be grouped to #2. Then link to #11 and bump it up to page 1 to knock #4 to page 2
  • Indexation
    • Science:
      • Essential tools: Yahoo Site Explorer, Netconcepts URL Checker, Netconcepts Product Page Checker (
      • Set Google preferences to “English Only” to get a more realistic number, minus pages not crawled
      • XML Sitemaps generators
    • Art:
      • Figuring out the main indexation threshold for your level of PageRank/authority
  • Results estimate decreased by 2/3rds
  • Flowing PageRank
    • Science:
      • Using rel=nofollow on low-value internal links
      • SEOChat PageRank Search tool
      • SEOChat PageRank Lookup tool
      • SEO for Firefox tool
    • Art:
      • Knowing which of your pages to nofollow
      • Iterative testing
  • 301 Redirects
    • Science:
      • When moving sites
      • For canonicalization
      • “ Conditional” redirects?
    • Art:
      • When to use 301 and when to use 404 or 302
  • Cloaking
    • Science:
      • Viewed cloaked content with Google Translate and translate it from English to English
    • Art:
      • Good cloaking vs bad cloaking
        • For bots only, drop tracking tags and other superfluous parameters from the URLs of your links
        • Use “user agent” detection and don’t “noarchive” the pages to obscure what you’re doing
  • Supplemental Index
    • Science:
      • Figuring out which pages are and are not in “Supplemental hell”
      • Popping pages out of supplemental with robots.txt disallow, rel=nofollow, internal linking, link building
  • Duplicate Content
    • Science:
      • Scanning for duplicate content
      • Blocking duplicate content without blackholing the PageRank (i.e. disallowing with rel=nofollow)
      • If using tracking parameters in URLs, use 301 redirects or JavaScript
    • Art:
      • Augment and/or revise duplicate content with APIs, unique titles/metadata,
  • CSS
    • Science:
      • Reordering content above navigation
      • Image replacement technique
      • Progressive enhancement for Flash & AJAX
    • Art:
      • Design worthy of CSS Zen Garden
  • Content Optimization
  • Keyword Research
    • Science:
      • Mastering tools such as KeywordDiscovery, Google Suggest, Spyfu,WordTracker, Google Trends, Googspy, SEOSleuth,
    • Art:
      • Working in misspellings without looking stupid
      • Thinking like a thesaurus - finding related words that machines can’t
  • Keyword Density/Prominence
    • Science:
    • Art:
      • Increasing keyword density and prominence in a way that looks natural to the engines and reads well
  • “ Thin Slicing”
    • Science:
      • Mass edit admin
      • Mechanical Turk
    • Art:
      • Separating the wheat from the chaff
  • Link Building
  • Reverse Engineer Competitors
    • Science:
      • Yahoo Site Explorer
      • link: on Google & on Google Blog Search
      • Backlink Analyzer or Neat-o tool
    • Art:
      • Negotiating links from the same sites
      • Outing competitors’ dodgy link schemes
  • High-Value Link Targets
    • Science:
      • Build spiders to find sites with super high PageRank, 1 click away from Google, .edu or .gov, high Alexa ranked
      • Avoiding situations that erode the value (e.g. reciprocal, in footer, site-wide, adjacent to paid links, too many links on page)
      • Use tools like SEOMoz Page Strength tool, SEO for Firefox, SEO-Links Firefox extension
    • Art:
      • Identifying sites with a propensity to give link love (e.g. acknowledging patrons/sponsors)
      • Crafting approaches & incentives
      • Buy them
  • Mining Your Own Links
    • Science:
      • Locating inbound links with poor anchor text with BLA or Neat-o
    • Art:
      • Negotiating with these linkers to change the anchor text. Pull some favors with friends who link to you. It helps to be a blogger when reaching out to other bloggers.
  • Wikipedia
    • Science:
      • Wikiscanner
      • Article monitoring (e.g. trackengine, changenotes, urlywarning, changedetect, watch function)
      • Building up a long & virtuous contribution history
      • Flowing pagerank internally with Disambiguation pages, Redirects, Categories
    • Art:
      • Negotiating with an article’s “owner”
      • Making friends who will back you up in AfDs
      • Earning Barnstar awards & adminship status
  • Digg
    • Science:
      • Stripping away all commercial links during the initial Digg swarm
      • Friending popular Diggers
      • Timing your presence on the Digg front page for daylight hours
    • Art:
      • Crafting a killer title
      • Getting a powerful Digger to submit your story
  • YouTube
    • Science:
      • Proper formatting
      • Tagging
      • Title and description
      • Channels
    • Art:
      • Entertainment value
      • Finding that viral hook
  • MySpace
    • Science:
      • Configuration of your profile and page (e.g. profile type)
      • Establishing critical mass with #s of Friends by targeting bands
    • Art:
      • Getting your brand in the URL
      • Creating a viral MySpace avatar, comment graphic, layout etc.
      • Having a profile layout that differentiates you without killing usability
  • Flickr
    • Science:
      • Tagging
      • Title and description
      • Albums / photosets
      • Creative Commons licensing
      • Commenting (note: links in comments no longer pass juice)
    • Art:
      • Photo quality
      • Viral hook
  • Blogs
    • Science:
      • Knowing which blogs pass PageRank to commenters (e.g. Mark Cuban’s)
      • Decoupling your blog’s title tags from the post titles (e.g. “SEO Title Tag” WordPress plugin)
      • Using “Sticky” posts to improve keyword prominence on your blog
    • Art:
      • Courting bloggers
      • Commenting in ways that add to the conversation so they get approved and stay
  • More SEO Tools
    • For link analysis and PageRank
      • TouchGraph
      • Live PageRank
      • WebmasterEyes
      • Google Webmaster Central
      • Thumbshots Ranking tool
      • SEOpen
  • More SEO Tools
    • Technical optimization
      • User Agent Switcher
      • SwitchProxy
      • Scrutinizer
      • Copyscape
      • Poodle Predictor
      • Xenu Link Sleuth
      • Robot Replay
      • CrazyEgg
      • What’s That Site Running
      • Wayback Machine
  • More SEO Tools
    • Other reporting
      • Alexa
      • DigitalPoint Keyword Rankings
      • Urltrends
      • Hitwise ($$)
    • List and links at
  • Q&A!
    • For an ebook on Google power searching, SEO checklists & worksheets, and audio recording, executive summary & transcript of an SEO thought leaders teleconference, email or give me your business card
    • Any questions come to you later, contact me: