Blogging the beginners guide to blogging for profit


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Blogging: The Beginners Guide to Blogging For Profit

All you need to know to get you started earning like a professional blogger.

The top bloggers in the industry can and do regularly make thousands of dollars each and every month from their blogs. This report gives you all you need to know to get started blogging like those professionals. is a fun based educational website teaching how to make money online.

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Blogging the beginners guide to blogging for profit

  1. 1. Blogging: The Beginners Guide To Blogging For Profit
  2. 2. All you need to know toget you started earning like a professional blogger.
  3. 3. Contents1. Affiliate marketing – Why you should have an affiliate marketing blog.2. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?3. Building a lasting Relationship between the Guest Blogger and the Blog Owner.4. Need to make a list building free report? Here is why I love blogs.5. Top 5 Types Of Articles That Can Go Viral.6. 5 Top Tips For Creating Content7. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.8. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs9. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.
  4. 4. Affiliate Marketing: Why you should have an affiliate marketing blog.Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest and best ways to make moneyonline, in a nut shell, you get paid to sell other peoples products withouthaving to buy, hold or post any products yourself. This method has made a lotof money for a lot of people.There are many ways to promote an affiliate product online but one of thebest is by having an affiliate marketing blog. Simply building a content basedblog that has affiliate offers on it is a great way to make money as you are notactually selling.By adding plenty of regular useful content that is free for the visitor to read isgreat as it builds up your online presence and builds up a trustworthiness andconfidence in you with your visitors. The content is free without any form ofcommitment which visitors will love and keep coming back for more, as longas you add new great content regularly. New content is great for searchengine rankings too. They love fresh and regular content.
  5. 5. Affiliate Marketing: Why you should have an affiliate marketing blog.When reading your posts and reviews the reader will see your affiliateadverts showing down the sides of the blog and embedded into your contentas links.They will be seen by the reader as something there for them to ‘choose’ tobuy if they so wish. Without any high pressure selling from you.Because you are not actually selling but merely recommending certainproducts that you have handpicked, the visitor that now trusts you will bemore happier to go that ‘step further’ and visit the product through your link.Resulting in a higher chance of them buying and you making an affiliatecommission.By having a blog you are distancing yourself from the other affiliate marketerswho are promoting the same products and at the same time developing anauthority within your chosen niche. Visitors love an authority figure! Theybuy recommended items from authority figures. When Oprah Winfreyrecommended a book on her show, sales of that book would increaseimmensely.
  6. 6. Affiliate Marketing: Why you should have an affiliate marketing blog.A blog also has the feel of a forum or discussion board where people can askquestions or leave comments on your posts, if you leave the commentssection open. Giving you the opportunity to answer them with advice orreassurances. People love interaction and reassurances. It’s great forbusiness.The great thing about a blog is that you can change the products as and whenneeded. If you have a steady stream of regular readers, you are getting newproducts out in front of loyal followers. Something other affiliate marketerscannot do when they are using other marketing methods.Please remember, blogging is one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest waysto start an online affiliate marketing business. And it starts your business inthe right way, giving great regular content, building up a following of loyalfans, getting love from people like Google and creating you an onlinepresence as an authority. These can only add up to one thing, a greatbusiness for you.
  7. 7. Affiliate Marketing: Why you should have an affiliate marketing blog.The great thing about a blog is that you can change the products as and whenneeded. If you have a steady stream of regular readers, you are getting newproducts out in front of loyal followers. Something other affiliate marketerscannot do when they are using other marketing methods.Please remember, blogging is one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest waysto start an online affiliate marketing business. And it starts your business inthe right way, giving great regular content, building up a following of loyalfans, getting love from people like Google and creating you an onlinepresence as an authority. These can only add up to one thing, a greatbusiness for you.
  8. 8. Is blogging the newway for stay at home mothers to make agreat monthly passive income? And Dads?
  9. 9. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?What is a blog? Well in short it is nothing more than an online diary. Forexample…If you weren’t already aware, the highly popular UK TV show ‘The SecretDiary of a Call Girl’ was based on the online diary of a real life anonymous callgirl, who was ,ahemm, well you know… earning money doing ‘things’ to fundherself while she studied. They became so popular her online tales became abook then later a popular TV show.Blogging can be very lucrative. There is one blog I visit regularly where theowner generates an average $20000 + each month from his blogs.Recently a new trend has been sweeping through cyber space and that is thephenomenon called mommy blogs. Stay at home mothers have been takingto the internet and started to ‘blog’ about day to day parenting issues andtopics which has gained popularity with readers.
  10. 10. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?These blogs have grown and keep growing to a size where they have beennoticed by big companies who have started to pay good money for theseblogs to advertise their products and send them plenty of freebies to bereviewed by the blogger.Many of the mommy bloggers now earn thousands of pounds each and everymonth in advertising revenue and affiliate commissions.So what do you blog about and how? Here is our 7 step plan to achieving success as a mommy blogger.
  11. 11. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?1) Get Focused: find a topic.A mommy blog no longer has to be mom related (being from the UK the wordmom seems so odd! Lol). You must find something that you enjoy writingabout, it is hard to write for any length of time on a subject that does notinterest you. To have a successful blog you will need to write about yourchosen topic over and over again in several different ways.Jessica Benton, a US based mommy blogger started her blog on saving moneyat home which she later changed to a tech blog focusing on all thingsgadgetry.
  12. 12. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?2) Get a name & get a plan.If blogging is new to you then you need a plan, especially when it comes tothe name of your blog, once your blog takes off you are stuck with it, so thinkahead, what do you want to blog about and what do you want to call yoursite?Several of the top mommy blog authors admitted that they never planned tohave a professional blog and were lucky that the names they chose workedout nicely when their blogs grew. Their advice; Think seriously about yourblogs name.
  13. 13. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?3) Practice.Start blogging at a free blog site like or Spend3 – 6 months writing about your chosen topic and spending time on your blogto see if you can do it and more importantly enjoy it.If you don’t make it through those first six months then you will not make it.At least this way it never cost you a penny. If you do enjoy it and think you canmake it work then it is time for the next step. Get a domain name.
  14. 14. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?4) Register your brand.Once you have decided that you can make blogging work for you, you need toinvest in getting a domain name. At the same time it is advised to get aFacebook page and Twitter account set up with the same name.Making all 3 the same helps in getting noticed and creating that all importantbrand feel.When registering your domain, having the word ‘mom’ in it can help you getnoticed by companies looking for blogs to partner up with. For example onesuccessful mommy blog is
  15. 15. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?5) Start writing.The professional mommy bloggers are writing 1 to 10 posts a day. They arewriting good quality content that other people are interested in reading. It isadvised to write from the heart and write in an easy and friendly manner, asif you were talking to a friend of a friend. Not too technical or complicatedbut not to ‘matesy’ with slang and terminology only your best friends wouldunderstand.Writing regular good quality articles will help with your search enginerankings bringing in plenty of organic traffic. (People who found you withoutyou running costly advertising campaigns or social media promotions)
  16. 16. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?6) Review your own life.Mommy bloggers started to review the things that they enjoyed or thingsthey used at home. This could be from food to TV shows they watched.Before long companies would see that they were getting rave reviews fortheir products and an endorsement from happy users is one of the best formsof advertising you can have. These companies would send the mommybloggers free stuff to enjoy and review. A win-win situation for both partiesinvolved.To attract brand name companies into your blogging business, it is importantto have product and item reviews visible on your blog and very importantlyto be honest. Show bad points if there are any and not just the good. Don’twrite over the top praise that looks false otherwise they will think that youare not genuine and just after their business. It won’t work.
  17. 17. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?7) Connect with other blogs.This is not to be confused with blatant self-promoting but genuine connectingwith other blogs and sites. Again, being genuine is the name of thegame, why? Because it works best and creates lasting relationships withtrusting customers in the long run. Blogging is a long game and not a get richquick system.You need to find websites or blogs that are in the same topic as you and leaveproper comments regarding their posts. Do not post comments such as‘Come and check out my blog’ they annoy site owners and readers and theywill be deleted.
  18. 18. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?7) Connect with other blogs. (Continued)Creating genuine relationships with other blogs will have them regularlycoming to your blog to read what you have written and share your articlesand reviews with their readership. You will have traffic coming to your blogfrom these other blogs.Remember to include a fully working link or website address with yourcomment.
  19. 19. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?Like all walks of life, there are un written rules and the big un written rule inthe mommy blogging world is; do not ask other sites or blogs for favours.For instance, if you see a review of a product on a site you like, you thencontact the site asking for the contact details to the person who sent themthe product, so you too can do a review.They will not give you the contact details, why would they and why shouldthey? However, what do friends do?They share things even contact details so it makes perfect sense to becomefriends with other sites first.
  20. 20. Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to make a great monthly passive income?Final word on mommy blogging; it may be called mommy blogging but it isn’tjust for the women of our world. Daddy blogging is also becoming big; in factwith so many lifestyles and niches out there blogging is big business.Household gadgets and products might not interest you but travelling does.Could you write about that? You might not have children and instead spendyour day doing winter sports.Would that be something you can write about? Do you have knowledge on asubject that you can help people with, like Autism for an example?Whatever you like and enjoy, there is a huge potential of blogging topics outthere. So, is blogging for you?
  21. 21. Building a lastingRelationship betweenthe Guest Blogger and the Blog Owner.
  22. 22. Building a lasting Relationship between the Guest Blogger and the Blog Owner.Guest blogging is all the rage at the moment with blogging ‘Gurus’ telling youall about the great traffic benefits of guest blogging on other peoples sites.And you would be right to listen; they do bring in good traffic if you post toreally great blogs. The writer gets exposure and many important backlinks aswell as a new audience who are likely to visit your site to read more!But there is one important thing guest bloggers fail to do, and that is tocreate a great long lasting relationship with the owners of the blogs they haveposted to. To many newbie bloggers guest posting is where they write asmany posts for as many blogs as they can and do the cyber equivalent to a‘drive by shooting’.Posts and articles are pinging off to every corner of the blogosphere.
  23. 23. Building a lasting Relationship between the Guest Blogger and the Blog Owner.This is great for traffic if the blogs have a high readership and that your postsare of great quality. But then what? Do you do it just the once? Of course not.It would be good if you can write great guest posts regularly for severaldifferent sites.But for that to happen you need to establish a relationship with the site. Siteowners/editors may not grant you another guest posting slot if you just roadoff into the sunset, holding several of their readers under your arms withoutsaying a word.Networking is a must, keeping in touch with the editors or site ownersregularly or even doing post swaps would be a fantastic way to build that allimportant relationship. Even commenting on their posts with helpful tipscould go in favour for you doing another guest posting.
  24. 24. Building a lasting Relationship between the Guest Blogger and the Blog Owner.Having a network of great blogs that you can contribute to regularly is a farbetter way to get traffic to your own blog. Imagine writing to loads of blogsthen doing nothing again, you will get some visitors from your posts but thenyour name and post will disappear into the archives.However if there were a few sites that you constantly wrote for, your namewill become recognizable, and if readers of your past posts like what youwrote, they are more likely to read your new post and re visit your site. Thesame is advised if you have a Facebook Fan Page. Interacting regularly withother pages creates a friendship that will help you to ‘go places.’As for the blogs, yours and theirs, the benefit of having a network of greatwriters is that you will find people who can add content to your site withoutyou having to do so much of the work. That is, as long as the articles andposts are in keeping with the style and feel of your site.
  25. 25. Building a lasting Relationship between the Guest Blogger and the Blog Owner.So many opportunities can arise from having a network of writers, editorsand site owners. You may get recommended by one of your new friends towrite for other blogs that they have a relationship with giving you even moreexposure. A recommendation is great for business, it is great for yourreputation and that alone can open doors.Keeping in contact these days is not hard to do so do not use the excuse ‘I amtoo busy’ or even ‘it’s not worth it’ Believe me, it is worth it. Most bloggersthese days use Social Media to increase traffic and build relationships withtheir readers and customers.You can also keep in contact with your new blogging buddies by postingcomments, questions or answers to their Facebook or Twitter Pages. Bloggersuse these platforms to let their readers know when they have posted newcontent, replying with comments or information gets your name out in frontof new people which again is good for traffic and being seen.
  26. 26. Building a lasting Relationship between the Guest Blogger and the Blog Owner.After all, why do you have a blog if you do not want people to know it’sthere? And they will not know it’s there if they are not shown.Writing your posts are important but getting them, your name and your blogname out in front of as many people as you can is the name of the game.To help win the game, I recommend you start networking, besides it’s a lotcheaper and effective than Google Adwords.
  27. 27. Need to make a listbuilding free report? Here is why I love blogs.
  28. 28. Need to make a list building free report? Here is why I love blogs.The most important thing all online businesses need to do is build an emaillist of regular customers and potential future customers that they canpromote to. To build up a large list of hungry buyers the website/businessowner usually gives something away for free. This can be a report, an eBookor a set of free video tutorials amongst other things.The idea is to give great content that your blogs visitor (your potential client)wants or needs, or at least wants to read. This means that you either pay tohave something created or create it yourself. At first this can be daunting. Ifyou have not written a report or eBook before it can be hard to make a start.Even a short 12 page report needs 12 pages of content.When starting you can feel like you are stood at the base of a mountain thatyou intend to climb and it can be scary, in fact it can make many give upbefore they start. It is easier to not bother than it is to get writing.
  29. 29. Need to make a list building free report? Here is why I love blogs.So what can you do? Well, this is one of the many reasons I love blogs. It is acontent generator. To add new content to a website/blog you only need towrite one post at a time and they can often be as little as 500 words.Writing a 500 word post isn’t as frightening as writing a 12 page report or a90 page eBook. Doing just a short 2 minute training video is easier than amaking a series of tutorials. I think you know where I am going with this.Here is the thing I want you to think about, having a blog is great for 3reasons.1) When you are starting to build a blog, adding new content is great for yoursearch engine rankings. As the saying goes, ‘if you build it, they will come…’Adding new fresh content will keep bringing back people who have found andliked your site. Someone who has enjoyed reading your posts will keepchecking every now and again for new posts, if you keep adding they willkeep coming. You are actively building a growing site for your business.
  30. 30. Need to make a list building free report? Here is why I love blogs.2) After a month of regularly posting content, you will have without realizingit, written or filmed enough content to make a report/eBook or video seriesto give away as a freebie to start building a list!At the very least you will have several documents of content ready to edit,and believe me, it is soooo much easier to edit content already written up ina Word document than it is trying to edit stuff that is only in your head! Notonly have you started to build up your site but you have started to make yourfree list building report. And that is important to your business.3) When you start to build up an email list you have to engage with them andbuild a relationship with them, again this will need content. As you are now inthe habit of writing posts, you have things that you can refer to when writingyour ‘follow up’ emails.You can elaborate in more detail about a past topic, or you can simply sendan email telling your list about a new post you have just added to the blog.
  31. 31. Need to make a list building free report? Here is why I love blogs.So what I am really trying to say here is, you should be taking small daily steps(we Minions are small and have no choice but to do small steps!).Trust me those small regular easy to do tasks that come with having a blogwill build up into something you can use in a bigger and better way. Contentis king, so get creating.
  32. 32. Top 5 Types Of Articles That Can Go Viral.
  33. 33. Top 5 Types Of Articles That Can Go Viral.Writing good content for your website blog is a must. Not only does it pleaseGoogle and help with your ranking in the search results but it keeps thereader on your site and with luck, the reader will suggest it to their friends.If the article is on an article directory like then the readermay be one of many looking for content to put on their own site.The more sites your article goes on the better. Article directories insist intheir Terms & Conditions that the authors name and link must stay visiblewhen the article is placed onto other sites.Which is good for you, not only does it give you Google friendly backlinks butit can be seen by many more eyes. To get people wanting to share and useyour articles they need to be captivating, here are 5 of the best types ofarticles that can go viral.
  34. 34. Top 5 Types Of Articles That Can Go Viral.1) List PostsList posts are great posts to write, they are easy to compile and have a higherchance of going viral. When you are reading through the top blogs take aconscious look at how many posts are list posts. You will see that a greatmany of them are. For example…The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers (Copyblogger) was retweeted 1200times, received 200 comments and was shared 446 on Facebook.
  35. 35. Top 5 Types Of Articles That Can Go Viral.2) How To PostsHow to posts have a great chance of going viral as they are very informal andpeople love to have their problems sorted.Many people searching for information will also start their searches with‘how to…’ so a post starting with ‘how to…’ has a greater chance of appearingin the search results, resulting in you getting great organic search traffic.Again a post from copyblogger ‘How to use Twitter to Grow Your Business’was retweeted over 680 times, received 434 comments and was shared onFacebook over 375 times.
  36. 36. Top 5 Types Of Articles That Can Go Viral.3) Case StudiesAnother type of post that goes viral is the case study, they are practical andinformative which is what readers love. They love to see people’s ideas inaction and take great interest in seeing you get the results they think you do.A blog post from legendary Pat Flynn on his blog SmartPassiveIncome ‘TheBacklinking Strategy that Works’ received over 1,452 comments.A good case study is loved by readers, they love to see the truth, they love tosee the process and the results.
  37. 37. Top 5 Types Of Articles That Can Go Viral.4) Controversial PostsThis one can go wrong if done wrong, and can be dangerous to your businessif you just try to be controversial however if you genuinely disagree withsome current news or trending topic you may find that your post will go viral.When writing your controversial post, it is imperative that you write it to getgood quality traffic and not bad traffic that in truth has no interest in your siteor products.When trying to write a controversial post, it’s important to make sure youdon’t write a post that can bring about negative traffic, but rather use yourcontroversial post to try to get quality traffic.To see a great example of a viral controversial post read ‘Twitter Lists – I’mNot Down’ by Chris Brogan. This received over 160 comments and wasretweeted 326 times at time of me writing this.
  38. 38. Top 5 Types Of Articles That Can Go Viral.5) Top PostsWriting top posts is a great source of traffic, a top post is where you rank thetop 10, 20 or whatever you choose in a certain niche for example a dancemusic site might have the ‘Top 10 Trance Tunes of 2011’ people love to readabout the top people and things in all walks of life. How popular is the yearlyrich list?A great example of a top post is 50 Most Influential People in Blogging 2010from IncomeDiary with over 373 Facebook shares, 90 comments and over240 retweets. ConclusionNot every post will go viral but if you have planned your articleproperly, implemented certain strategies and made it as interesting aspossibleWhen trying to write blog posts that go viral, you should also know that luckdoes play a role. But, if you implement the right strategies you will give yourblog posts a much better chance of going viral and finding success.
  39. 39. 5 Top Tips For Creating Content
  40. 40. 5 Top Tips For Creating ContentHow many times have you met someone who wants to be an internetmarketer or in their words ‘make loads of money online’ but never actuallystart? In my job I have met many, and many of them have paid huge amountsof top dollars to learn from the experts but still do nothing.I believe that these people are not particularly lazy but have jumped so farahead that they have overlooked the most important aspect of any onlinebusiness and that is creating content. So much so that they fail to evenunderstand how to do it or where to start.They know you can make a lot of money online selling information productsetc., they know about outsourcing but after paying out large sums of moneyfor that information they usually have nothing left to get started with. We allknow that you need content, So what can you do to get started when youhave no money to invest?I am going to give you my top 5 tips for creating content that you can sell oruse to create traffic for your site if you are an internet marketing newbie.
  41. 41. 5 Top Tips For Creating Content1. Writing a blog.This one is really the top tip for me and one that is not often mentioned bymany people. A blog is a great content creator. Why? Because it needs tohave great content on it regularly for your readers to enjoy otherwise theywill stop coming to your site.Writing a blog post for instance every couple of days is great because it notonly gets you and your mind trained in the art of writing but, this is the bit Ilove, after several weeks of writing you have a ton of re-usable and editablecontent that can be used to create free reports, slide shows or even scriptsfor Podcasts or videos.It is far easier to work with and edit something written than anything that isjust a thought in your head. Posts can be as little as 500 words; they do notneed to be long. Over time several posts will add up to a sizeable chunk ofworkable content. Do yourself a favour, get a blog, and get writing now.
  42. 42. 5 Top Tips For Creating Content2. Creating Slides.People love slides and in truth they really are not that hard to make. Mostcomputers these days usually come with a slide creating program likePowerPoint but if not there are free programs available. If you have a Googleaccount you will find a great program in Google docs.Remember Tip no 1? Well to create a quick and easy slide presentation go toyour pre written blog posts and find one that you want to reuse then simplycopy and paste it in chunks into a series of slides.Changing fonts and colours can add an extra dimension, if you want to addbits or take out parts to make it a bit more unique then you can butessentially your work was kept to a minimum and you now have aprofessional slide show ready to send to the four corners of the web bringingyou traffic back to your website.
  43. 43. 5 Top Tips For Creating Content2. Creating Slides. (Continued)If you want to make your slide presentation that bit more professional thenyou can spend time making a great background for your slides or you can buysome fantastic professional looking slides from places such for just a few dollars.
  44. 44. 5 Top Tips For Creating Content3. VideosThis one scares people a lot. But again just like making slide presentations itcan be simple enough. When starting out you may not be able to affordscreen capture software like Camtasia but that is ok, there are several greatfree versions available to use. Jing and Screenr are two free software that willdo the job nicely. They only allow you to record 5 minutes but that is morethan enough to start with.Screenr is part of the Twitter family and any videos that you make can beTweeted to your followers as soon as you have finished recording giving youinstant exposure. Now you can record a screen tutorial live but if you are notyet that advanced and not quite sure what to record then I have an idea,remember that Slide presentation you have just made? Yes exactly, now youare thinking like me.
  45. 45. 5 Top Tips For Creating Content3. Videos. (Continued)Record the slide presentation that you made in tip 2 and this time you read itor parts of it as you go along. Stopping to elaborate more on parts of it willgive the video more of a unique feel. The video is then ready to be uploadedto video sharing sites like YouTube or embedded directly onto your blog.You will need a good microphone or head set, I use a Logitech headset thatcan be found on Amazon, it is cheap and does the job perfectly.
  46. 46. 5 Top Tips For Creating Content4. PodcastsThere are two ways to create a great podcast, the quick and easy way forinstant exposure is to take the URL of your recently made video, paste it intothe bar on and hit ‘Go’.This site will instantly rip the audio from your video and give you adownloadable mp3 ready to upload to Podcast site like Podbean or iTunes.I prefer the more professional approach myself which, before you panic, doesnot need to cost the earth either.You now have a good headset: all you require is some free recording softwarelike Audacity (Available to download form the internet) and possibly a pieceof royalty free music as an intro to your podcast. (This bit is optional)
  47. 47. 5 Top Tips For Creating Content4. Podcasts. (Continued)Take one or more of your pre written blog posts and read it into themicrophone and record yourself as you read.Tip here is not to just read but talk as if you were on the radio, so you want tomake it sound more like a discussion but using your posts and the pointswithin it as the backbone of your podcast.Once done, upload the recording to your blog, iTunes and other podcast sitesfor traffic and exposure.
  48. 48. 5 Top Tips For Creating Content5. Free Reports and EbooksI think now you are getting the idea here and I am sure you have figured outwhere I am going with this one. After several weeks or months of bloggingyou will have a nice collection of posts that you can reuse or edit into thoseall-important give away reports and eBooks that will help build your emaillist.Again you can edit these posts so they do not look just like a collection ofposts but a proper report.You will have several posts covering the same topic and from different angleswhich will group together nicely. The important thing here is to rememberthat once written it is far easier to edit than if it was just an idea floatingaround your head.
  49. 49. 5 Top Tips For Creating Content5. Free Reports and EBooks. (Continued)For a giveaway report I do suggest spending some time editing and adding tothe posts for your reports. Adding a few extra images to the report will makeit look better and longer which in the eyes of the person who exchanged theiremail for it is good. Of course it has to be full of great useable content.The other method is to group similar posts into a report or eBook and convertit into a PDF document to share on sites like Scribd and forthe sole reason of traffic generation. People will read your books and if theylike what they read they will share them on creating a possible viral effect.They do not need to be overly edited; you can simply copy and paste them alltogether to make a longer report.Remember, when you wrote your blog posts you wrote them to be as highquality as possible so in reality you are giving lots of high quality posts awaytogether. Readers will not be disappointed.
  50. 50. 5 Top Tips For Creating ContentSo there you have it, 5 great ways to start creating content that can help yourbusiness grow and give you more exposure.I have seen information products sell for a lot of money which were nothingmore than a re-edited and re hashed compilation of reused stuff. If they cando it, so can you.Maybe it is time to start that blog and create your very own content library.What do you think?Blogging can be done anywhere in the world but usually you will spend mostof your blogging time at home. So I have included here some important workfrom home tips.
  51. 51. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.
  52. 52. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.For many of us, the idea of working from home is really appealing, manyoffice workers wish they worked at home, away from work colleagues they donot like, out of the stress and strains of deadlines or office politics, no longerunder the eye of a supervisor or boss. The idea that they can be home incomfort, near the ‘kettle’ and having access to TV and music is very appealingbut in reality, working from home can be hard.So what is working from home really like and what should you do to makeworking from home a success?Technology has fallen in price dramatically and the range of things that wecan do from home is now so huge that many budding entrepreneurs havetaken the plunge to work from home, many of them using the internet tomake their money. The technology at hand and the vast openness of theworld wide web does make it easy for us to do things not possible ten yearsago, and reach far more people ever imagine but the story always stays thesame.
  53. 53. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.At the start of any new business, whether it is at home or not, online or off,the hours will be long, the work will be hard. You have to build up thebusiness, the customers, the brand and the reputation. This doesn’t happenwithout some degree of hard work, commitment or a plan.If you work from home while your partner or family are there it is very easy tobe distracted, often playing with the kids or getting into conversations thatjust sap you of important time. You will need to be disciplined and set a timeto work, what time you start and what time you finish.Now no one is saying that you cannot be flexible now and again but if there isno time management in place, your time will soon be eaten up.
  54. 54. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.It is very important that your family and partner (if you have one) aresupportive and respect that you need time to get on. If you were at an officeyou wouldn’t be there to ‘help move boxes’ or ‘pop to the shops’ yetstrangely for many, when they work from home, the fact that they are ‘at’home results in their partners forgetting that they are supposed to beworking.Here are our 5 important work from home tips.
  55. 55. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.1. You must have a separate room for work.It sounds obvious but many do actually start their new business venture fromthe kitchen table and do not realise the benefits of having a dedicatedseparate works space. One with a door is even better where you can shut allthe chaos and home life behind you.Another great advantage of having a separate office space is that when youwalk to it and into the room your mind is moved from home mode to workmode. It can create a separation of mind not found when working on thekitchen table with washing machines whirring away or pots on the stove.Once inside your home office your family need to be aware that you are notto be disturbed.A converted garage, spare bedroom, attic or even well insulated garden shedcan make great small home offices. Tim Lowe went on to build a multi-milliondollar business from a small log cabin in the back of his garden.
  56. 56. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.2. Set clear Boundaries- and stick to themHaving a plan for your working day makes the day run a lot smoother, If youhave to take the kids to school at a certain time, write that into yourschedule, having your day planned into blocks keeps your mind focused andmore productive.You can schedule in time where the phone goes onto answer phone so youcan concentrate on writing that article or making that video. Set time forgoing through the emails or Social Networks if you use them.Once you have decided on what time you are going to spend on what, it isvitally important that you stick to it! Badly managed time and attentions canseriously damage any chances you have of success. After all you want tomake money from home, so why would you jeopardize your chances beforeyou have even started?
  57. 57. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.3. Be prepared for success.It is vital that from the start you have a good business plan, this doesn’t meanfull of figures and charts but more of a fore thought of what you will do orwhich way you will go if suddenly your business takes off.You should expect success; a lot of people who start a home based businessdo it as a hobby or side line and don’t really expect it to be anything but that.When success hits and orders come flowing in they are under prepared andoverwhelmed which can lead to long hours and a suffering family life.It is all about the planning, having a plan detailing how you want the businessto be, how you will deal with increased popularity, how flexible you will be inyour approach should things take a turn for a slightly different direction andhow you will deal with any problems will help you when these things doeventual come.
  58. 58. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.3. Be prepared for success. (Continued)The main advice here is to not panic. Pre think up a flexible business planwith contingencies will stop you from becoming overwhelmed should it allsuddenly ‘get on top of you.’
  59. 59. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.4. Take a step back from your product.This depends on what sort of work from home business you are doing but ifyou are focusing on a product that is a passion of yours and very nichedtargeted it could be worth taking a step back and doing some research intowhether the market is wanting what you are offering.When you create something or love something it is very easy to get intothinking that it is the ‘best thing around’ and that everyone will ‘want one.’But your love and passion for something can easily cloud your judgement.You do not want to be wasting valuable time creating or promotingsomething that isn’t wanted. You want to make money, not lose it. 
  60. 60. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.4. Take a step back from your product. (Continued)Ask friends and people who are an important part of the niche or subject thatyou want to get involved in, see if there is a calling for it. You might lovesurfing and Tie Dye T-shirts, but many of the new younger surfers probablyprefer designer branded shirts so your Tie Dye T-shirts venture might bedoomed to fail as soon as you start.Market and product research is important if you want to leave your job andstart to make money working from home. It is often cited as the most importpart of any new business venture.
  61. 61. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.5. Outsource.As I said earlier, a lot of home based business started from a hobby or passionof some kind and never expected to grow, but they did. They sold a productor service that catches the consumer’s interest and their business is throwninto rapid growth.When a business suddenly booms and you have an influx of orders you willfind that your time is suddenly swamped and that you are in fact not gettingimportant jobs like promoting and marketing done. If you are selling aphysical product you could be spending a lot of your time packaging andposting the item.
  62. 62. 5 Important Work From Home Tips.5. Outsource. (Continued)Outsourcing is very important, if you are busy and you do not out source thenit could in fact cost you money. Most jobs can be outsourced, web design,emailing, writing web content, fulfilling orders one home based businesswoman outsourced the cooking and cleaning of the house to free her upmore time to get vital company work done.You might quickly find that the way to make real money is when you actuallystop doing the work. You become a director more than a worker. Captaining aship of capable people all doing separate jobs that keep the whole boatrunning smoothly.Final word, to succeed as a work from home business you must learn that youcannot do it all. Trying to do it all, without a separation of business and homelife, will lead to one cataclysmic outcome; failure and not only do you notwant that, there is no need for it to happen.
  63. 63. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs
  64. 64. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger NeedsWordpress is an awesome website building platform that is relatively easy tolearn, within days even the most timid internet user can have a professionallooking blog and website up and running.With Wordpress there is no need for HTML or Javascript coding skills.Everything is created with an easy to use ‘plug n play’ style system. I guessthat is why they call the add-ons ‘plugins’Once you have Wordpress installed onto your server a default theme will bevisible, this is usually the ‘Twenty Eleven’ theme, if you do not like this themeall you need to do is change it.We will talk about how to change themes in another post. For now, thedefault theme is good enough to start your newbie blog.
  65. 65. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger NeedsWordpress functionality may seem a bit basic at first and it is, but even thebasic theme can look great if you use it well, once you start to add the pluginsthen the magic can really start.Plugins can turn your blog from just a one or two video posts to a completevideo style website or it can become a photo gallery. You can addpodcasts, sales pages, and ecommerce stores. The possibilities are endless.Anyway, I better not get you either too excited or frazzle your brain with ‘toomuch to learn syndrome’.I will take it easy and start small. I am going to give you a list of plugins that Ithink every new blog owner should know about and install before you go intothe seriously good plugins. Some are essential and some are, well youguessed it, not. These are in no particular order
  66. 66. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs1. AkismetGreat plugin that stops spamming comments and deletes automaticallysaving you the time and annoyance of having to go through the commentsleft by people pushing porn or Viagra!Akismet is usually pre-loaded into Wordpress and should be found in theplugin section.This will need a key for it to be enabled and you will need to register withAkismet to get a key.It used to be available from but unfortunately they havestopped doing that. [Essential]
  67. 67. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs2. Contact Form 7Great plugin this, adds a contact form (if you hadn’t already guessed) to yoursite.You simply add in your email address that you want emails sent to, and anyother info you require then copy and paste the simple code it gives you into apage.Give the page a name like hmmm ‘Contact Me’ hit publish and you are done.[Essential]
  68. 68. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs3. Ezine ArticlesThis is a cool plugin, when you write a blog post, before you put links orpictures into it you can hit a couple of buttons and send your fresh articlestraight to Ezine articles for distribution.Now article marketing used to be big but since Google have taken a bit of adislike to article sites I am not sure how powerful article marketing ishowever, it can still be good for you if other websites and newsletters to takeyour article with a link to your site and use it.
  69. 69. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs4. Google Privacy PolicyThis is a must if you want to monetize your site with Google Adsens.They will not add any adverts to a site that doesn’t comply with their termsand a site must have a Privacy Policy.This sorts it all out, similar to Contact Form 7, you copy a bit of code and postit into a page and hit publish. Job done. [Essential]
  70. 70. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs5. Google XML SitemapsThe best way to describe this is by using the plugin description itself ‘Thisplugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines likeGoogle, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog’.I couldn’t have put it better myself.
  71. 71. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs6. CKEditor for WordPressThis is great for copying and pasting from Word etc., keeping the text and fontformatting. Better than the standard default text editor in Wordpress.It gives you more choice and control when writing your blog posts orimporting pictures.This is not an essential plugin really, more a preference.
  72. 72. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs7. cbnet Ping OptimizerThis stops the over excessive ‘pinging’ of your website to search engines.Wordpress by default will ‘ping’ your blog posts to help them get index by thesearch engines.If you are like me, you will create blog posts by adding bits, publishingit, taking a look, editing it, updating it etc. etc. This can go on time after timeafter time.Every time you hit ‘Update’ Wordpress will send a new ‘ping’. You may thinkthis is good, it is not. Too much ‘pinging’ can in fact go against you. Googlemay think you are spamming and trying to get index really fast for naughtyreasons.So you could in fact be punished for excessive pinging. Installing this plugin isa must. Essential]
  73. 73. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs8. Share and FollowThis is a social share plugging that adds all those lovely Social Media andbookmarking buttons at the top/bottom of posts allowing people who likeyour posts to share and bookmark them (obviously)There is also a ‘Follow Us’ bar where you can add your Twitter and Facebooklinks so your site visitors can easily join up and follow you on the popularSocial Media networks.
  74. 74. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs9. Yoast SEOSearch Engine optimization is a must for websites to help them get higherrankings in the search engines.This great plugin checks your posts before you publish them to see if they arewritten as best as they can be with your chosen keyword for them to have abetter ranking in places like Google.Alternately you can use All in One SEO Pack plugin.I prefer the Yoast personally. [Essential]
  75. 75. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs10. Digg DiggAnother Social Media plugin that allows your site visitors to ReTweet or Shareyour posts.Digg Digg has a great funky floating bar that runs up the side of your posts. Irun this alongside share and follow.
  76. 76. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs11. Statpress ReloadedThis is great little plugin for showing you how many visitors you have had toyour site, where they came from, what page they looked at, what searchterms they used etc.Once you have activated it, it is up and running unlike Google Analyticatorplugin which requires you to set up a Google Analytics account and get an IDpassword before you can use the plugin.Statpress Reloaded is straightforward and fast working. [Essential]
  77. 77. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs12. WptouchAwesome plugin that automatically turns your site into a smart phonefriendly version.Most smart phones these days can view normal websites well and the newversion of Wordpress seems to adapt automatically when viewed inphones, however saying that.WP Touch makes your site look a lot better and arranges your posts into aneasier to read list. Install, give it a try, if you do not like it deactivate it anddelete. Not a problem.
  78. 78. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs13. Related Posts ThumbnailsThis cool plugin allows related posts to be seen on the side bar and at thebottom of your posts with the featured image, giving your reader somethingelse to see, possibly capture their attention and have them clicking throughto your other posts keeping them where you want them, on your site!
  79. 79. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs14. WP Photo AlbumAnother excellent plugin that gives a greater visual dimension to your blog.This plugin allows you to upload loads of photos, create albums and galleries.You copy some code into a page, give it a title and hit publish to createpicture galleries within your site.It has several widgets that can be placed into the sidebar creating a picture ofthe day/hour, a slide show of pictures and a top ten pictures section givingyour site an incredible visual experience.
  80. 80. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger Needs15. FeedWordPressThis is for the lazy people who don’t like creating their own content. Pluginthis baby and it will pull content via RSS from the websites that you chooseand place them onto your blog as posts.As long as they have an RSS feed of course. Great for news type of blogs. Usethis alongside your own content then you have a winning combination.Regular posting of content is good in the eyes of search engines, they don’tnormally like duplicate content but if you use it wisely it can do you good.The only drawback is that you must choose the websites that you pull yourfeed from wisely otherwise your site could get populated with rubbish.
  81. 81. The Best 15 Wordpress Plugins The Newbie Blogger NeedsSo there you have it 15 essential and non-essential Wordpress plugins for thenewbie blogger.Plugins can be deactivated at any time so try them out and if you don’t likethem then stop using them.It will not affect your site. I advise you to keep the essential ones in as theyare important.
  82. 82. 5 great plugins to helpyou make money from your blog.
  83. 83. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.Do you have a blog? Is your blog just a personal blog where you can jabber onabout your favourite things? Or maybe a specific hobby that enjoy?There are many reasons for people having a blog, some are for fun and someare purely designed to generate money.Whatever your blog is about, if you have a good following of regular readersand have not monetized it in any way, you might as well make some moneyfrom it.Let’s be honest here, we enjoy blogging and we enjoy having money. So itmakes sense to combine the two. Doesn’t it?
  84. 84. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.There are many ways to monetize a blog, the usual way is from promotingaffiliate products or selling advertising space.This is usually done by copying and pasting code into parts of your site. Whichisn’t hard, but it can be a bit of a ball ache.If you are not sure about HTML coding and where to put it then you may shyaway from doing it entirely.However I am here to save the day, well I say me, these few plugins are. (Icannot really take the credit lol)As ever, your trusted Minion has done some research and found some greatplugins that you can install which will take a lot of the hard work out of it all.And make you some money.
  85. 85. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.1) WordPress-Amazon-AssociateThis is a great plugin if you have an Amazon Associate account. (Amazonaffiliate) Once this plugin has been installed you will need to set it up withyour Amazon affiliate access keys which you will find in your Amazon affiliateprofile. Adding affiliate links to your posts is really very simple.
  86. 86. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.There is an Amazon search box found in the New Post section. You highlightthe text you want to link to, enter the search term that is relevant to yourpost in the side widget, select a category and hit search.A list of products will be brought up from the search and you chose whichone you want to use then hit the ‘Insert Link’ button and it will put the linkinto your post.There are also several types of Amazon sidebar widgets, found in the widgetare of your Wordpress site, you just drag the widget over to where you wantit, open them up and edit them.You can set up a product carousel, favourites, a product cloud, MP3 clips andthere is also an Amazon search bar. When a visitor on your site clicks throughto Amazon and buys through your affiliate ID you earn a commission.
  87. 87. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.2) Ad RotatorThis plugin will require some copy and paste but it works well if you selladvertising space on your site. Whoever buys the space will send you thecode or it will be accessible via a dash board if you use a company to sell yourspace like plugin gives you a widget very similar to the default text widget. You candrag and drop these widgets into the side bars or footers and they work forany ad size.You simply paste the ad code into the widget and in between different adcodes you paste in <!–more–> to separate the code. Every time you refreshyour page a different advert is shown.
  88. 88. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.You can have more than one Ad Rotator block in your side bars so you canhave static adverts as well as rotating ones. There isn’t a CPM system withthis plugin so you can charge whatever you like.
  89. 89. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.3) MediaPassThis is a great system, really great for content based sites and educationalsites. MediaPass plugin allows you to hide certain content behind a ‘pay toview’ box.For instance you may create a site where 4 tutorial videos on Wordpress arefree to see but the remaining 12 tutorials that you have made can be lockedoff to people unless they pay to see them.Once the plugin is installed, you chose which content you want hiding behindthe paid wall, click one of 3 boxes on the posts tool bar and chose whichsubscription model you want. Big magazine and papers use this system a lot.
  90. 90. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.You need to set up a MediaPass account before you can use the plugin butonce it’s set up they do all the work. They take the card payments and thensend you a cheque every month. They do take out a hefty 35% of the pricebut imagine what they save you. No faffing with card problems, you don’tspend time taking the money, setting up merchant accounts, posting andpackaging DVDs. You just have to concentrate on the blogging side of yourbusiness.You could try charging more than the price you want to ask for to cover the35% and if your customers are happy to pay that then you are on to a winner.
  91. 91. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.4) Skimlinks Affiliate Marketing ToolThis plugin is great if you want to go down the affiliate marketing route. Thisplugin will turn any product links and references into affiliate links.There are over 17,000 merchants in the Skimlinks database.The big advantage of this plugin is that it frees you up to concentrate on whatyou do best which is blogging.You will need a Skimlinks account and then they take care of business, theydo all the tracking codes and maintaining of accounts.
  92. 92. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.Skimlinks take 25% commissions from the merchants. You get a percentage ofthat but consider the amount you would have made if you had to source theaffiliate products and set up the links yourself, it would have been a lot lessand very time consuming.With Skimlinks you can concentrate on creating more and better blog posts tobring more visitors and re visits to your blog.
  93. 93. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.5) Kontera Plugin for WordPressAgain this is another great affiliate plug in. Very handy for those with blogsthat do not use side bars.This plugin adds contextual ads within the text of a page. Like amazon andSkimlinks you will need an account first and you will be given a publisher IDwhich you enter inside the plugin setup.All you do then is choose the colour for the links and add in the generatedcode into the pages that you want the ads to appear.
  94. 94. 5 great plugins to help you make money from your blog.Ads don’t appear straight away, it can take up to 24 hours for them to appearin your pages so be patient. Kontera isn’t just for Wordpress, if you are also afan of Blogger or Drupal then you can also use this plugin to monetize thosetypes of sites as well.
  95. 95. For more blogging, affiliatemarketing tips, Internet Marketingideas, traffic generation, Twitter &Facebook marketing or just to popand say hello please visit