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Joe show 2 b

Joe show 2 b



Team Pics part 2

Team Pics part 2



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    Joe show 2 b Joe show 2 b Presentation Transcript

    • Team Pictures Part 2
    • Katy Mello Metcalf We developed life-long friendships, learned invaluable life skills, and wereinstilled with such self-confidence. Yes, we are the ones that are blessed. :)
    • Everybody Ready
    • Page
    • Conway Construction Company
    • Susan RandolphI still have all of my LilHustlers uniforms packedup in my attic. Those werethe days. I rememberRondas dad Dave pickingus up for practice becausewe all to young to drive.Those were the best days.
    • Swing
    • Good Times
    • Najorka Insurance Agency
    • The Question was asked What did you learn from Joe or Just playing SoftballTrish Steed Waters Being a team player in sports allowsme an advantage in my career.Katy Mello Metcalf My best friend always says, "If youhad fun, you won." And I tell her, "Your team must nothave won much." Because youre right, Trish Steed Waters...Winning ROCKS!Tanya Hayford Keefer Teamwork and respect for yourteam mates!Linda Willis Gillotti Never give up. I always give what Iam doing my best shot regardless if I win or not andhave a positive attitude while doing it. Positive attitudemakes all the difference in the world.
    • Orlando Fashions
    • All Stars
    • B&B Trophies
    • There No One Can See Me
    • Now I Can’t See You
    • When She Releases it….Take Off
    • Hoeltke’s Jewelers
    • Melissa Ballard Locey The best softball parents in the world.Remember how ugly "the other" team parents could be when we traveled? Heather Foley Travis LMAO….Mom Could Move
    • Jane Craig CorserCount me there Katy! LOVE your Dad :)) Michelle Hoffner WolffI was just looking at some recent photos of your dad and he is gonna cry!
    • Katie DemmingDebbie Ligas Brooks
    • Armor Systems Inc. Summer 1985
    • Heather Foley Travis Many fond memories withJoe Mello ............. sure miss those days Trish Steed Waters Joe was AWESOME! Jody, your Dad ROCKED!! He helped me sooo much!
    • Apple Core Antiques
    • Jodi Smithwick I am getting old I think I am standing in the back row first one on left. Linda Willis GillottiDont feel bad. I did not remember I was on the Love Bugs until I saw myself in the photo. LOL
    • Friendly Concrete of Florida
    • Rose Rasey Bullock Buss If Karen finds this, I may not survive to attend the reunion!! PS...can we put it on the slide show????Katy Mello Metcalf Aundrea GaskellGood skin care is a MUST for a ball player! HAHAHAHAHA Tooo Funny!!!
    • All American Pool and Patio
    • All American Pool and Patio
    • Play Hard OrGo Home
    • Alma
    • I am not going to get upset
    • Friendly Concrete
    • RunToTheLine
    • Friendly Concrete
    • The Griner Clan
    • What is it going to be
    • ALMA
    • Where is my Glove
    • Borden
    • Karen Hoffman-Espanol"In the corn"... I remember that one! Lol Robin Bradford Those were some fun times and some awesome girls to grow up with. And Damn Good Softball Players!
    • ASA Champs
    • Hit Go ItAhead This Way
    • I Remember Those Things. Clackers (Right)
    • Did you hear We WonWe WonWe Won
    • Streakers ASA 1987
    • Jody Guthrie AndersonNot sure what the word is for this , I just remember him singing" Ladies dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys" at practice.
    • Touch of Class
    • Got toLove the Hair
    • Borden
    • Times When Lifelong Friendships Are Made
    • Trouble GettingSet for Pic
    • Summer of 1984!
    • The Question was asked What did you learn from Joe or Just playing SoftballMary Hubley Heath I feel so blessed to have had thechildhood I had, playing lots of ball! Most of mycoaches, but especially Joe, taught good sportsmanshipabove anything. I think it gave me confidence to try myhardest all the time and to dust myself off and try againwhen we lost. Priceless life lesson! Sorry I wont be able tomake it to Joes celebration. Please send my love to him andeveryone.Oh, and also, Coach Hubley says Hi! :-)Trish Steed Waters That stereotypes arent fact. That teamwork is fun. That winning rocks! That for each bad day therewill be a good day.
    • They Don’t Call UsThe Wildcats For Nothing
    • Jane Craig Corser That was the magic tonic! Cindy LukeThat was great stuff we called it miracle water. (spirits of ammonia mixed with ice water). "Spirit Water"
    • Carrie Losapio Allard Streakers, Love Bugs, Sting Rays! Debbie Ligas, Patty Rollman, JodyGuthrie, Me, Katy Mello, Debbie Loveless, Diane Willis, Melissa Ligas, Shelley Vonarx! Who am I forgetting???
    • ALMA
    • Mitch McLain
    • Best T hing about Weekends “Tour naments”
    • Best T hing about Weekends “Tour naments”
    • All AmericanPool and Patio
    • Bob and Mary Slaughter
    • Heather Foley Travis Okay so I was showing the kidsthe pictures of all of us playing ball back then.My youngest says “hey mom when were these pictures taken the 50s or something.........”. WOW I know I am old but just WOW
    • Mister Willis
    • Check Out Those Moves
    • Sambo’s
    • Conway Field One of theCasualties of playing the game
    • The Question was asked What did you learn from Joe or Just playing SoftballLinda Willis Gillotti Never give up. I always give what I am doingmy best shot regardless if I win or not and have a positiveattitude while doing it. Positive attitude makes all the differencein the world.Michelle Ballard Lewis I would say, never give up too. I had towork hard to be good enough for one of his teams, but once I gotthere, he worked my butt hard to keep me good enough andmake me better.Cindy Slaughter teamwork & good friends.........Jane Craig CorserIts one of the reasons I am soo very proud and happy in my lifetoday, especially Richard & Bobbie Joe, they never turned anyoneaway. Softball, by far, shaped me to the woman I am today andIm very proud of my success!
    • We Got This
    • Willis Publications
    • Motley Crew “85”
    • Old Times